We are popular with our customers for our wide range of cartomizer options that are compatible with our exclusive vapor cigarettes and the one and only Vapor Zeus. No matter how you vape, Vapor4Life has what you're looking for. E-cigarette fans enjoy the convenience of cartomizers that look and feel like the tip of a cigarette and are available blank or prefilled with over 100 lipsmacking e-juice flavors. Our refillable signature Smileomizer comes in applications for 808, 510 and e-cigar or you can select from prefilled cartridge options. For those of you who like to completely customize your vaping experience, our blanks and tanks and Smileomizers allow you to vape whichever flavor you like. 

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19 Item(s)

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Most easy-to-use e-cigarettes (like ours!) have just two components: a rechargeable battery and a cartomizer. When most smokers switch to vaping, they opt for something like our Vapor Titan, which uses a small, cigarette-sized battery and a cartomizer that resembles a cigarette filter in both size and texture. These e-cig cartomizers can either come prefilled or blank. Our prefilled e-cig cartomizers feature more than 100 different flavors in seven nicotine levels to accommodate any smoker. After a while, some former smokers prefer to fill their own cartomizers with e-liquid.

Smokers who switch with our Vapor Zeus get the benefit of using our patent pending Smileomizer, which is available in two sizes to fit your preference. Smileomizers have a soft silicon tip and can hold up to 6 ml of e-liquid. They're refillable cartomizers, which means they bring you long lasting flavor and satisfaction. Our Smileomizers are designed with 808 or 510 connections, yet another way we help you customize the way you vape. If you use a mod, or are thinking about trying one, you can also shop for tanks and other mod accessories right here at V4L!