Disposable Vape

  • Rated #1 vapor e cig by top e cigarette publications
  • 2.6% nicotine to ease the switch to vaping
  • Soft, chewable tip
  • Low resistance coil to maximize vapor volume
  • Comes with protective carrying tube
  • Tastes so much like a cigarette that smokers love 'em
  • Rated the #1 disposable e cigarette in the world by top vape publications, Spinfuel and Vapor Digest, the WOW Vapor Disposable Vapor Cigarette is the alternative smokers have been waiting for. Available in tobacco and menthol flavors that replicate the smoking experience and deliver 2.6% nicotine, our disposable vapor cigarette is designed to help smokers take their first steps toward a tobacco-free lifestyle. This upgraded version of our original disposable e cigarette is made better, lasts longer, and tastes better than any other e cigarettes for sale today.

    It is the perfect daily vape for a pack/day to 1.5 pack/day smoker. If you don't believe us, Google "WOW Vapor disposable eCig" and check out the reviews for yourself!
    • Good backup
      Review by Taylor on 8/24/2017
      They can't beat a dedicated battery and smilomizer in terms of duration of use, but I keep a disposable around as a nice backup. Good flavor and throat hit while they last which is several analogs.
    • Menthol!
      Review by Beth on 8/24/2017
      Great disposable e-cig! Menthol has a great flavor.
    • Nice!
      Review by Kerry on 8/7/2017
      I got one in menthol as a freebie and gave it to a friend as I like the dessert flavors but she raved about it and started ordering from V4L because of it!
    • Feels more like a real cigarette.
      Review by Pamela on 7/9/2017
      These have the look and feel of a real cigarette. Prefer these to the larger batteries.
      Review by Jennifer on 6/30/2017
      I usually use a mod to vape, but I have jury duty coming up and don't think they would appreciate me carrying it through the metal detector and don't want to leave it in the hot car. I also do not want to have to resort to smoking real cigarettes for a day so I decided to try these. I bought the regular tobacco as menthol has never been my favorite. All I can say is it really tastes like a real cigarette with a very nice aftertaste as if you have just smoked a real cigarette. I agree with the other reviewer that it has a nice warm throat hit without making you cough like many other brand disposables. It is so similar to really smoking, and I am highly impressed. I definitely recommend these. Also, thank you Vapor4Life for sending me an extra one and for your fast shipping. You are a great company!
    • Best Disposable I've Had
      Review by Ollie10 on 4/17/2017
      I've tried many other disposables in the past (I have a box mod and hate carrying it at work) and this one blows them all out of the water. Great flavor and strength, definitely going to keep going using these.
    • One of the best disposable ecigs!
      Review by Ugne on 1/12/2017
      Ive tried multiple different kinds of disposable ecigs and nothing beats this!
    • Tastes better then any real ciggerette
      Review by Kathy on 12/8/2016
      I've been a 20 year pack a day smoker and this is the only disposable electronic cigarette that does it for me.
    • Best disposable E-cig in the world
      Review by Steve on 11/22/2016
      Best disposable E-cig in the world, nothing less nothing more.....try it you'll be amazed at how much it outclasses all others. I highly recommend the menthol.
    • Great for on the go
      Review by Tony on 9/14/2016
      Tastes and feels like the real thing. I always keep a few close at hand. One on me, one in the car, few on my desk. Great for when you need a fix for a real cig.
    • Great Product Lasts Longer Than The Others Out There
      Review by Ann on 9/9/2016
      I have purchased many different disposable Ecigs and this is definitely one of the best ones I have gotten. I always have one in my bag just in case. It lasts a long time and has a great flavor.
    • Very realistic
      Review by Bradley on 8/25/2016
      I always keep a dozen of these at the house and in the car. Always great for when you crave the taste of a real cig. Also great for handing to friends who are thinking about quitting. So far i've gotten 3 friends to quit because of these things.
    • One of the Best!!
      Review by Chris on 8/19/2016
      I was given a few of the menthol disposables for a promo and of all the disposables I have tried these rank up there in the top two I have tried. One eCig is definitely equivalent to at least a pack of cigarettes... I am hoping these will be available locally in a retail store some time soon... Great for grab and go...
    • Very Realistic Tobacco Flavor
      Review by Dan on 8/2/2016
      I keep a bunch of these stashed away for emergencies. Like when my tank is empty or the mailman is late with my juice. I keep some in my car, home, and work. And they don't go stale like my analog stash would do back in the day.
    • Great Menthol Disposable
      Review by Carla on 7/31/2016
      I was a menthol smoker so this really helps me when I am craving a menthol cig. Its great when you are on the go. Comes in a little case as well.
    • Always have on hand!
      Review by Karyn on 7/30/2016
      I love these, they satisfy and it really feels like I'm smoking a cigarette with these. I never run out of these and always have a spare tucked in my purse. I can recommend these enough, they are the best disposable on the market! The little tube is great for storing them too so they don't get lost or crushed in your pocket or purse. These will definitely help anyone kick the habit or as an alternative to a smoke in places that don't allow smoking. (All with none of the stink!)
    • Easy to use
      Review by Jennifer on 7/30/2016
      Great to carry around when you don't want to carry you vape kit with you. Special at sporting events when you have to bring those tiny bags. It's a great idea, job V4L
    • Smooth transition
      Review by matthew on 7/29/2016
      If your not ready for the big bulky batteries than these e cigs are the best option. Smooth draw and great throat hit. Feels n tastes like the real thing
    • Great choice to buy
      Review by Kimberly on 7/22/2016
      Great to carry around when you don't want to carry Juice with you. Always have one when I leave the house.
    • Great!
      Review by PianistClaudia on 4/19/2016
      Ultra light weight, small, discreet, stylish, satisfying. Practical (no need to recharge), and if by chance you lose it... you will not regret to lose a durable battery and be short of vaping supplies. I wish (and beg!) you can offer a lower amount of nicotine. 2.6% is too much. Still I continue buying them for my frequent trips, in and outside of the country, so I do not have to think of supplies, chargers, batteries, etc. And as a professional pianist, it is my perfect companion while performing, to have a "relief" in between songs.
    • Awesome mistake
      Review by Soultan on 1/2/2016
      I was a smoker, quit years ago, then kind of got back on nicotine when my father kept giving me cigars. My wife, however, hates smoke so I got the Titans. My wife hated that, regardless of me telling her it wasn't smoke. We have a kid on the way, so she signed us up for insurance where they do a series of tests. I told her to cancel it, I need to quit and cycle down to 0mg nicotine. I'm already a 39 yr old black man, which makes me 177 in white years. Well, I got a disposable for free in one of my orders of low nicotine juice. My wife was out, I looked around, took a hit. Dude, wow! This feels so much more like a cigarette than the cartomizers (which I swear by) that I can't wait to get the life insurance so I can more of these! At the price, I'd buy them in bulk. I don't want smoke, and i enjoy a good puff. Cigars are unnecessarily expensive. Vape sticks are nice, but these "feel" right.
    • Best Disposable Ever
      Review by Cat lady 1629 on 11/13/2015
      I quit smoking 3 years ago and this disposable has helped me stay that way. I only need a couple of puffs a day and the battery and nicotine are as strong 60 days later as they were the first day.
    • Awesome!!!!!!!!
      Review by Honey on 11/13/2015
      I tried these disposables and they are the best I have tried. I have tried many, many brands and they have not been satisfying. Some of them don't work and others do not last long. Yes, you can find cheaper ones (which I have tried) on the market, but they do not compare to these. I have given samples to friends and all they can say is wow, (No pun intended) I highly recommend these disposables.
    • I Finally Quit!
      Review by Jen on 7/8/2015
      I started trying these e-cigs two years ago, and none of them worked. I went to a Vape Shop by my home in Nashville and they tried to sell me a $200 device and $50 worth of juice. I wasn't interested in that, I just wanted to quit. I've tried Blu, Vuse and Fin, and none of them worked. This one worked for me, and I've been a non-smoker for over a month. Wow Vapor is now my brand.
    • Finally found my brand
      Review by dWayne on 6/26/2015
      I've tried everything, from Blu to Fin to Jacs, and this beats them all hands down. The throat hit is what a smoker needs, and the tobacco taste is perfect, at least for me. The coolest thing is that it comes in a tube that allows you to carry it in your pocket and not get any pocket lint on it!!
    • Best disposable I've tried.
      Review by iBurley on 5/2/2015
      This is by far the best disposable I've tried. I've tried 4 brands including this one (I won't give names, but they're the big ones) and this one is by far the best. The vapor production is on par with a cheap tank system on an eGo battery, which is fantastic for a disposable. The battery life is the best so far (yep, it's not dead yet) of all the ones I've tried, and the flavor is pretty accurate and doesn't taste generic. The flavor wasn't my favorite when I started, so give it time if you just came here after your first drag to say it's gross, it really builds up to a pretty accurate cigarette flavor. I think the best part is the feel of the vapor. If you're a smoker that has tried vaping and didn't like the feel of it, this is for you. The vapor is thick and heavy and really feels like smoke, it gives you that smokey mouthfeel and really makes your lungs think there's smoke in there. The throat hit is also pretty strong, I got 2.6% nicotine (not sure if there are different options) and it hits your throat in a very satisfying way. Unlike most it doesn't feel like a chemical pain in your throat, it feels like a heating burn sensation, very similar to smoking. Basically what I'm saying is, if I handed this to a smoker and told them to keep it in their pack and use it whenever they felt like it (best way to get people to switch by the way), I have no doubt they would come to me a few days later and ask what it was and where to get it. I've never had high hopes for disposables but this really feels like a cigarette. Doesn't REALLY taste like one, but it sort of reminds you of a cigarette. If you blindfolded somebody, they would still think they were smoking, just maybe a cheap brand or something.

      There's two things I'd like to see improved however, looks and availability. The green LED is weird and a gray cigarette doesn't really work. I know they looks more traditional before but the LED and the big label on it made them look a bit off then too. Then the availability part, get them on store shelves! This could easily be the most popular disposable if it were easily accessible.
    • I could never find how long this e cig is supposed to last, one hit, 25 etc., seems to last as long as about one cigarette. Pricey for such a short term product, other than that, it's perfect. Good flavor, feels like a cigarette in your hand, just not af
      Review by Penn on 7/11/2017
      Excellent weight, feel, good hit to the throat, feels like smoking a real cigarette. Would be an awesome quit smoking tool for me but one disposable vape lasts about as long as one cigarette. Not cost effective at all considering you pay for one what you would pay for more than a pack of cigarettes.
    • ok
      Review by Tom on 9/1/2017
      While the flavor is good it has a very short life. I have used another one for a while until i tried this one and it lasts only about 1/2 as long.
    • Disposable Vape
      Review by Mike on 8/25/2017
      very handy to have when unexpectantly run out of your e juice. received thi for free with kit purchase but did not like the tobacco flavor at all
    • Ok
      Review by Mike on 7/29/2016
      Received as free gift with purchase of a product. Ok to have as a backup, throat hit a little mild for me
    • Disposable Vape
      Review by Mike on 6/28/2017
      received as a free gift when i purchased an item, did not like their tobacco flavor. maybe other flavors are better


    Nicotine Strength:
    26mg or 2.6%
    Smilin Tobacco e Juice (Regular) & Smilin Tobacco Menthol e Juice (Menthol)
    L.E.D. Color:
    3.56 in
    0.38 in

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