Joyetech Cuboid Silicone Case

The Cuboid Silicone Case protects your Joyetech Cuboid Mod from every day wear and tear as well as provides a nice grip for your mod.

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  • YOU need this
    Review by GP on 3/30/2017
    I dropped my mod on concrete and this case saved it!
  • Doesn't last very long
    Review by William on 4/13/2017
    I bought this sleeve for my new Joyetech Cuboid 150 since reviews on it had said that the paint chips easily on them. So I put this sleeve on and at first it seemed pretty good. The problems I ran into are that the sleeve's cutout for the charging point on the Cuboid 150 is a little small for my micro-usb cables. So I would need to move the case a little bit while plugging in the cable to charge it. The main problem I ran into is that it slid up every once in a while at first, then became looser over the next couple weeks. Maybe 3-4 weeks into having this sleeve and I actually had my Cuboid 150 slide out of the sleeve! Luckily I was sitting down and my Cuboid 150 landed on my lap, but the sleeve was still in my hands. I immediately said screw it and tossed it. If the Cuboid 150 slid in from the top of the silicone sleeve, and had a slightly large hole for the charging point, it would probably be fine, but then people who take the batteries out to swap them or charge them would run into issues as well. I'm thinking I'll just replace it with one of the wraps you find online.

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