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Cool Banana e Juice (30 mL)

We've concocted a refreshing mixture of sweet ripened banana and cool menthol in our Cool Banana E Juice. First you get a sweet and ripe banana taste, and then you are hit with a wave of cool menthol flavoring that tops it off perfectly. This interesting e cigarette liquid mashup is a must-try for all vapers who like menthol and fruit flavors! It's hard to get a banana flavor just right, but Cool Banana E Liquid mimics the creamy texture and flavor of a fresh banana on every note...with a little bit of mint to shake things up a bit.

Lie back, relax, and let this refreshing vape flavor soothe your senses.
  • Cool!
    Review by Betty on 4/8/2018
    I have been ordering off of Vapor 4 Life for several years.. Quit smoking over 5 yrs ago, and tried several e juice offered. I always seem to go with the Cool Banana.. but still use an occasional different flavor.. Cool Banana rocks for me...
  • Saved my life
    Review by Mrs. Baby on 11/25/2017
    So lucky I found this site for my first vape experience. I tried a local vape shop once when waiting for my order and it just wasn’t a good experience. This V4L blend is the best out there; I haven’t craved a cigarette in the 4 months since I started (smoked for 35 years). My lungs quit wheezing after only 4 days of switching. Recommend to any smoker!!
  • Don't be scared!
    Review by Kyle on 8/8/2017
    "Minty banana" is admittedly not the best sounding flavor - however, this is AWESOME once you try it. Since the banana flavor is pretty mellow, it balances out the coolness of the mint perfectly. You can actually smoke this all day without getting sick of the taste. Highly recommended!
  • WOW
    Review by Tammy on 8/29/2016
    It's banana with a kiss. It's so different. I got this as a sample and plan on buying more. Takes a little bit to get used to the peppermint part but it's really good. Thank you for letting me try it.
  • Monkey for Banana's
    Review by Wwm on 12/30/2014
    I'm a former menthol smoker and also love banana's so this flavor was an obvious choice. When I sampled it at the store I thought it tasted great but I wasn't sure what level of nicotine was in the one I sampled. I purchased my first bottle with 1.8% nicotine and it didn't taste nearly as good. I eventually tried it again with 1.1% nicotine and I found that great taste I remember when I sampled it in the store. Now it's just about all I vape!
  • Good Stuff
    Review by sherisse on 10/18/2014
    Nice cool, not to overpowering banana flavor. This and Apple Breeze are my go to secondary vapes when I want a change from peppermint.
  • Better than it sounds
    Review by Sid on 4/6/2014
    You may be thinking, 'eww, minty banana?'...but it's actually pretty good. I tried this one cos I accidentally mixed my banana and cool juices together once (was very tired and they're sorta similar colours) and kinda liked the result. This is pretty much the same flavour as that was, just blended better. Worth a shot if you wanna try something a bit different.
  • ICE
    Review by D on 9/2/2018
    taste like a cold banana. which i had a bigger bottle of this

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