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Chocolate Peppermint e Juice (30 mL)

Swirls of seductive milk chocolate get a bold kick of cool peppermint for an enticing e liquid flavor you will love to vape. As you puff on our Chocolate Peppermint E Juice, you'll feel the sweet sensation of pure milk chocolate accented with bits of pure peppermint. The flavor is comparable to a creamy peppermint candy coated in chocolate, or a crisp chocolate and peppermint cookie that's been chilled in the freezer. You'll get a chocolate taste on the inhale, and a refreshing peppermint taste on the exhale.

Dive right into this delectable dessert flavor for a wave of chocolate and mint that you'll love to get swept up in.
  • amazing flavor
    Review by Gina and Thomas on 3/2/2018
    tastes just like the real thing! a must try for sure
  • In my top 5
    Review by Elizabeth Stotzer on 4/1/2016
    I decided to try and assemble a 'top 5 flavors' and have juice on hand for each one. I got a set of these carts and was hooked, my next order I sent off for the juice and haven't been disappointed. I do not like ANY of the V4L menthols, I find them WAY too sweet; but for some reason I LOVE this flavor. The mint is soft, not overpowering. I can't say I taste much chocolate per se, but I think this is because the mint and chocolate blend so well. Very smooth, nice TH and good vapor output.
  • why
    Review by Jen on 2/6/2016
    wish it still came in 0 mg 's
  • Love this!!
    Review by Amber on 2/5/2016
    I love it just the way it is but tried adding a little bit more peppermint and love it even more!! Thanks
  • Yummy!
    Review by Sara on 1/1/2016
    I ordered this because my usual peppermint flavor was out of stock. Totally good!
    Review by Dawn on 6/17/2015
    This is the only brand I like. It actually was the only one that I liked when I quit smoking Marlboro Lights of 18 years! And I've been with Vapor 4 Life for 4 years now. I really hope they keep it in stock now!
  • Dang it never taste so good.
    Review by DJ on 5/22/2015
    Vary nice to have for a vape. If you have Java mint, mix it a bit with this and you almost get the eggnog flavor perfect around the holidays.
  • My #1
    Review by Veronica on 2/3/2015
    Have tried several flavors and always keep an extra bottle of this on hand. Never boring and chocolate goes good with everything!
  • LOVE
    Review by E-cig maniac on 4/13/2014
    With only a couple reviews, i was very skeptical about this juice. Dripped into a blank cart for my first time, and i absolutely LOVED the flavor! nice smooth chocolate flavor, with an intense burst of peppermint. probably my new favorite flavor!
    Review by Jacqui on 3/18/2014
    Definitely the best juice of any site, any flavors, etc. Deee-lisshh! Worth every penny. When you get really used to it, use a different flavor for a while, and when you come back to this it's like floating on a heavenly cloud of chocolate pepperminty awesomeness. Love love love.
  • Pretty Good Flavor
    Review by Andrew on 1/9/2014
    Its not my favorite in the world but its very good. Tried it out because I like the mint flavor and it seemed christmas-y
  • A favorite
    Review by Jen on 3/17/2013
    Love this full flavored juice . Refreshing and not too sweet .
  • Love it
    Review by Elizabeth on 8/8/2018
    I love chocolate and peppermint. A perfect mix

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