Cherry e Juice (30 mL)

Cherry e juice just got even more irresistible with this tantalizing mix of sweet and tart vape flavors. Use our cherry E Liquid with one of our vapor cigarettes after dinner for a calorie-free dessert you can vape all night long. If you want to sweeten the deal even more, you can mix it with a Dessert E Juice to create your own mouth watering cherry cordial or cherry cheesecake flavor! For smokers who use our Vapor Titan E Cigarettes , the same tempting cherry taste is available in our prefilled cartridges.

Cherry —like our entire e liquid selection— is available in at least seven nicotine levels so you can find the strength that's right for you.

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Vapor4Life's Cherry e-Juice is one of the most popular flavors among Vapor4Life employees. It has the perfect mix of sweet and sour, while not over powering you with a cherry candy taste.

  • Love it
    Review by kelly on 3/20/2018
    This is one if my new favorites.. kind of a syrupy taste but I like that
  • I love the flavor. I buy it all the time. Tastes nust,like cherries
    Review by TT on 2/20/2018
    Love the sweet taste. Tastes just like cherries.
  • Delicious!
    Review by Samantha on 7/3/2017
    I love this flavor just as much as the Black Cherry. I can't readily tell the difference, but it doesn't matter. In addition to sating that nicotine fit that I get after a meal, this flavor is so sweet and delicious that it also (most of the time) satisfies my sweet tooth. Yes, I vape instead of eating dessert sometimes. Hooray for multi-functional products!
  • Wow
    Review by Jennifer on 9/13/2016
    It really taste like cherry, best no seed spitting. I love fruit flavors this one is great.
    Review by Tammy on 8/25/2016
    Taste just like a hand full of cherries. Really good mixed with Vanilla or Cola. It's a strong but great cherry flavor. Perfection
  • Good for mixing with other flavors
    Review by Laura on 7/29/2016
    Cherry is one of my favorite flavors. This one in particular I use to mix with others, like Doc Popular or vanilla. I rarely vape this one on its own, but it compliments my other favorites quite well.
    Review by Patricia Smith on 2/2/2016
    I am a fan of Grape, but it wasn't available yet in the juice, so I decided to buy the next best thing - Cherry! I loaded this one with a Grape Cart and WOWWWZZIESS!!! It's a true to it's name, Cherry. I LOVE IT!!!
    Mixed with Grape is FANTABULOUS!!!
    Review by Deb on 6/19/2015
    I call it spicy cherries and I can't get enough of it!! It has quickly become my all day vape.

    It has a fabulous throat hit. The juice is GREAT!!! I have this in 11, 8 & 4mg in this and they are all PERFECT!! Its tastes like a super concentrated "real cherry flavor". There are some vanilla undertones that I only started noticing after 2 months of vaping it non-stop. Tons of vapor!!!

    All I know it I LOVE IT!! ENJOY!!

    I originally posted this and said it was my #4. It has now crept up into my #1 and its all I want to vape. DAY AND NITE!! My "periodic favorite vapes" are other fruits, vanilla, and butterscotch.

    I have stocked up so much on this stuff because I don't know what I would do if I ever ran out of it. YOU GOTTA TRY IT!!

    One of my friends was converted to V4L and quit analogs BECAUSE OF THIS FLAVOR. She was a menthol smoker and so was I. I quit with mint and switched to fruits later.
  • This is REALLY good
    Review by LadyPhoenix on 5/31/2015
    An excellent cherry. It tastes like cherry, just like it is supposed to. No strange after-taste or that 'fake' cherry flavoring. Not too sweet. Vapor production isn't as kicking as some of their other flavors but still very good so, I highly recommend it.
  • Decent flavor
    Review by Linda Erickson on 11/9/2013
    I love cherries jubilee as a dessert, but each recipe is different from the next. I could taste the cherries, but weak on the other ingredients. I still use this a couple of times a week for something different after dinner.
  • Cherry jubilee and cola
    Review by SP on 5/23/2013
    I just got this juice the other day and love it!! Its also good mixed with cola, you'll have yourself a cherry coke!!! Try it you'll love it!
  • Not so Jubilee
    Review by Dan on 3/21/2016
    This juice has a slight cherry undertone but leaves you with a strong floral note on the end. I guess what I would imagine a cherry bud with flowers to smell like. Not what I was lookn for as far as a good vape but guess it would be okay mixed with something else.
  • Cherry
    Review by Andrew on 1/20/2019
    They best cherry flavor I tasted
  • Cherry juice
    Review by Kathy on 7/8/2018
    Like this juice but wish it were more tart. I add it to Doc. Popular juice. Will try black cherry or tart cherry next time.
  • Wish it was sweeter .
    Review by Peggy on 7/9/2017
    It reminded me of cough drops . I had to mix it with twinkies
  • Less than steller
    Review by Dylan on 8/25/2016
    I love the flavor of cherries. Cherry juice, chergry candy, cherry ice cream, etc. But this one was a bit on the sour side, had a lingering smell of cheap cherry candy, and wasn't half s sweet as I imagined it would be. Granted I can just mix my own, but cherry vanilla wouldn't be a bad idea here...
  • Not a fan
    Review by Melissa on 2/15/2019
    strong taste...but didn't get cherry...was kind of bitter for my taste.

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