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Cinnamon Roll e Juice (30 mL)

Cinnamon Roll E Liquid is just like biting into a chewy, gooey cinnamon rolls taken fresh out of the oven and slathered with sugary cream cheese frosting...and sprinkled with even more cinnamon. This delectably delicious cinnamon e juice tastes exactly like the guilt-inducing dessert you can buy at a local bake shoppe, but with 100% fewer calories! In each and every puff of our cinnamon roll vape flavor, you'll taste yummy oven baked cinnamon rolls topped and sticky sweet icing.

Give in to the fragrant and tasty temptation of Cinnamon Roll E Liquid. You won't regret it.

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  • cinnabun
    Review by Emily on 4/2/2018
    Definitely one of my favorite flavors, love the cinnamon and that it's not super over-powering
  • Sweet
    Review by Susan on 8/14/2017
    Very sweet and cinnamon. I thought it was a bit harsh and too sweet for me. If you like sweet with cinnamon, try it!
  • Sweet and tasty!
    Review by Kyle on 8/8/2017
    It's not as cloyingly sweet as you'd assume, but it IS packed with sugary goodness! Tastes great with coffee, tea or even by itself! If you like the taste of deserts and enjoy your vape to be on the sweet side, this is an amazing flavor that tastes and smells like the real deal!
  • Yum
    Review by Lori on 5/3/2017
    Delicious! Seriously tastes like a cinnamon roll.. it even smells good & I have had friends ask, "what flavor is that??"
  • Sweet!
    Review by Jen on 9/6/2016
    I got this one and fell in love. It's a great one for the morning with your cup of coffee. People who are afraid of sweet liquids, give this one a try you'll really like it.
  • Very Good
    Review by Tammy on 8/29/2016
    This is really good. Taste like Cinnamon Rolls with icing and everything. It's really good by itself or sometimes I put a little white chocolate with it. Perfect for all day use. Awesome flavor
  • My favorite
    Review by Dave on 8/24/2016
    Of the 2 or 3 dozen V4L flavors I've tried, Cinnamon Roll is my favorite. I order juice every 2 months or so, and Cinnamon Roll is often in the mix.
  • Taste great
    Review by Michael on 3/29/2016
    Vape with a clear palate and it will taste just like a cinabon. Otherwise the cinnamon will stand out more.
    Review by Jamison Ashby on 10/16/2015
    Love the flavor. Great as a dessert... I'm a mint/mentho guy but this is great!
  • A little different as a juice
    Review by Brittany on 1/10/2015
    I originally tried this in the coffee shop cartomizer sampler pack, and loved it so much that I ordered the juice. The juice has a much stronger cinnamon flavour to it. It still tastes like a cinnamon roll, just one that the baker put a LOT of cinnamon on! So if you want less cinnamon flavour, perhaps try a pre-filled option, or maybe mix with a bit of vanilla flavoured juice. I like it either way. Great in the morning and whenever I'm craving a sweet.
  • Every day all day
    Review by Abby on 7/9/2014
    The only juice I love! It has a good TH but the flavor is very mild.
  • Taste like red-hots
    Review by R Bunds on 4/6/2014
    This one reminds me of cinnamon red-hots, except without the hot. Was worried it may be kinda harsh but it actually vapes pretty smooth.

    I don't get any cinnabun taste, just the cinnamon but still a good flavor. Girlfriend gives her thumbs up as well!
  • If you love cinnamon, this is for you
    Review by Suzanne on 7/11/2013
    This is one of my new favorite flavors. I am a minty/menthol vaper, but this flavor is great. Tates good on its own and mixed with other flavors (I've tried it with cranberry) I'm sure there are other flavors it would be good with. It doesn't take like a cinnabon, but maybe if I add French Vanilla.... I am using the 8mg strength.
  • Good stuff!
    Review by plantlvr on 7/3/2013
    I've been using this juice for quite awhile and I really like it, Nice cinnamon flavor. Maybe the other folks got a bad batch?
  • Nice cinnamon flavor
    Review by Linda Erickson on 5/14/2013
    Love this mixed with 2/3 apple,1/3 cinnomon roll.Makes a great all day vape. Not too sweet, with just the right amount of cinnamon.Also mixes great with other fruits.
  • Taste Great and smooth
    Review by Shana on 9/9/2016
    This flavor is one of my favorite occasional flavors. I prefer the WOW Vanilla for everyday but use this when I want a change. It taste like a cinnamon roll!
  • Tastes like a cinnamon toothpick
    Review by Melissa Alessio on 10/12/2015
    Tried this just recently and at first impression I was like "wow" these are pretty darn potent with a really harsh throat hit yet pertty tasty! All in all the flavor is actually pretty good, but as Anthony Michael Hall said in The Breakfast club..."Chicks can't hold their smoke..that's what it is" sorry! couldn't resist lol
  • cinnamon roll
    Review by Chris on 10/2/2018
    cinnamon roll is a very tasty flavor and it tastes like a cinnamon roll but has a little bit of a spive flavor too it and i feel it goes good with the sweet orange flavor
  • Fair taste
    Review by Alan on 8/3/2018
    Cinnamon and sweet.
  • good for a time
    Review by matt on 10/27/2013
    it has a strong cinnamon flavor, i like it but its not something i can use on an everyday basis, it got old & to strong after 3 days for me
  • Sorry , buy 2 stars
    Review by Peggy on 9/1/2017
    I hate to give you a not so positive review but not happy with this juice . It was like eating a cinnamon candy . No bun i could detect . I love all your juice but this one . It has way too much cinnamon .

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