Vaping Is Eco Friendly   By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about the potential health benefits of vaping instead of smoking, but you might not know that e cigarettes are eco friendly compared to their combustible counterparts. For this special edition of the blog, we’re taking a look at how vaping is eco-friendly. Think About Butts Now that I have your attention, let’s look at some serious numbers. Every year, people litter the earth with TRILLIONS OF cigarette butts. Not millions. Not billions. Trillions. Cue Austin Powers clip. That’s more than 4,000,000,000 cigarette butts. And what are cigarettes butts made of? If you guessed something terrible and not biodegradable, you’re right. More specifically, cigarette butts are composed of cellulose acetate, which is a thermoplastic polymer. No need to google that; the key word here is: plastic. Check out this video of what happens when you put nailpolish remover on a cigarette filter. A cigarette “filter”, my friends, does not dissolve. Instead, it melts into this weird puddle of sticky plastic. That plastic can take up to 10 years to decompose. That’s a long time. Manufacturing cigarettes also leads to deforestation on the global level. Treehugger states that “one tree is destroyed for every 300 cigarettes.” By that standard alone vaping is eco friendly. If you vape e juice, not only will you be smoking something that’s up to 95% less harmful than cigarettes, you’ll also be helping the environment. A disposable vapor cigarette is equal to about a pack and half of smokes. If you vape with e juice, you’re helping even more, since most cartomizers and tanks can be reused several times.   Recycle Your E Cig Batteries Little-known (and little-used) bit of information: most batteries, cartomizers and even disposable e cigarettes are recyclable. Call2Recycle is a great resource for learning more about how to recycle vape batteries. They have a simple tool that allows users to simply enter a zip code and find the nearest location that offers battery recycling. Many local electronics and hardware stores have battery recycling stations you can just toss your old e cig batteries in. They make it so easy that it’s hard not to do it, especially when it helps Planet Earth. Vapor cartridges are recyclable too. You’ve just got to do a couple things before tossing them in the recycling bin:
  1. Remove all the filler material and dispose of it accordingly (wash it and wrap thoroughly in tissue first)
  2. Wash any remaining e juice out of the cartridge
  3. Cap it and toss it in the recycling bin
You can recycle e liquid bottles as well, since they’re usually made from glass or plastic. Just be sure to rinse and wash them out thoroughly first. It’s Not Smoke; It’s Vapor Lawmakers and scientists are often quick to restrict vaping under clean air legislation, which suggests that e cigarette vapor is the same thing as secondhand cigarette smoke. It isn’t. A recent study from Barcelona’s 4th Workplace and Indoor Aerosols Conference concluded that “exhaled e-cigarette particles are liquid droplets that evaporate rapidly upon exhalation.” The ground-breaking study also determined that e cigarette vapor evaporates much more quickly than cigarette smoke, which is a plus for Planet Earth, and for those around us. So, yes, vaping is eco friendly, especially when compared to smoking. Start recycling your vape supplies. There's no time to lose.