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Cinnamon Roll e Cig Cartridges

Regular Price: $10.99

Special Price $6.99

Taste yummy oven baked cinnamon roll topped with gooey sweet icing in this popular vaping eCig cart.

Just like grandma made them! Our Wow Vapor Cinnamon Roll Cartomizers come with the natural, yet exotic flavor of cinnamon mixed together with the sweet taste of a fresh, oven-baked pastry. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.

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  • Perfect with a cup of coffee
    Review by Courtney on 2/19/2018
    This flavor has become part of my morning routine. Get the coffee started, take care of the dogs, sit down with a hot cup of coffee and a Cinnamon Roll e-cig. They compliment each other very well and also satisfies my craving to eat something sweet.
  • Great with morning coffee
    Review by Pamela on 7/30/2016
    Love this flavor In the am with first cup of coffee.
  • Chocalate lovers try this flavor
    Review by Pamela on 7/30/2016
    If you love chocolate but don't like the calories try this flavor to satisfy your chocoholic cravings!
  • Excellent
    Review by Josh on 4/14/2016
    This taste is incredible. I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but vaping this with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning would be awesome. I can't recommend this flavor enough, it's great.
  • Love it
    Review by Aaron on 2/2/2016
    I've tried about 8 different flavors and this is by far my favorite. Nice vapor and and tastes like a cinnamon roll. ^^ Thanks to TxTunesLady for her review or I wouldn't have tried this one.
  • Very strong flavor
    Review by JE on 6/13/2015
    The cinnamon flavor is very overpowering on the inhale and makes me feel naucious, but perfect on the exhale. If the cinnamon flavor was cut in half, this would be great.
  • unimpressed
    Review by Aimee Stillman on 3/29/2015
    The flavor tastes really similar to redhot candy to me, not like a cinnamon roll. The vapor didn't seen as strong as many of the premium cartomizer flavors I like. I was expecting more.
  • It's Okay
    Review by Angela on 2/4/2015
    A hint of slightly sweet cinnamon. Needs a more creamy cinnamon taste to convince me it's a cinnamon roll. Vapor is great.
  • Just OK
    Review by InhaleGal on 2/2/2015
    I wasn't too impressed with this. The flavor was OK, not so much a cinnamon roll, just tasted like Big Red Gum, like another reviewer suggested. I guess I was just hoping for more depths of flavor. It was just one note. Also, I just wasn't getting the vapor I was expecting. I got 18mg, and the throat hit was pretty good. Maybe I got some bad cartos or something. With the WOW, I was expecting a lot more.
  • Not too Bad..
    Review by Londi Smith on 9/4/2014
    has a very light flavor, not a strong TH, and little vapor (18mg). But resembles those cinnamon candies you get in doctors office, the round ones, not super sweet, but has a little spicey to it, like the candies. It's nice probably for a change of pace, but not an every-day-er. But my mom and I just started V4L a week ago so we don't have all the flavors down, but this sample was decent.
  • Wow
    Review by Bree on 5/14/2014
    I got this as a freebie with my order.

    It's sweet. You can taste the cinnamon and the icing! The vape is great too.

    Plus, goes perfect with a morning cup of coffee
  • more cinnamon than roll.
    Review by lampshadeburgler on 2/3/2014
    very tasty. very red-hots. does not taste like a baked good, but i really like it.
  • Good Flavor
    Review by TxTunesLady on 2/1/2014
    This is my first review as well as the first cartomizer I have tried. Good taste. Def. Cinnamon Roll. Not harsh, smooth. Tasty! The scent is like a red hot (that we got for the 10c boxes as a kid) but the TASTE is def. more like a light cinnamon roll flavor.
  • Cinnamon Perfection
    Review by E-cig fanatic on 11/5/2013
    This one actually came through my husband's sampler and he thought I might like it. He was wrong...I LOVE it. I am a huge cinnamon lover and this tastes exactly like the Big Red Gum (as stated before.) I actually don't mind that there was no "roll" in it. If you are looking for a perfect vape that hits dead on for the cinnamon flavor, this is the one. The vapor itself isn't as much as I thought it would be. However, since I am rather new to this and haven't perfected my vaping technique, the issue could be on my end. Lovely throat hit. I do believe this could be my main vape.
  • Not bad
    Review by Jvapor on 11/4/2013
    Has a good cinnamon taste. Yeah, sort of like Big Red gum - I didn't really detect much of a dessert/sugary flavor
  • nice, light cinnamon
    Review by Nik on 9/30/2013
    The cinnamon doesn't overpower, but it's definitely there along with a hint of sweet. I tried this as part of the sampler pack and like it enough that I'm ordering a box.
  • Great Throat Hit
    Review by Shari B. on 9/19/2013
    I enjoy this for the throat hit. Got one in the coffee shop sampler pack that I ordered. Tastes very cinnamon-y. Going to vape this in the morning with my cup of coffee based on the other reviews :) Thanks!
  • perfecto
    Review by dale winchester on 9/1/2013
    great cinnamon flavor taste alot like big red gum.
  • Not bad
    Review by Danyale on 7/6/2013
    this is a great flavor when it starts off more cinnamon strong flavor so if you don't like cinnamon this aint for you. with that being said i do love the flavor but after smokin awhile you can't taste anything but cinnamon so where its supposed to be cinnamon rolls it becomes just straight cinnamon which I had no issue with just wish i could have kept the sweeter taste from start to finish.
  • Cinnamon with a bit of roll
    Review by Dawn on 7/5/2013
    This is great with a cup of coffee in the morning. It tastes just like a fresh cinnabon. The second or third flavor to vape in the morning. Yummy
    Taste = 4.5
    TH = 4.5
    Vapor Production = 4
  • Top Vapor
    Review by E-cig fanatic on 5/22/2013
    My husband and I have tried tons of flavors and the WOW Cinnabons is really the best flavor and the best vapor.
  • It's *ok* - but kind of taste like cinnamon tooth polish.
    Review by Bucky on 3/12/2018
    While I didn't expect it to taste like a piping hot cinnamon roll from the bakery, I feel like it should be renamed "Cinnamon Candy" or something like that. The initial taste is cinnamon gum or something like that, but the aftertaste made me immediately feel like I had had my teeth cleaned with cinnamon-flavored tooth polish at the dental hygienists' office.

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