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Oasis Menthol e Cig Cartridges

A sophisticated Turkish tobacco flavor meets an authentic menthol cigarette flavor in this vaping e cig cartomizer.

V4L Premium Oasis Menthol Vapor King CoolCart Cartomizers are the menthol-spiked version of our famous Vapor4Life Oasis e-juice sensation. A sweet blast of minty fresh menthol meets the sophistication and complexity of Turkish tobacco-inspired flavors in irresistible electronic cigarette cartomizers. One of our best electric cigarette liquid flavors! Like our other CoolCart cartomizers, these e Cigarette cartomizers run a little cooler than regular premium cartomizers, and their slightly longer length allows them to hold a little more vapor liquid. Each box includes 5 prefilled CoolCart cartomizers.

  • Nice menthol flavor
    Review by Beth on 8/6/2017
    Good throat hit and satisfying
  • Nice, mild taste
    Review by Kit on 7/22/2016
    I received a number of these carts as a sample and although have never been much a fan of menthol tobacco, I was pleasantly surprised. It's a very light flavor, perfect for an after dinner vape.
  • love!
    Review by Katie H on 4/16/2016
    When I made my first order I got both the Menthol Lovers sample pack and the WOW menthol lovers pack. This is by far my favorite. I used to smoke camel menthol silver, and these really do taste like camels.
  • Great Menthol
    Review by bwhite757 on 3/21/2016
    I was a Camel Menthol Analog smoker before converting to e-Cigs. When I purchased my Vapor King, I noticed the Kamel Menthol flavor juice and decided to give it a try. While it's not exactly like the real thing, it's the closest I've tried to date (and I've tried A LOT of menthols). Great throat hit, and good vapor on the Vapor King. Quite possibly the best menthol out there in my opinion!!!
  • My Favorite Menthol Vape
    Review by B ANDERSON on 2/27/2016
    Excellent smoothe menthol taste. V4L, don't ever change a thing on this premium cool cart, has lots of vapor, just like really smoking analog menthol cigs. This is a winner!!!!!
  • close your eyes and enjoy
    Review by Missy Patrick on 2/23/2016
    I absolutely adore this flavor. I got one as a free sample and have been nursing it. I only allow myself a couple of puffs every once and awhile so it will last. It's a bit strong at first if you're not prepared but it's oh so good! I would smoke this all day if I could. Must order!!
  • Love it!
    Review by Scott on 1/4/2016
    This is one of my mainstays. I do this every day and love it! 18mg is absolutely perfect.
  • Love this flavor
    Review by Dan on 12/6/2015
    I really like this flavor it is the best menthol yet. Im still expieramenting with other flavors but so far. This is by far the best. Im tryin the juice cant wait also Im gonna try 18mg instead of 24mg soon just to get more flavor.
  • Surprisingly good.
    Review by John Antolino on 12/4/2015
    I got this as a freebie with my order. Did not think I would try it since I dont like menthol analogs. But had a friend who smokes new ports. He tried it and now will be switching from analogs to v4life. I tried it and it's surprisingly good.
  • Camel Menthol almost - analog
    Review by Dennis W on 11/10/2015
    I used to smoke Camel Menthol Lights, Analog smoker before converting to e-Cigs. I just purchased my wife a VK PCC kit & they sent me some of these to sample (4mg). They are the closest to the real thing I have found so far... I must try the Kamel Menthol juice now and see if its the same. The carts were very good though, now I need to try this in 18 mg. The 4mg was very smooth and that's what I needed for my wife, see is just starting (E-Cig) and cant handle the stronger throat hits from my 18mg or high nicotine Cool Nobacco Juice (menthol). It took me 2-3 days starting out to not hack my brains out after taking even a small hit? I dont know why this is.... maybe our lungs were in such bad shape? I dont know but now it doesnt bother me with even the longest hit.
  • Yum
    Review by Clive Clifford on 11/1/2015
    Got this as a free sample with my order and I love it. I am not normally a menthol smoker except I used to love camel crush and these are amazing. Good minty taste and cool mentol feeling on the back of your (or my) throat.
  • Excellent flavor
    Review by Angelane on 7/28/2015
    I tried the mixed menthol pack of carts, and this was the most satisfying flavor for my tastes. Full of refreshing, minty yet full-bodied menthol flavor-this flavor is my favorite menthol to date. Highly recommend although I did bump up on mg to give me more of a kick. Great Vapor too!
  • cartomizers
    Review by Dustin Lenz on 6/25/2015
    A minty taste for sure. I smoked analog full flavor Camel Menthols prior to converting to the Vapor King. Not exactly an identical match, but very close. I'm happy to not be putting all the harmful chemicals of an analog in the body any more. Recommended!
  • Awesome
    Review by Electronic cigarettes zealot on 3/26/2015
    Great Taste, throat hit AND Vapor. If you're a menthol lover, this is for you. I got 36mg which was a bit too harsh for me, but I have no doubt that a bit less nicotine would have made this a perfect Vape!
  • Very good menthol
    Review by Anne on 3/23/2015
    I didn't smoke menthols, but I received this as a sample and I was pleasantly surprised. It's very refreshing and smooth, not at all harsh. It also leaves a very nice, lingering minty after taste. Very good for a change of pace.
  • A nice replacement for Menthol analogs
    Review by Adam Goldman on 3/21/2015
    This is a solid full-flavor replacement for Menthol analogs. They have a strong (but not overpowering) throat hit, a pleasent menthol flavor, and good vapor production. Recommended!
    Review by Snowy on 3/20/2015
    I loved these immediately- nice and smooth, never harsh, great flavor, great vapor. AND the flavor is consistent all the way thru the cart till it's spent. I can't say that about many I've tried.

    I've been enjoying these for months, and they're one of the "TOP 3" in my always-on-hand arsenal. I rotate others and try new ones, but I always have these in my stash.

    I would recommend these without hesitation for menthol lovers who don't like a strong minty taste- just a smooth, mild menthol.
  • Yyyeeeaaahhhhh.
    Review by Zachary Pistor on 3/11/2015
    This is definitely hands down one of the best menthols there is out there. Not even just on v4l but overall everywhere. This and the cowboy menthol beat everybody else. Great job v4l. Keep up the good work.
  • The Best!
    Review by mike warren on 3/3/2015
    hands down the best menthol flavor on the site. I have never smoked kamels and i dont think it matters if you ever liked them or not. this one is on point. perfect tobacco flavor mixed with menthol. my new favorite!!
  • Best Menthol!!
    Review by Davey Boy on 2/12/2015
    I've had the Menthol sampler, but when I saw Kamel Menthols I had to try it. I'm a former Menthol smoker and this by far is the best I've had yet. Give these a try. Oh yeah, for myself using a standard auto battery I got HUGE amounts of vapor!
  • Sublime
    Review by Andrew Bruno on 1/13/2015
    "I used to smoke Camel Menthol Lights, Analog smoker before converting to e-Cigs.... they are the closest to the real thing I have found so far... I must try the Kamel Menthol juice now and see if its the same. "

    This reviewer said it perfectly. I couldn't agree more. I smoked Newports on the side, but Camel menthol lights were my brand. I prefer these to the analogs by far.
    Review by TIMMYD :) on 8/1/2014
    I have tried the following menthol's: Traditional Menthol (36mg), Mint (36mg), New Menthol (36mg), Menthol (24mg), Smilin' (24mg), Cool (36mg) and Kamel Menthol (24mg). THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST!! GREAT TASTE!!! LOTS OF VAPE!!!
  • Best of the menthols
    Review by Carto fanatic on 2/18/2014
    This is my favorite out of the variety of mentions here. Some of the other ones have a bit of a weird aftertaste, but this one is smooth the whole time.
  • My Favorite so Far!!!
    Review by Carto fanatic on 11/26/2013
    I am about a month into vaping and from the start this has been my favorite.
    I wasn't much of a menthol smoker but the tobacco flavors I tried have been lack luster at best.
    This cart is just smooth and not a heavy cough syrup, chocolate or overpowering mint taste like some of the other carts I have tried.
    At 18mg I think is perfect....
  • Best so far....
    Review by Veritas on 3/26/2013
    Only tried 3 menthol flavors so far and this one is by far the best, very mild menthol flavor and it doesn't taste like a cough-drop! thumbs up!

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