Sweet Orange Zaero Disposable Vape

Regular Price: $7.99

Special Price $6.99

Zaero Sweet Orange is one of the best fruit-flavored disposable vapes on the market. The Sweet Orange blend is tangy, crisp and sweet. It has a bit of candied exhale, but stays true to the natural fruit flavors. Very balanced, it is satisfying even when vaped at zero percent nicotine. And that is an option with the Zaero, which offers a full range of nic strengths.

Sweet Orange Zaero Vapes

The Orange Zaero Disposable Vape comes in 1.8, 3 and 5 percent nic salt formulas that are extremely satisfying. The zero nicotine Zaero provides the flavor you are looking for when travelling the road to zero nicotine. The Zaero is the most innovative disposable ecig on the market and a great value too. Each Zaero contains 1.8ml of ejuice.

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