Blueberry Raspberry Blow Disposable Vape Stix

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Blueberry Raspberry Blow Vape Stix is a mild and smooth fruit vape. Whereas most of the Blow Stix flavors are bold and bright, Blueberry Raspberry brings subtlety and nuance. There are tart berry notes mixed throughout and a smooth, mild finish. Most of the sweetness is on inhale. If you are looking for candied and iced delights, Blow Disposable Vape Stix has plenty of options. If you are looking for a balanced mixed berry, this is the flavor for you.

Blueberry Raspberry Blow Stix

Blueberry Raspberry Blow Stix contain 1.2ml of nic salt vape juice. The nic strength is 6 percent. Good for several hundred puffs, this is a great combustible cigarette alternative.

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