Coffee Disposable Vape

When you find yourself getting a little wistful about sipping coffee with your first cigarette of the day, rest assured that we’ve got your back. Our top-selling disposable coffee e-cigs meld the full flavor of fresh tobacco with the taste of freshly roasted coffee to make you think you’re enjoying your morning coffee with a cigarette to top it off.

We made the disposable coffee e-cigarette for smokers, so it has a 3.6% nicotine content to help you more easily replace tobacco smokes. The design mimics that of a cigarette almost exactly, right now to the soft, chewable filter.

Give one of our disposable coffee electronic cigs a try. What have you got to lose?

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  • Best Tasting E-Cig (Coffee)
    Review by PRJ on 8/23/2018
    This is the best tasting e-cig I've ever had. I've tried many. Kinda gave up on them. Mostly they all taste like chemicals or that sweet aftertaste I hate. Love the taste of this one, which is what it's all about. Tobaccoeeee with just a tiny hint of coffee. However, it is too pricey. The packaging is great but maybe have cheaper packaging and charge a little less for the e-cig. At $7 a pop, that should include free shipping at the very least. But still thanks for the great tasting 3-cig !
  • So Good!
    Review by Isabella on 3/12/2018
    I love that I can have a coffee and tobacco flavor for the road. No need to carry around all the devices. I keep one of each flavor in my car for a variety!
  • far!
    Review by thomas on 12/18/2017
    We've been in the V4L family for right around 6 years, and have occasionally come across the older disposables -- but when they started offering our fave flavor (Coffee), we booked a half far, 11 stars! BUT we just got our order today, and the lifespan will tell us whether they're worth 7 bucks a pop. If we get a couple of days, we're good to go, because these have an easy, tasty, vapory draw!
  • Update on 'lifespan'
    Review by Thomas on 12/27/2017
    A bit disappointed - given the price -versus real smokies - these should last longer than 10 or 11 hours of use.......sorry.
  • Fantastic taste
    Review by George on 2/19/2018
    This e-cig has a fantastic taste. I love the way it works. Very convenient But doesn’t last very long, I guess cause of the size of battery. Still it is good

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