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Corn Flake Tart e-Juice by Dinner Lady e-Liquids


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If you’ve had a cornflake tart, you know that there are few things in the world that can capture its gooey, sweet center and its satisfying crunch. What makes Dinner Lady’s Cornflake even more of a miraculous creation is that it tastes spot on. If you’ve never had a cornflake tart, then this e-juice will deliver that same unmistakable deliciousness...minus the crumbs! Each vape is packed with the taste of buttery pastry, homemade fruit jam, and a generous topping of crunchy, baked cornflakes. Since Cornflake Tart is made with 70% VG and 30% PG, it balances fog and flavor effortlessly to create a one-of-a-kind dessert vape you won’t be able to get enough of.

Grab a slice —um...bottle— of Cornflake Tart E-Juice today!


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