Coffee e Juice (30 mL)


Everyone has their favorite early morning routine. Hit the snooze button. Wake up. Reach for your Vapor4Life Coffee E Juice. Your senses will awaken when you inhale this powerful blend of coffee e-liquid that tastes like a freshly brewed cup of java. Our Coffee E Juice is ideal for the caffeine connoisseur who's looking for a well-balanced and robust flavor.

WOW or Premium

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Choosing the Right Coffee e-Juice

Vapers who prefer a darker flavor with hints of chocolate should try the Premium Coffee e Juice, but vapers who prefer to sip a cup of freshly brewed French roast should opt for the WOW Coffee Juice, a top seller that has gotten rave reviews from famous e cigarette reviewers.

  • Good Vape
    Review by Tracy Shaw on 10/20/2014
    V4L is by far the best site for purchasing nobacco juice. I love the coffee taste (am a BIG coffee drinker) and will order the French Vanilla Ice cream when I place my next order. Customer Service also included an awesome pass-through (thank you V4L) which I highly recommend to anyone with a laptop or a person who is on the road a lot. The hit is awesome!! Happy Vaping!
  • Smooth
    Review by Heather on 6/18/2018
    I love the wow juices they are smooth and packed full of flavor it’s the only juice I use.
    Although I’d love the price to go down - (only for my own selfish reasons :-) good price for the quality.
  • Excellent Choice
    Review by Rochelle on 4/28/2018
    I love this juice, I also mix it with vanilla or caramel
  • Best Coffee Flavor
    Review by Matthew on 3/25/2018
    Well, I tried a lot of different flavors through the last few years and I have to say that this is the best Coffee flavor to be found. This is my go to "all day" vape juice.
  • Coffee lovers!
    Review by richard on 2/19/2018
    If you love coffee then you’ll love this flavor. Nice smooth aroma!
  • By far the best juice i have tried.
    Review by Kimberly on 12/14/2017
    Solid coffee flavor. The Wow is my favorite.
  • My favorite flavor!
    Review by Kimberly on 11/22/2017
    Best juice I have tried, bar none. If you want true coffee flavor, give this one a try. I am WOW all the way.
  • Love the premium flavor
    Review by Chris on 5/14/2017
    The coffee Vape premium goes perfect with my morning cup of Joe... so far all the coffee lines are winners
  • Very Good!
    Review by Deborah on 3/29/2017
    I've tried numerous coffee flavored ejuices and this is one of the best! On my reorder list.
  • tarty!
    Review by Logan on 2/27/2017
    This is number one!!!
  • Favorite ejuice flavor
    Review by Sysy on 11/26/2016
    I bought a bottle of this teaches about 3 months ago and I just now ran out. I have to admit this is my favorite flavor- not only does it taste good it but it's actually lasted me a pretty long time. I don't think you will regret if you try it!!!
  • I love this coffee
    Review by Karen on 11/18/2016
    I have looked for a long time for a good coffee flavor and this is it! So glad I found this site. Thank you vapor 4 life!
  • Great stuff!
    Review by RVP on 9/23/2016
    I was surprised by how good this flavor is. I think I have a new "go-to" preference.
  • WOW fresh coffee flavor
    Review by Joy on 9/16/2016
    Love this one. Really does taste like coffee for us coffee lovers to enjoy. Very nice flavor and very pleased with the taste!
  • really tastes like coffee!
    Review by Elliot on 8/22/2016
    This liquid tastes just like a fresh-brewed cup of coffee! I wish they offered a version of this liquid that was a bit sweeter, since I have a sweet tooth, but aside from that, this is a great e-juice!
  • Wow coffee flavored e-juice is the best vaping experience I have had over the last 2 years. Just like a cup of coffee in the morning. Robust coffee flavor!
    Review by Sherry on 7/21/2016
    Wow coffee flavored e-juice is the best tasting vaping experience I have had over the last 2 years. Just like a cup of coffee in the morn...robust coffee flavor! I continue to try other e-juices...many are quite good. However, I continue to return to the Wow Coffee Flavored e-juice time and time again. And... Vapor 4 life is the only company I purchase from. If you love coffee... this is a must try!
  • Wonderful
    Review by Shelly on 7/21/2016
    This is the best flavor of all and believe me I have tried them all
  • Best coffee flavor
    Review by Tessie on 4/15/2016
    I have tried other coffee this is by far the best
  • Spot on
    Review by Molly on 4/7/2016
    Nailed it on black coffee taste.
  • Best coffee I've tried
    Review by coffeevaper on 2/1/2016
    OK So I do drink a lot of coffee - big Starbucks fan. But I'm not sure that's why this particular flavor is far and away the best I've tried. And I've tried all the V4L coffee variants plus a couple from other sources. Even the V4L "Bold" isn't this good. This is the *cleanest* coffee I've tried. Hard to explain, but if you didn't like the espresso flavor, all the other coffee varieties I've tried have at least a little of that "espresso" aftertaste that disqualifies them for me.

    I used to have an assortment of half a dozen flavors I was trying out, and have narrowed my choices to this one coffee flavor - it's all I vape now. It's a 100% home run for me.
  • Good Vape
    Review by E-cig fan on 1/31/2016
    I liked this but I need to get it in a higher mg than 11. It is a good clean taste of black coffee with just a hint of sugar in the aftertaste.
    Review by Gliter702 on 11/13/2015
    I would just like to say that their customer support is AWESOME! Reply is imediate so if you have any questions, concerns, etc.. they actually take the time to respond and dont leave you in the dark!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks A Million Guys!
  • WOW Taste like Coffee and Hits hard
    Review by pedro salva on 10/30/2015
    I just decided to try this flavor out. and wow taste right on and Hits very hard at 24mg, maybe too hard for me. Over all not a bad taste, will try and mix with chocolate and see what i get.
  • WOW!
    Review by Kris Bahoric on 10/1/2015
    Guys this is nothing like the premium coffee, its 100 times better in my opinion. More milky, and more sweet, and the coffee flavor itself is much better, not as 'dark' or 'black' as the premium coffee would be the best way to describe it. Only complaint I have is that it is very soft and doesn't deliver much of a throat hit, but the taste is more than worth it!
  • Very Yummy!!!
    Review by Ken on 8/18/2015
    While I don't think it tastes like a cup of coffee, it tastes more like popping one of the whole roasted beans from the dispenser in the grocery store into your mouth. Very good vape.
  • 36mg coffe
    Review by DWAYNE on 8/18/2015
    Never was a big coffee drinker, but I know I am a big coffee vapor. This has now become my everyday juice. It had a nice throat hit along with a slight sweet taste, but not overbearing. I can see why this is a best seller. Trust me, whether your a coffee drinker or not you won't go wrong with the juice.
  • Great taste!
    Review by Michi on 8/5/2015
    This flavor stays true to it's name! No burnt taste instead it tastes very strong but in the best way. I purchased the 18 mg and some days to spice it up even more i add a little peppermint to it. Great flavor for coffee lovers!
  • Better than Cappucino
    Review by CJ on 6/10/2015
    If you like Mboro/Cowboy you should like this. Great taste and great smell. I have the Cappucino juice also but I think the coffee is way better. This juice also works well with the Mint & Cowboy carts during refills. It seems as if they have changed from calling them Mboro carts to Cowboy.
    Review by Matthew Troxell on 5/22/2015
    What can I say, coffee and vaping at the same time....I am a menthol vapor user and mixed this about 70% Cowboy Menthol and 30% coffee when I refill my carts. The taste is excellent. If you like coffee, this juice is a must. Can't wait to try the WOW coffee juice when this gone.
  • Amazing
    Review by Christopher on 4/14/2015
    I love this eliquid! I had expected more of a black coffee but instead, it's more of a Carmel, sweet coffee. I definitely recommend trying this out and getting hooked.
  • Great flavor
    Review by jim on 2/24/2015
    Consistent flavor. Doesn't disappoint.
  • I searched the world over for THE coffee juice... found it here!
    Review by Kendra on 2/16/2015
    I like to think myself a coffee connoisseur of sorts... I love a nice cup of coffee on a daily basis, as in, all day long the pot is brewing and a sturdy mug is always nearby with the curl of steam and aromas of the bean wafting up from it. But the connoisseur I claim to be is probably more honestly just an interest, turned hobby and actually refers to coffee vaping.
    Approximately 6 years ago I began searching the vaping world over for any and all coffee flavor juices, and comparing them to each other with the goal of finding THE coffee juice and coffee related juices for getting that ultimate java vape on. I have ordered various coffee juice contenders online, purchased onsite from various e-cig mall vendors as well as picked up java juices from local, private owned e-cig shops and larger chain stores.
    My quest started here at V4L and to date, winds right back up here at V4L... Quite simply, I have yet to find a coffee juice that is as good as the V4L coffee juice and furthermore, one that is even comparable. The WOW Coffee Juice is my favorite of the two choices of Premium and WOW. I just prefer that more legitimate and true to a genuine cup o' joe taste that I enjoy with the WOW. The Premium is nice but it's a little too rich in the flavours that are, to me, the subtle notes in the WOW juice. The Premium aftertaste lingers with a very defined flavour that I can't quite identify accept that the impression it leaves on my taste pallet and other senses is, "artificial."
    To wrap up this way too long review ;) ...let me add that main reason I prefer the WOW versus Premium is because the WOW is so clean and concise in its taste and flavour as in, it's simple and not too "busy" making it the perfect mixer. This is where it gets fun and even yummier! After some experimentation I have discovered that mixing in a bit French Vanilla Ice Cream is... YUM! I vape this almost daily. If you like flavoured creamers in your coffee, this is what it imitates very satisfactorily.
    My ABSOLUTE favorite e-juice of ALL e-juices is Classic Caramel Mocha Frappe it's a mixxy that goes with almost ANY e-juice and this is SUPER YUM mixed in the WOW Coffee as well. All three of the juices mentioned, (WOW) Coffee, (WOW) French Vanilla Ice Cream and (Premium) Classic Caramel Mocha Frappe are fantastic as a tri-mix. This combination is my "go to" and my usual all day vape. (WOW) Waffle juice is also very tasty add to (WOW) Coffee.
    Lastly, I should mention that this coffee juice is not imitating a cup of black coffee. It would be black with maybe 2 lumps of sugar. The Espresso juice has no sweet taste to it if your preferring a black flavoured coffee. ;)
  • Thumbs up for this coffee!
    Review by julianka on 1/6/2015
    Trying coffee juices always worries me because most of them either 1) taste nothing like coffee, or 2) taste like coffee but are dark and that usually means an atty killer. This coffee is one of the few that is clear and tastes like coffee. It's not absolutely 100% like a cup of coffee, but it's probably as close as we can get, and it tastes GOOD. The only reason I don't give it five stars is because there is SLIGHT room for improvement, but I'd give it 4-3/4 stars if I could.
  • Daily vape
    Review by Kristin on 11/25/2014
    Coffee flavor is one of my daily vapes. I love the sweet coffee for morning or evening. I have notice a slight difference in blends over the past year, but still enjoy the taste.
  • Love, Love, Love!!
    Review by THIS is the reason I vape! on 11/1/2014
    Here in Orlando there's an e-cig store on every corner. I've tried more coffee juices than I can count, but keep coming back to my go to...WOW Coffee. Wow, just WOW.
  • All Day Vapor
    Review by MELANIE on 10/20/2014
    This is my new all day vape. 1/2 french vanilla and 1/2 coffee. FABULOUS!
  • very good
    Review by coffee junkie on 10/18/2014
    I love, love, love this stuff. I am a big coffee drinker and I was not sure when ordering this, but let me tell you its great. if you like coffee you have to try this. its great
  • I used to like java junction but it isokay
    Review by John barry on 10/3/2014
    Inow mix the wow coffee juice with dulce de leche about 25% dulce juice and I am very satisfied with this. It is yery good= Iget my dulcer at high desert vapes in new mexico try it and i betr you like it.
  • My all time favorite!
    Review by A Malone on 8/17/2014
    I could vape this all day! It's like a fresh cup of coffee...not too sweet. I highly recommend.
  • Best flav yet!!
    Review by Vapril on 7/11/2014
    I am a very picky Vapor. I have tried more then half of the the flavors V4L sells and this is my #1 e-juice. It does taste just like coffee and the juice quality is amazing. If you are unsure, I assure you that you will not regret trying this juice.
  • Great Flavor
    Review by Connor Pruitt on 4/19/2014
    I was a bit apprehensive of trying this flavor thinking it may be bitter and nasty, but to my surprise it tasted like I had taken a sip of slow roasted coffee. Great Job
  • kinda like coffee
    Review by Tim on 3/25/2014
    Not a strong flavor but you can taste the coffee. I liked the Vanilla Mocha Frappe better but I am brand new at this so not experienced info here
  • da best
    Review by steve on 2/15/2014
    i tried the coffee sampler pack, and of all the flavors i liked the coffe da best. closest to what it is supposed to taste like. its now my permanent morning vape. to me the other flavors all tasted the same. you wont go wrong with this coffee flav.
  • Definately a favorite!
    Review by Joshua Holmgren on 2/2/2014
    Now this one, I thought was amazing. The flavor was AWESOME!! Also, I refilled a cart that had some of the WOW vanilla before hand, without cleaning first. Tasted like a French Vanilla coffee. Good to the last drop. Amazing. I mix the two together all the time now.
  • My Favorite
    Review by Morgan on 1/26/2014
    I drink a pot of coffee a day - love Starbucks! - so I tried the Coffee wow vapor juice and carts. I've tried all the other coffee-related flavors, and this is the best! It's smooth, tastes like coffee without the aftertaste of some of the others, and has a hint of sweetness that perfectly complements the coffee flavor. And of course it goes great with a cup of real coffee! I occasionally vape the apple-kiwi (excellent) and a couple of mint flavors, but 98% of my V4L experience is with the coffee wow flavor.
  • Good!
    Review by Theresa on 1/25/2014
    I love this juice! The flavor is awesome and the vapor is great too! This is my new favorite!
  • Very interesting
    Review by Tinker on 1/23/2014
    I disagree about the soft throat hit; I'm not a big fan of throat hit, and this has plenty of throat hit sensation. This is the best coffees I've found, and has none of the burnt bean Seattle-style coffee taste while still delivering a strong, authentic, coffee taste.

  • Awsome
    Review by Sponge Bob Dave on 10/6/2013
    They got this perfect there's nothing better then vaping your coffee in the morning
  • not much coffee, but more like brown sugar
    Review by yp_ on 9/29/2013
    This doesn't smell like coffee to me, but more like brown sugar.
  • Yep, it's Coffee
    Review by LadyPhoenix on 8/3/2013
    This is probably the one juice that I wish were sweeter, because I drink my coffee sweet. But overall it's a good flavor, like a cup of coffee regular- no cream no sugar. Definitely not weak. Good vapor.
  • This is a staple
    Review by Nikki Reno on 7/31/2013
    I have to have this one on hand at all times. I personally think it has a strong throat hit. That plus good coffee flavor makes it a win for me.
  • Love it!
    Review by Kendra on 6/11/2013
    I will definitely be buying this over and over. LOVE the flavor and if you like coffee, you will too!
  • if V4L made egg and ham flavor we'd lock breakfast
    Review by Kevin Parnell on 5/28/2013
    With the catalog of coffee(which tastes exatly like a nice cup of black),green tea(so nice id order it twice),orange juice and cappachino If they made eggs and ham we wouldnt even need to make breakfast anymore:) we could just vape BTW: I was just kidding about the eggs and ham although if these guys decided to make it im sure it would probably rock.
  • Sublime!
    Review by Tumbleghost on 4/17/2013
    Felt strongly enough about this to write a review. I love it. Most ecig tobacco flavors don't taste right to me, and most other flavors are to sweet for my taste buds. This, however, I can vape through the day. Great stuff!
  • Like a fresh cup off the pot.
    Review by Brett V on 4/7/2013
    I keep this one hooked up to the USB pass through for when I wake up and check my emails first thing in the morning. It's got the taste of coffee without a doubt.
  • Amazing
    Review by Carto buff on 3/29/2013
    Got my supply of Coffee Wow Juice yesterday and I have been smiling all over ever since. Got the super strength and man O man, it is amazing, tastes so good, nice hits and it is powerful. Beautiful clouds and I am just loving it more and more. Thanks for making and selling this stuff-its like love in a bottle.
  • The best juice I’ve ever used
    Review by vesna on 8/5/2018
    I tried my local vape shops and the flavors taste nothing like what they are suppose to be. This company is the best for making it taste exactly what it is your buying.
  • Definitely coffee
    Review by Christopher on 3/23/2018
    This juice definitely has a strong coffee flavor. If you enjoy the taste of black coffee you will love this.
  • Great Flavor - no TH
    Review by Yoda on 10/16/2015
    I got it in an 11mg - and let me tell you - spot on. The flavor is amazing !!


    I need Throat Hit to get me through the day, and it was definetley lacking/non existant.

  • Great!!!
    Review by Cheryl White on 6/23/2015
    Been ordering from another company, but I will make yours number one for the coffee.
    Flavor, and TH is great. Thanks V4L.
  • Tastes exactly like coffee
    Review by vesna on 8/5/2018
    I love this one the best!!! It tastes exactly like coffee. Unbelievable compared to others I’ve tried.
  • New label
    Review by Phillip on 4/2/2018
    Love the new Label a nice blue color the white letters on the blue label makes the label easy to read. My problem the black letters on the blue label makes it difficult to read. The black letters tells you the flavor of the juice, hard to read. Yes I know I need new glasses.
  • Taste of Morning
    Review by Steve on 11/12/2018
    Perfect flavor to accompany your morning coffee or even through breakfast. Fits right into my morning mood!
  • Good!
    Review by NikkiNoodle1127 on 1/13/2017
    Not the best coffee I've ever had, but certainly one of the good ones! I occasionally mix it with my Triple Nickel (though I prefer mixing Barista's Blend). My husband likes the coffee even more than me though!
  • My first Experiance with Vapor4life
    Review by Randy on 10/6/2018
    On my first order with any Vape company, having been very new to Vaping. Either myself of the gentleman I spoke to when placing the order had gotten something backwards. I called after receiving my order and might have gotten the owner or manager. He didn’t care who made the mistake, didn’t care why, just wanted to make things right. He sent me what I intended to order, no muss no fuss. I was shocked at how nice and accommodating he was. I wish I could remember his name. One of the best experiences with a problem on line I ever had. They are my company now because they handled things so well.
    I also spoke to a guy in a local Vape shop about them and he said "yeah, they are great" and the store even carries the WOW juice.
  • Tastes like coffee
    Review by Taylor on 8/24/2017
    Was too thick of a juice for me, but tasted like coffee. Could easily recommend it to someone looking for a coffee flavor. I give 3 stars because I am neutral about it. A bit lighter and subtler version would interest me as personal preference.
  • Enjoyed it
    Review by terri on 4/22/2018
    Enjoyed it
  • Coffee
    Review by Andrew on 2/6/2018
    I tried this coffee I like it. Because I drink a lot of coffee.
    Review by Sheryl on 10/16/2015
    I purchased this based on the description and raving reviews. However, i am pretty disappointed with how heavy the flavoring is ... a previous reviewer stated it was like "putting a coffee bean in your mouth" and i have to agree. This is what i would have of expected from the Premium blend. I have had to add a vanilla flavoring just to tolerate it. So if you are looking for a light to medium coffee flavor like i was, look elsewhere.
  • Black coffee
    Review by Alan on 8/3/2018
    If you like black coffee this is for you
  • Ok
    Review by christie on 10/1/2017
    This was decent for a dessert flavor. I'm not a huge coffee drinker-might like this more if I were
  • Strong Coffee
    Review by Amber on 2/6/2015
    I like this coffee, its nice and strong, but for me it needs something. Maybe some sweetener or cinnamon. I think I am going to try mixing it. Just a little too strong for me.
  • Not a fan
    Review by Melissa on 10/30/2018
    If you are a black coffee'l love this one. STRONG coffee flavor. I prefer more cream/sugar than it was a bit strong for my taste.
  • Coffee e Juice
    Review by Phillip on 3/29/2018
    By mistake V4L sent me the Premium e juice in the coffee flavor, it was OK but not what I expected. Notified V4L of the error and they replaced the juice with the Wow brand. To me there's no comparison the Wow coffee flavor is much better than the Premium. I have been mixing the New Espresso, my favorite with the Wow coffee, makes for a nice flavor.
  • cofee
    Review by Chris on 1/2/2019
    this taste just like a fresh cup of coffee , and i mean very good coffee
  • Prefer Wow Version
    Review by Tonya on 8/26/2018
    I prefer this flavor in the Wow version. It was still vapeable though. The Wow version is my all time favorite flavor.

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