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Fried Cookies and Cream e Juice by FRYD

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Special Price $14.99

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine you’re at a state fair. (Actually, don’t close your eyes; you won’t be able to read this delicious description of FRYD Fried Cookies and Cream E-Liquid). The scene is a state fair in the heat of summer. Colorful lights glow from crowded stands where vendors sell all assortment of indulgence. But you only want one thing. A chocolate cream-filled cookie dipped in doughy batter and fried to perfection. With Fried Cookies and Cream E-Juice from FRYD, you can dive right into that devilish treat without taking in a single calorie. It’s a max-VG e-juice with maximum flavor to match!

You seriously need to try FRYD Cookies and Cream E-Liquid. Seriously.
  • Oreo cookies in an ejuice.
    Review by Jerald on 8/6/2017
    Craving sweets can be annoying, just slip this juice into your tank and it takes it away. Really nice product.
  • Wet!!!
    Review by Henry on 2/26/2017
    I like it
  • `Great Brand
    Review by Pamela on 1/12/2017
    Who can beat fried oreos as a vaping flavor - this ones the best
  • :D
    Review by Bob on 1/11/2017
    Chocolate, Creame, Dough... Fried Oreo 100%
  • McDonald's
    Review by Jhon doe on 4/27/2018
    Im lovin it

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