Minty Mint Posh Plus Vape

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The Posh Plus lineup is loaded with refreshing menthol and mint flavors. But no flavor is cleaner and colder than Posh Plus Menthol Ice. There is a cool minty flavor on exhale, with tendrils of ice seeping through the spearminty menthol. The exhale remains flavorful with an icy throat hit and smooth finish. This is a smooth nic salt with a strength of 6 percent. The category leading 2.0ml of vape juice and big 480mAh battery gives the Posh Plus long legs for a disposable. The manufacturer estimates the Posh Plus is good for 500 puffs. The number of puffs will depend on how long you inhale and results will vary.

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Menthol Ice Posh Plus Vape

Minty Ice Posh Plus Vapes were formerly known as Menthol Ice Posh Plus vapes and have the same flavor and device as the original top-selling Menthol Ice.


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