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Cotton Candy e Juice by Juice Roll Upz Carnival

It’s enchanting to stand and watch cotton candy being made beneath the flashing lights of a carnival fairway. It’s easy to get lost in watching the sugar quickly spin into thin strands of pastel blue and pink until it forms a fluffy cloud of cotton candy. Cotton Candy by Juice Roll-Upz Carnival recreates that magical experience by bringing to life the distinctive flavors of a fresh batch of cotton candy and by creating some tasty, fluffy clouds of its own too. Every inhale is filled with the sticky sweetness of blue raspberry cotton candy and just a hint of pink vanilla. The flavor coats your tongue until you exhale and leaves behind a tempting fragrance. Juice Roll-Upz makes Cotton Candy e-Juice with a blend of 70% VG and 30% PG, so it’ll give you a fair amount of clouds without compromising the deliciously indulgent flavor.

Get caught up in the tantalizing taste of Cotton Candy eLiquid by Juice Roll-Upz Carnival by snagging a bottle today!
  • Nice Cloud production if that is what your after?
    Review by Holly on 10/20/2017
    I didn't taste Cotton Candy, I was disappointed . I taste a tad of Vanilla not sure what else I taste. Like most things everyone taste is different. I don't dislike it but nothing stands out to me I wont buy it again.

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