Vanilla e Cig Cartridges

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It’s not easy to find a Vanilla e Cig cartomizer with the true, rich sweetness and complexity of real vanilla, but our cartomizers have just that, along with volumes of vapor. Select the Cool carts for a longer cartomizer life, or the WOW carts for better vapor production.

Low Resistance Carts produce more vapor, while High Resistance Carts have a longer life.

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  • Always on my list
    Review by Pam on 10/26/2016
    Vanilla is what I like to vape when I'm tired of l the other flavors. It is like comfort food to me. It reminds me of the vanilla milkshakes I used to indulge in and the vanilla pudding my mom used to make.
  • Excellent
    Review by Beth on 7/21/2016
    This is the only flavor I vape. I switched from cigarettes and tried various flavors, but this one really satisfies.

    I switch cartridges every time I change batteries so I am a bit wasteful, but the taste from an over-used cartridge is terrible.

    I love this flavor!
  • Its Good Just Don't Last Long
    Review by Danyale on 12/6/2015
    Its good just the flavor fades faster than alot of flavors i've tried. Its got a rich smooth sweet vanilla taste but i think after you have smoked it for awhile you get no flavor or very little of one. It is one I like but i try to just smoke here and there so i don't lose full flavor as fast.
  • Decent
    Review by Jenny on 1/20/2018
    The first couple of hits sort of taste like a vanilla scented candle smells. But once you've hit it a few times it seems to mellow out into a nice vanilla flavor. A good 4 out of 5 flavor.
  • Smooth
    Review by Megan on 1/3/2017
    A very nice smooth flavor, but seems to have a burnt taste quickly.

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