There is always something new going on at V4L. Whether it's a new social media platform that we've become a part of, or a new product, something is always in the works. We are constantly looking to improve upon our current products to give you the very best. In 2011, we launched many new products. In addition to our growing line of electronic cigarette products and accessories, we've also increased the ways in which our customers can interact with the V4L team. Diamond  & Stealth Automatic Batteries In January, V4L introduced two new products. The first is the Vapor King Diamond Series Automatic Batteries. These come in a ton of different colors to match your personal style including Red, Blue, Green, Lavender, Purple, Pink, Black, Matte Black, White, Gold, and Chrome. The other is the Vapor King Stealth Series Automatic Batteries. We offer these in Camouflage Blue, Camouflage Green, Camouflage Gold, Camouflage Pink, and Camouflage Purple. Social Media We kicked off our social media customer service program in June. We developed a new Facebook Page and updated our YouTube Channel, which now has a variety of instructional videos to assist vapers. We came out with the new Slim Wall Charger in July. This month was also the first in which we offered sales codes via text message. You can still sign up for our Text Message Program by simply texting the word VAPE to 25827. These sales are exclusive to text messages, and are different from our e-mail sales. In August, we launched this blog. We currently have seven guest bloggers writing for us, as well as a few people on staff. Nobacco Juice USA V4L is extremely proud of our new juice line, Nobacco Juice USA, which was announced in September, in 15 different flavors, and two sizes -  30 ml  and 7 ml. The same month is when our brand new website, went live. It features easier navigation, and a brighter look. Smokeless Lounge & Store In October we opened the Smokeless Lounge & Store in Northbrook, Illinois. Customers can come in to sample flavors and get hands-on experience with all of our products. This allows customers to "try before they buy," which is so important when beginning a vaping lifestyle. We also came out with our Wall USB Adapter. This device allows you to hook up your USB passthrough to a wall outlet for vaping easy while watching TV or reading. Diamond & Stealth Manual Batteries Our customers have asked for Diamond and Stealth batteries in manual style for some time now. In November, they got their wish. Our Original Vapor King Diamond Series Manual Batteries come in three lengths and the following colors: Magenta, Black, Matte Black, White, Purple, Green, Lavender, Red, Blue, Gun Metal, and Gold. Our new Original Vapor King Stealth Series Manual Batteries are also offered in three lengths and Camouflage Blue, Camouflage Gold, Camouflage Red, Camouflage Purple, Camouflage Green, Matte Black, Magenta, Blue, and Gun Metal. We also developed a Slim Wall USB Adapter, and began offering "I HEART VAPING" t-shirts. Last month, we came out with a series of alternative kits. These are the VGO, EGO, and Aurora. With all of those new products, what else could there possibly be? Well, V4L is actually creating even more. To find out what's coming in 2012, you'll just have to stay tuned in!