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Dark Chocolate Raspberry e Cig Cartridges


Rich, luxurious dark chocolate and sweet red raspberries provide the most tempting vapor flavor.

Rich, luxurious dark chocolate and fresh, sweet red raspberries provide the inspiration for these prefilled electronic cigarette cartomizers. V4L Premium Dark Chocolate Raspberry Vapor King Cartomizers are a temptation you don’t want to resist. The rich flavor of these decadent Vapor King cartomizers are what you'd expect to find at an uptown specialty chocolate boutique. Box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more prefilled cartomizer flavors…
  • MMMMM...Chocolate Rasberry
    Review by Mark on 3/12/2016
    I have a new favorite! This new flavor is incredible and I think it will fly out of the building once you try it. It is all you could expect from such a great company.
  • Not bad...
    Review by Heather on 12/1/2015
    I ordered these for my mother b/c she loves raspberry w/dark chocolate. I'm not much of a chocolate fan myself, but these were decent. I'd say to stick w/plain dark chocolate though, as these don't have much of a raspberry flavor to them. But they're a good fit for any chocolate lover, and my mother thinks they're quite enjoyable. I'd only give them 3 stars, but I had to add a star for her since she's the chocolate fan...and they do produce quite a bit of vapor as well.
  • Great combination
    Review by John Jones on 10/21/2015
    This is my very favorite; rich flavor and great aftertaste. This is the one I smoke when I just want to enjoy and not experiment.
  • My new fave
    Review by Cat on 7/11/2015
    Very tasty. More chocolate than raspberry. Perfect proportion IMO. I like this chocolate better than the plain chocolate flavor.
  • YUMMY!
    Review by bobisu on 6/20/2015

    I received this as a sample...planned to give it away...to my surprise it is YUMMY!

    Lovely taste that I would not have tried if it hadn't come as another surprise sample! Thank you V4L!
  • Choc Raspberry (18mg) Yummy!
    Review by wr3ck00n on 6/17/2015
    Brand new to V4L, this was the second flavor I tried and I love it. I didn't taste the chocolate the first few drags, but then it kicked in nicely. The raspberry is stronger on exhale than inhale, but that's actually really nice. Very fresh and smooth with a hint of sweet. Love it!! :)
  • Nice surprise
    Review by Anne on 5/23/2015
    I got this as a sample and was pleasantly surprised by the flavor. It wasn't synthetic at all, as I've found some of the fruit flavors to be. It was mild, sweet, and definitely more chocolate than raspberry. Still, I could taste the raspberry, especially after exhale. Definitely pleasant and a nice change of pace.
  • dark choc/rasberry
    Review by henry watson on 4/11/2015
    goes well with glass of red wine!
  • Rich, chocolate cart
    Review by Kristin S on 10/6/2014
    I got this as part of the berry sampler pack and was pleasantly surprised. It's complex yet smooth, starting off with rich dark chocolate taste, then the sweeter/tart finish of raspberry. Will order again!
  • Very Unique
    Review by A Wayne Pennington on 7/7/2014
    Smooth and enjoyable. An all day vape!!!
  • Good stuff!
    Review by Abby on 5/14/2014
    The raspberry happens on the exhale. Good chocolate flavor!
  • Not tasting chocolate or raspberry
    Review by Michelle on 5/14/2014
    Not impressed. Maybe if I give it a while it will grow on me but I'm kinda disappointed. Love White Chocolate, Cherry Cordial and Cafe Mocha. They are 3 of my most favorites. Maybe if I didn't order this in Dark Chocolate I would have liked it better?
  • dark chocolate is overwhelming
    Review by truxton lafrance on 1/27/2014
    while it is an excelent vape, the dark chocolate overwhelms the raspberry and you can barely taste the raspberry, which is not necessarily bad depending on your taste, but i would have liked a little more raspberry flavor to it.
  • I Liike
    Review by Elaina on 10/11/2013
    These carts are pretty good. A nice blend of mildly sweet dark chocolate and raspberry. These carts produce good vapor, nice throat hit, and add a lovely sent to your room. I will buy again.
  • Very Surprised
    Review by Matthew Smith on 6/1/2013
    I tried one of these that was in a sample box, and to my surprise it was not bad...not bad at all. Very mild flavor, but also very tasty without overwhelming you, very smooth but with a good hit to it. Strong vapor that last well past the taste, but the flavor even lasts a long time.. Overall a good all day any time vape. Very surprised, and this is coming from someone who doesn't like all those fruity flavory carts, I'm a Kamel, 555, and Dunhall man but was very surprised with this one... must order more.
  • These taste HORRIBLE!
    Review by Catalina on 12/22/2017
    Bitter tasting and the low resistance carts are so hard to inhale I almost turn blue you have to pull so hard.
    Just stick with the WOW carts, they are MUCH better.

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