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CinnaBerry e Juice (30 mL)

Cinnaberry E Juice is an especially unique vape flavor that spices up the tart and sweet zing of juicy blueberries and raspberries with a generous dash of bold, tantalizing cinnamon. First, you'll taste the sugary berries on the inhale, and then you'll feel the warm tingle of the spicy and comforting cinnamon taste on the exhale. We strongly recommend this flavor if you're a fan of our Cinnablaze and berry e liquids. It's even a pleasant change of pace for vapers who dig dessert vape juices.

It's hard for the average e juice to complete the truly standout combination that is the Cinnaberry WOW E Liquid.
  • One of my favorites
    Review by Chris on 2/18/2018
    I love this flavor! I do a 50/50 mix of CinnaBerry and Sour Cherry. The combination creates a not too sweet and not too sour flavor with a nice smooth hit and pleasant after taste.
    Review by Tiyo on 1/25/2017
    I love fireballs. Cinnablaze is the best of flavor, as a fireball.
    The service of Vape4Life is none other than excellence.

    Never go into another a Vape Shop. Order where ever you are at and Vapor4life will conviently deliver to your door.
    Try Vape, YOU WILL LOVE IT!
  • One of my favourites!
    Review by Gus_ka on 4/30/2016
    Absolutely one of my favourites! Loved the sweet of the berries mixed with a light taste of cinnamon.
  • Nice combonation
    Review by Steve on 6/13/2015
    Got this in a sampler pack and I was pleasantly surprised. It's not something I would have purchased based on the description but it is very accurate. Lots of vapor and very satisfying. Overall it's a winner.
  • Perfection
    Review by Jan on 3/31/2015
    A perfect blend of berries and cinnamon! Not too much cinnamon that it over powers the berry flavor! I loved this flavor when I smelled it, even better when I tasted it! In the top 10 of my favorites!
  • Fresh clean taste
    Review by susan on 8/29/2014
    This has got such a fresh taste! I'm rating 5 stars but there has been a downside to this flavor--I've noticed that I vape ALOT more with this flavor since it tastes so good:(
  • It tastes like Christmas!
    Review by Malachite on 8/25/2014
    I love this flavor. It's the perfect melody of sweet and tart. It's full of flavor and is the perfect holiday treat. For reference, I am a lover of the fruit flavors such as, pomegranate, Watermelon, and grape. I actually love topping off my other fruit flavors with a little Cinnaberry. It's wonderful mixed with watermelon.
  • I liked it
    Review by Wendy on 7/6/2014
    I cant really taste the cinnamon in it. I was seriously hoping for it to be more cinnamon......Has a ton of vapor though!
  • The Best
    Review by Anthony on 2/21/2014
    This is the best juice on this site. I buy juice from various head shops and juice shops which mix whatever flavors you want, but I always come back here for this. Perfect flavor, bite, throat hit.
  • Question for this one, please!! Will increase rating after!!
    Review by carose on 4/13/2019
    I LOVE Cinnablaze!! Love vaping it alone as well as mixing w/other juices!! I'm new to vaping so, I'm wanting to add to "my collection"

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