Bourbon Tobacco Nic Salt Juice by Salty Fog

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Nothing exudes sophistication and elegance like sipping on a glass of fine bourbon. Back in the day, creative spirits used to pair those spirits with a cigarette, but nowadays, we can do one better. Salty Fog’s Bourbon Tobacco nicotine salts blend the smooth, vanilla-tinged taste of bourbon aged in an oak barrel with the rich taste of tobacco to make a truly unique vaping experience.

For a relaxing vape that still hits all the nicotine notes you need, pick up Bourbon Tobacco by Salty Fog today.

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  • Great all day vape
    Review by Matteo on 3/6/2019
    I was pleasantly surprised with this flavor! Sometimes tabacco flavors + alcohol flavors can be real hit-or-miss. But this flavor is very well balanced and rather tasty. I can see this as a staple go-to-vape for myself. I recommend it for any tobacco flavor lovers out there. Plus I gotta hand it to V4L, they really are the best. I went with some other online companies for a little while, but I always come crawling (or rather RUNNING) back to V4l. Their customer service is really top notch - if you ever even have to get involved with customer service, which is rare as V4L seems to really have their Sh*t together versus so, SO many other distributors. Plus the prices are very reasonable (even incredible with a coupon). Plus, ordering from them, I have peace of mind because I know if anything happens, they'll completely work with me in resolving it (can you tell I've had some really BAD experiences with other vendors recently, Scr%w you [email protected]!). Thank you, V4L for being reliably awesome!

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