Filling Your Smileomizer Smileomizers are Vapor4Life’s perfected version of a cartomizer. When I first tried mine, I was a heavy smoker who rolled her own cigarettes. I sat down in Steve Smilin Milin’s office and he handed me a Vapor Zeus vapor cigarette with a Smileomizer on it. Before this, I had only tried gas station e-cigarettes made by big tobacco if I got them free at a bar. If you’ve read my many retellings of this fateful day, you’ll know that I was blown away by the way Steve’s vapor cigarette felt and tasted. I got hired at Vapor4Life as a contract social media writer. By the time I was hired on full-time, I thought I knew all there was to know about vaping. Boy, was I wrong, especially when it came to one of the most important parts: filling my Smileomizer. If you want to learn more about Smileomizers, we’ve got you covered in this how-to blog.   I like using the Vapor Zeus because to me, it feels a lot like smoking. Many of our V4L vape fam that started out on the Zeus and Smileomizer still use it when they’re in traffic or relaxing at home, even if they’ve moved on to mods now. I liked my Smileomizer so much that I didn’t even realize I was filling it wrong until I sat down with Steve to work on a blog. He saw me filling my Smileomizer and he stopped me in my tracks. “Why are you in such a big hurry?”   I hated to admit it, but I always filled my Smileomizers in a big hurry because I didn’t want to vape whatever new flavor I was trying. I figured the faster I poured the e-juice in, the faster I would be able to start vaping. While that might be true, I didn’t realize I was doing it all wrong. Here’s how Smilin showed me to do it:  
  1. Put a few tissues down on a flat surface
  2. Unscrew the mouthpiece off the Smileomizer and stand the Smileomizer upright
  3. Drip e-liquid into the cotton/polyfill that surrounds the air intake tube; drip until liquid reaches just below the lip of the air intake
  4. DO NOT allow liquid to enter the air intake
  5. Wait patiently for the e-juice to soak into the polyfill
  6. Repeat 3 to 4 times for small Smileomizers, 4 to 5 times for large Smileomizers
  7. Once the Smileomizer is completely full, you’ll see liquid dripping from the bottom onto your tissues. That’s perfectly fine!
  8. IMPORTANT: Let the Smileomizer sit untouched for a full 5 minutes
  9. Replace the mouthpiece and hold a tissue to the end of your Smileomizer; gently blow out excess liquid onto the tissue
  10. Clean the end of your Smileomizer and reconnect to the battery
  11. Vape-on!
I couldn’t believe the difference this made. My e-juice flavor lasted longer, it was stronger, and every puff stayed consistent. Since I started filling my Smileomizer the right way, I don’t waste new Smileomizers anymore. When the flavor gets a little weak, I just top it off. I already loved my Smileomizers, but this was a game changers for me.     If you use our Ultimo Vapor E-Juice in your Smileomizer, it’s extra important to take your time because the juice is thicker than our regular e-liquid and it can easily overflow and flood your Smileomizer. I recommend taking extra time to ensure the Ultimo Vapor E-Juice has filled your Smileomizer completely before you add any more.   As always, contact me at [email protected], or reach out to our customer service team with any questions.