Blueberry Lemonade ViV Pods

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Few combos are more delicious than the tempting pairing of tart blueberry and sweet-and-sour lemonade. Luckily we’ve captured this tantalizing essence in the convenient form of Blueberry Lemonade Juul-Compatible ViV Vape Pods. These pods come prefilled with 1 ml of blueberry and lemon goodness and they click right into your Juul device for smooth and easy vaping. You can expect a strong nic hit from the 50 mg nicotine level and a throat hit similar to smoking cigarettes. Try Blueberry Lemonade Juul-Compatible ViV Vape Pods today!

Blueberry Lemonade ViV Pods

JUUL® does not manufacture, sponsor, endorse, or approve this product, and JUUL® has not certified this product to be compatible. The JUUL® trademark is owned and registered by JUUL Lab, Inc.

  • Great Taste
    Review by Flay on 9/30/2018
    Probably up there with Juul Mango as the best tasting flavor I have had so far.
    Review by Fahed on 9/13/2018
    Amazing taste 10/10
  • Great flavor!
    Review by Kristen on 11/14/2018
    The flavor is great. I feel like this brand of pods "burns" quicker than a juul pod, but the taste is great!
    Review by Me on 2/21/2019
    this is the best flavor I've tried ... and I've tried them all I think. if you like fruit flavored juice this is your go-to. my only regret is not buying more, since they're out of stock right now :(
  • Really great fun flavor
    Review by Heidi on 11/6/2018
    Enjoyed trying a new flavor. Pods worked with my Juul
  • Love Blueberry
    Review by Abe on 10/9/2018
    This is definitely a good pod, just as good as the Mango from Juul themselves. Great flavor and a great hit!
  • Good product
    Review by Eric on 11/14/2018
    Smooth with a good flavor profile.. this particular flavor leaked more than others for some reason
  • not that great
    Review by ali on 1/24/2019
    the taste of these pods are just ok. idk if i just got a bad batch but they taste super burnt and i’m pretty disappointed that they weren’t as good as i had hoped
    Review by Matthew on 9/13/2018
    Enjoyable throat hit and very flavorful. Too easy!
  • Ok flavor
    Review by Minpins on 1/4/2019
    So the flavor was ok. A little artificial tasting and wish there was more blueberry flavor. Problem with the pods is found that they are prone to leaking not a good experience to have vape juice all over.
  • Good
    Review by Kristen on 10/28/2018
    The flavor was great, but I feel like these pods don't last as long as a juul pod. I will still reorder these as some point for the taste!
  • Bad batch?
    Review by Kali on 2/28/2019
    Not sure if I got a bad batch or what but after the first few hits the rest of the pod didn’t taste all that great.
  • Great to a certain point
    Review by Aaron on 10/19/2018
    The blueberry lemonade flavor is amazing, but I am constantly getting burnt hits. After just a couple puffs I'll get a burnt hit and it makes it taste like absolute trash.
  • Great flavor but poor pods
    Review by Bob on 2/6/2019
    Flavor is absolutely great! One of the best flavors out there and great throat hit...too bad every single pod in the pack leaked to the point where they're unusable and literally will run right out. Couldn't reseal them either. If the manufacturer would make the pods better without leaks or less likely to leak it would get 5 stars.
  • Good flavor bad design
    Review by Dylan on 1/9/2019
    Constantly getting burnt hits, you have to essentially shake the pod like a salt packet to get the juice to wick properly and even then it'll still burn. You need to change the wicking material to something with a higher burning point or change the coil design to prevent hot spots. Ridiculous considering juul pods are priced similarly, clearly have better nicotine quality control and are nearly impossible to burn.
  • Love Hate Relationship
    Review by Joshua on 10/28/2018
    I want to like this flavor. The first couple hits are somewhat tasty, but after about 4, it just tastes off. I've tried different pods in the pack, and still the same flavor palette. Not my fave. I like my lemonade cold and icy, this isn't that.
  • BAD
    Review by Nicole on 2/18/2019
    These burn my throat

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