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The Classic Smileomizer tip comes in all five colors and both sizes that the Smileomizers come in. Use them to replace your current mouthpiece or change up the color of your vaping supplies. Purchase Smileomizers here

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Classic Smileomizer Tips are used on the top of Smileomizers as a mouthpiece. Comes in all five colors and both sizes that the Smileomizers come in.
  • Great, but not as good as the ming-vase shaped ones
    Review by Elliot on 2/18/2018
    The classic smileomizer tip is really rugged and chewy, which is great; however, I prefer something with a bit less width to it.
  • Drip tip
    Review by Andrew on 2/6/2018
    Great I like the style I tend to bite down. Perfect. Fo me
  • Drip tip
    Review by Cathy on 2/16/2017
    These are my absolute favorite! The draw is perfect every time with this tip. Thanks vapor 4life!
  • Toobulky
    Review by Pamela on 1/12/2017
    Prefer the newer style over the traditonal
  • Favorite
    Review by Lori on 1/12/2017
    the feel and comfortableness is top notch! Plus they won't break and are easily replaceable.
  • Great Idea.
    Review by ChrisD26 on 10/3/2016
    I love the comfort and being able to chew on it without causing any damage. Great product.
  • Great Idea
    Review by ChrisD26 on 10/3/2016
    I love the comfort of being able to chew on it with on damage. Great product.
  • Can't beat a classic
    Review by Tony on 9/14/2016
    Fan of something nice and squishy to bite down on then these will be your friend. Really brings home the old cigar feel to a Zeus.
  • Comfortable tip
    Review by Chris on 8/27/2016
    These used to come standard on the older style smileomizers and were comfortable because of the soft silicone style feel they have. They also lasted forever and more easy to replace...
  • pleased
    Review by June chase on 8/3/2016
    I was really pleased with the whole experience...... I have tried so many
    and finally have come upon this pleasure. Thanks so very much!!!
  • Highest of quality
    Review by Sheryl on 7/29/2016
    I am really impressed at how thick the mouthpiece is and how profession grade the rubber it. I enjoy chewing on the mouthpiece while vaping and order extra tips to use with my Zeus.
  • Great Concept
    Review by Karyn on 7/29/2016
    These are simple in design but provide functionality with the ability to mix and match colors, which I personally like. The soft design makes it easy to hold in your teeth and also get a great seal for a great vape. For this reason, I like the shape of this one the best. They are super easy to clean and can be used over and over. Well worth the great price!
  • Favorite tip
    Review by Kit on 7/22/2016
    I've always preferred these tips to the ming vase ones. After all, the Vapor Zeus looks like a cigar, it should feel like one too! These tips are very chew-able, and don't break easily. Highly recommended.
  • Classic -vs- Ming Vase
    Review by Odie on 11/12/2015
    After personally having used both the Classic and Ming Vase Smilomizer tips... I will say this.
    If you truly want the look and feel of a cigar or stogie to be as close to the real deal... stick with the Classic.
    Yes, the Ming Vase may "fit" in your mouth better, but personally, the Classic feels more comfortable to me and I can get a better "draw" off the Smilomizer with it. And I'm using the Large Smilomizers to boot, as they are what pairs up with my 1300mah Zeus.
    It's nice to see V4L offer the Ming Vase Tip... but it's NOT my cup o' tea.
    Glad I save my Smilomizer Tips when I trash the cartos.
    Another down side of the Ming Vase Tip in comparison to the Classic Tip... Good luck trying to remove the silicone portion w/o mutilating it to wipe off any e-juice that makes it's way between the silicone and surgical steel. And it will eventually.
    This is easily accomplished with the Classic Tip.
  • my favorite
    Review by Gina on 7/1/2018
    I order smileomizers for vaping and if I happen to get the other tip I always switch out the tip to this one (classic). The classic tip feels more like a cigarette and is easier to vape in my opinion. Highly recommend.
  • Not bad
    Review by Lndsvyr on 9/13/2016
    Deduct one star as they tend to slip out of the mouth occasionally. Otherwise, great. Look better than the ming, Too.
  • Ok
    Review by Mike on 8/21/2016
    Not my favorite, the ming vase is better
  • Its a matter of personal taste
    Review by Jerald on 8/6/2017
    Prefer the ming shaped to this classic shape. It really just boils down to personal taste.
  • Classic Smileomizer Tip
    Review by Mike on 8/25/2017
    ok but like the feel of ming vase smilemizer tip better
  • Classic Smileomizer Tip
    Review by Mike on 6/28/2017
    dont like these tips as well as the Ming Vase Smileomizer Tip
  • Not as easy to vape from as the shaped drip tip
    Review by Pamela on 7/30/2016
    Prefer the 'hourglass' drip tip. Makes vaping easier.
  • Ok
    Review by Mike on 7/29/2016
    Not my favorite
  • Not a great product.
    Review by Pamela on 7/9/2017
    The tip is too large and bulky, prefer the Ming tips over these.

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