This is a guest post written by Keyzygirl from Key West, Florida. Laid back and vaping in paradise. It's amazing how far we have come as vapers. Just a few short years ago nobody knew what an electronic cigarette was. Now when you vape in public, people come up and ask about e-cigs, and they have heard about them or seen them on TV. Ecigs are becoming acceptable to the public. World Vaping Day is coming up, on March 22nd. What an amazing event. People all over the world having vape meets and scheduling events to honor the day. I think everyone should try to celebrate in some way. I am having lunch at the Island Dogs Bar here in Key West and anyone who vapes is welcome to stop by and join me. The shrimp pizza is amazing! It was even posted on the map of World Vape Day events. If you can't find an event then plan a get-together with your vaping friends and have it put on the map. Let's see how many events we can get set up. It's a great reason to celebrate! Make plans. If an event isn't your thing maybe you could help by calling your local newspaper or radio station and letting them know about World Vaping Day. You could hand out flyers to let people know about vaping and what a great alternative it is to smoking. You may end up helping a few people by putting the information out there. That would be awesome. I think all vapers should do something to celebrate. I'm sure V4L will be doing something to celebrate the big day. I can't wait to see what it will be. I wish I could go to the V4L shop and celebrate with them. That would be a blast. I'll have to settle for shrimp pizza and vaping at Island Dogs, because the kids are on spring break and I can't leave them home alone. Maybe next year on World Vaping Day we can have a big V4L party. That would be totally cool! Happy World Vaping Day everyone! VAPE ON! Please join Keyzygirl on ECF and Facebook. Visit her blog at