Prefilled E Cig Cartridges

Optimized for the Vapor Titan, our prefilled e cig cartridges are designed to give smokers the authentic and satisfying experience they demand. This is why we offer such a wide range of flavors, and seven nicotine strengths. No one can match our selection of tobacco and menthol flavors.

We offer two kinds of cartridge, and select flavors are offered with both. Premium Cool cartridges are high resistance. They last longer, use less battery life and provide a cool throat hit. Wow Low Resistance carts generate more vapor and have a stronger throat kick.

Fans of the classic cartridge e-cig design will find that we have the best GreenSmoke alternative on the market. To make sure you get the best puff possible from your e-cig cart, make sure you check out our resource page: How to Get a Perfect Puff On a Prefilled Cart.

22 Item(s)

22 Item(s)

More About Prefilled E-Cig Cartridges

Our e-cig cartridges provide an authentic and satisfying experience when used with the Vapor Titan, although the Vapor Zeus Variable Voltage also works great. It is a bigger battery, just make sure you dial down the wattage to 4.2v for optimal performance.

What matters most is flavor and our prefilled carts are guaranteed to make your taste buds smile (bet you didn't know taste buds could smile)! These high PG juices deliver crystal clear flavor. If you are having difficulty deciding, check out our vape juice flavors page. It will help guide you to the perfect cartridge you can vape all day.

Our prefilled e-cig cartridges are 808 threaded and are compatible with all other KR808D threaded e-cig batteries, including the Vapor Titan and the variable voltage Vapor Zeus. V2 is out of business but our carts work with their 808 threaded V2 Classic. Our carts also work with Halo G6 batteries.

MarkTen users were left high and dry when Altria purchased a stake in Juul and left their loyal customers without their ecig of choice. But we are in the cartridge e-cig game to stay. The Vapor Titan is more than just the best MarkTen alternative, it provides superior performance and has far more flavors to choose from. And with nicotine strengths ranging from zero to 3.6 percent, you have more control over the way you vape than ever before.