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Candy Crash e Juice (30mL)

Regular Price: $19.99

Special Price $15.99

Sugary candy flavors collide in this revamped version of our top-selling e liquid. With just one puff of this candy e juice, you’ll feel like a magician who grabbed a mouthful of candy, chewed on the sticky sweetness, and then transformed it into a sky full of fruit-infused vape clouds. A 60/40 VG/PG blend promises that Candy Crash E Juice will produce clouds that are out of this world when vaped with the tanks and vape mods we carry. For those of you who want to use our Vapor Zeus, you're in luck. It's as great in a Smileomizer as it is in a tank.

"A sweet spectrum of fruit flavors swirls in the air as you vape this candy-inspired e-juice. Calories? Zero. Flavor: Off the charts. How sweet it is."

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  • Great Flavor
    Review by dimitricoffey on 2/19/2018
    This juice's flavor is very refreshing. It makes me think that I ate a whole bag of skittles, but I don't have to worry about decaying teeth or getting
    fat(ter) LOL
  • Sweet candy
    Review by Bigbotz on 8/24/2017
    Not my favorite but it is tasty, flavor is great but the dropper to fill carts isn't good at all. Good flavor, bad packaging.
  • Candy!!!
    Review by Ash on 7/10/2017
    This one is a good one too. I wouldn't say it tastes like skittles, more like the candy stick in a fun dip with a hint of fruitiness. Nice throat hit, and good flavor. It's not an all day vape for me though, it's a little too sweet.
  • Love this flavor.
    Review by Pamela on 7/2/2017
    Consider myself an expert vaper. Great flavor.
  • Juicy
    Review by Henry on 5/20/2017
    Real juicy
  • Love Love Candy
    Review by Pamela on 7/30/2016
    Sweet flavor great when you crave a handful of candy
  • Sweet like sugar
    Review by SweetVapeDreams on 6/28/2016
    This Candy Flavor Got Me Sprung, lol
  • My sweet tooth has been concord!!!
    Review by Justin on 4/13/2016
    I mix this flavor with the "berry berry good to me" flavor that you guys have (going a little heavier on the berry one) and I gotta say I taste a starburst/skittle flavor and its amazing!!!! Perfect for the candy lover or the fruit lover! Your guys new juice line rocks and cannot wait for more flavors in the future.
  • Great Flavor and a smooth vape
    Review by VapeKing on 2/16/2016
    I bought this juice expecting it to taste like a standard candy fruit but was blown away by how close it actually tastes like skittles! I do get a little bit of a almost starburst flavor so thats why it gets 4 out of 5, not a big fan of starburst but if you like either of those candy flavors for in e juice you gotta try it out!
  • Good flavor, but VERY sweet
    Review by Becca on 9/20/2018
    If you're looking for a sweet flavor, this is for you. It's a bit too much for me unfortunately. Overall I rate it 3 stars, the description is definitely spot on with sweetness.
  • Just ok
    Review by Kerry on 8/24/2017
    For me it's too sweet--it's ok occasionally but I just like it, not love it--it's a good flavor, just not my fave.

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