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Doc Popular e Juice (30 mL)

The Doc Popular E Juice takes you down memory lane with the sweet and spiced tastes of your favorite soda pop. Just like the famous fizzy drink, Doc Popular packs in nearly two dozen complex flavors that invigorate all your senses. The pleasant aroma makes your nostrils tingle as you inhale the sugary fog of this vape flavor. When you take a draw and hear the sizzle, the feeling you get is just like opening a frosty cold can of soda in the summer. Pop, fizz, sip.

Just one puff of this soda e juice and your tastebuds will fizz with all 23 complex flavors.

  • The Doc is In
    Review by MineDraped on 5/21/2018
    I first tried this flavor many, many years ago and, honestly, I couldn't stand it. Looking back, I have no idea why. Perhaps it was because I was still smoking on occasion or maybe it was a case of temporary insanity.

    On a whim, I ordered this juice again late last year and ended up going through the entire bottle faster than I had any other flavor in recent memory. It just disappeared on me. It's so good, in fact, that it prompted me to place another order with Vapor4Life MUCH sooner than I normally would have or really needed to. I desperately wanted more Doc Popular.

    In short, it lives up to it's (slightly altered, lol) namesake. It's delicious, crisp and refreshing all day long. It has a great throat hit at 18mg and honestly, anything else I said here would just be time spent reading when you could be ordering this stuff. Thank you Vapor4Life for yet another great flavor!
  • amazing
    Review by Ty on 5/6/2018
    this is my ultimate favorite flavor from any source! its delicious and smooth and all 32 Dr. Pe--er flavors are noticeable - its cool if you like a mouth to lung but still pretty awesome if you prefer a throat hit. You won't be disappointed!
  • Great mixing flavor
    Review by Christopher on 3/23/2018
    I have used this flavor for mixing and it is great. My favorite is a 50/50 mix with sour cherry.
  • Yes! A great Dr. Pepper flavor!
    Review by Kimberly on 12/15/2017
    I love this juice! Very good if you are a Dr. Pepper fiend!
  • If you love 'the pepper'....
    Review by Kyle on 8/8/2017
    If you're a fan of Dr. Pepper - this is a great flavor. A little on the sweet side, but that's a plus for me! Nice feel on the throat, doesn't lose flavor between fills. I love beverage flavors and it's great to taste my favorite pop in vapor form!
  • Awesome
    Review by Brian on 2/27/2017
    Love the dr. popular!
  • This is the reason I went to the store
    Review by Kenneth on 11/12/2016
    I like the various Cola flavors around, but I had to try the Dr. popular. I was not disappointed. This and the Beard #71 AKA very good Peach are tied to my favorite all time flavors. This rocks. It is exactly what you hope it will taste like. A must try if you like Dr. Pepp*r
  • Goes down smooth
    Review by Bradley on 8/25/2016
    Was worried this would be to harsh or taste like chemicals. NOPE. Spot on taste of my favorite soda. Would recommend.
  • My favorite flavor
    Review by Laura on 7/29/2016
    This is my go-to flavor. It is the best Dr Pepper flavor I have found. It is great on its own, but I also mix it with other flavors. It works particularly well mixed with fruit flavors. I don't drink soda anymore, and I find Doc Popular to be a great non-soda treat.
  • Best Vap Flavor EVER!!!
    Review by Best Vap Flavor EVER!!! on 3/5/2016
    I just got Mine in to day! I was a long time smoker who loves DR Pepper! I put in my clearamizer let it soak in right of the first Vape I was instantly impressed how much it tasted like Dr Pepper I went grabbed a glass filled it with ice poured in some Dr Pepper took a swig then a poof and was even more amazed. In fact it made it taste better. I Will Buy Again!!!
  • Even better
    Review by Karen on 7/8/2015
    Doc Pepper has been my favorite daily vape for 3 years. This "Wow" version is even better than the premiuim - much more flavor. Not too sweet and the hint of mint is what I think I like best about it - surprising as I never smoked menthol analogs in the 37 years before kicking that nasty, smelly habit. Still amazes me that I haven't smoked a cigarette since the day I got my first ecig over 3 years ago. I've tried 3 times, thinking I just have to be missing out on something, but couldn't get past 2 puffs. I eventually gave away 9 full cartons of Blackhawk cigs I had in my freezer and never looked back.
  • not too sweet
    Review by so good on 6/27/2015
    delicious vape
  • Yummy
    Review by cruel on 4/25/2015
    Great taste! For those who thought it would taste like taking a sip out of a can... seriously are you children? xD
  • Love this one!
    Review by Todd on 4/13/2015
    I was a long time smoker who switched to vapor a few months ago. I usually buy the mint or fruit flavors, but I tried this one on a whim and love it! While I continue to try other flavors, this will be on every order of mine from now on, I highly recommend it.
  • Powerful flavory
    Review by Joe on 4/24/2014
    I tried this vape and its very good but beware, it is a very strong hit and the first breath or two might make you cough a few times. I enjoy it because it forces me to take shorter draws and makes the liquid last longer.

    Also a good description for this might be root beer barrels because it tastes a lot like the candies.

    I would recommend this.
  • Great Taste
    Review by james on 9/14/2013
    Been trying other flavors to find one i like. I gave up soda a long time ago but when i did drink this was one that i did like. I wasn't too sure what to think about this flavor. This flavor taste just like Dr. Pepper candies.
  • Very Good!
    Review by MegQ10 on 8/16/2018
    I searched and searched for a Cola Type Flavor and this one hits the spot. It reminds me more of Rootbeer, but still great!
  • My favorite!
    Review by Kathy on 7/8/2018
    Love this juice. Unique and addicting!
  • dr. pepper
    Review by Emily on 4/2/2018
    Awesome flavor. If you like Dr. Pepper, you will definitely like this e-juice
  • good
    Review by Richard on 11/29/2018
    not really doc pepper taste but it has won me over. A solid choice to choose.
  • Licorice
    Review by DE on 9/5/2015
    To me, it tastes like real licorice. The old kind made with Anise. Good TH, fun every once in a while. It's more of a warm-spicy flavor.

    Overall good, but it doesn't taste like you'd think.
  • Licorice and Tasty Buns
    Review by New Customer on 2/4/2019
    I bought two bottles based on the reviews and was excited to try it. Arrived today, and am guessing the reviewers aren't life-long Dr P*pper drinkers. Hate to write a mediocre review but this smells like licorice, with a licorice and very sweet tasty buns aftertaste. It's definitely missing the hint of cherry and almond. Not much vapor and very mild throat hit. So disappointed. If you like root beer, this might work for you.

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