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If there was ever a time to switch to ecigs, it's now. Today Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel presented his new 2014 budget to the Chicago City Council. If approved, cigarettes will cost 75 cents more per pack! Chicago would have the highest cigarette tax in the country. This would give the city an extra $10 million in revenue. Are you willing to shell out more dough for your cigarettes? If you've considered putting down the cigs and giving an ecig for a whirl, what are you waiting for? Perhaps your family has tried to get you to use electronic cigarettes, and you just never got around to it. Well, I am here to ask you just to give it a try. Now there is a ton of info on the web about ecigs and "vaping." I know it looks pretty confusing, and hard to figure out where to begin, but you just have to start. If you've never tried an e-cigarette before, I'm going to help you out! First things first. You need to know how these things work. Most ecigs are made of 2 pieces. A battery and a cartomizer. The cartomizer has flavored nicotine inside (we also have ones without nicotine). The cartomizer screws onto the battery. When you inhale on the cartomizer end, a switch inside the battery gets activated. The battery heats up the liquid inside the cartomizer. The result is water vapor. It looks a lot like smoke, but it's not smoke. Since nothing is actually being burned, nothing is smoking. We call the act of using an electronic cigarette "vaping", since it produces vapor. The best way to get started is with a simple starter kit, like our Vapor Titan Standard Starter Kit. It comes with 2 batteries, a battery charger, 10 cartomizers, and a case that fits in your pocket inside a magnetic-close box. When you go to buy this kit, there are items pre-selected for you. That makes it easy to click the "add to cart" button. But, if you want to pick out your colors, sizes, flavors, and strengths you can do that too. One of the hardest decisions is figuring out what flavor and nicotine strength is right for you. We have a lot of tobacco-flavored and menthol-flavored cartomizers, that taste pretty darn similar to the real deal. As for strengths, if you're a heavy smoker you want to get 18, 24, or 36 milligrams (mg). If you don't smoke a lot, then 4, 8, or 11mg will probably suit you. It's good to get a variety so you can see what works for you. Go on then and buy your first kit. You know you want to! If you have any questions please ask. You can talk with our customer service reps, talk with Brandon on Facebook, or ask customers on our forum.