Dr Dabber Aurora Vaporizer

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The Dr Dabber Vaporizer kit includes:
  • 1 Aurora Vaporizer
  • 3 Atomizers (Aurora Atomizer, Dual Ceramic Heating Rods, Dual Quartz Heating Rods)
  • 1 Silicone Container
  • 1 Magnetic Charger
  • 5 Screens
  • 1 Loading Tool

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    Northbrook, IL 60062

  • The Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer is an easy to use vaporizer for thick contents that produces amazing taste with every puff. The variable temperature settings on the Aurora battery allows the user to heat up materials at low, medium, high heat settings which are indicated by LED lights of different colors. It comes with 3 different atomizers that work well vaping concentrates with varying viscosities.

    The Dual Quartz Heating Rods work best for lower viscosity material, the Dual Ceramic Heating Rods work best for thicker material, while the Ceramic Halo Atomizer is ideal for vaping high viscosity material. It's ceramic mouthpiece that contains these revolutionary heating rods is designed for optimal airflow for vaping. The low temperature vaping really allows the flavor to come out and provides a tasty aura in your mouth but produces smaller clouds of vapor.

    Not to be used with e Juice.
    • Perfect for anything
      Review by Max Vape on 9/8/2016
      Really like the magnetic connections. I use both types of materials, with the connections being magnetic it prevents any gunk building up on the threading, making it harder to connect and disconnect. Also the gunk doesnt get stuck to the inner chamber like ceramic coil heating coils do. Never had issues with any dr. dabber product. Also really like the fact that it reminds me of a cigarillo, thats what I used back when I was using other.


    5.25 in
    0.56 in
    Dry Herb or Wax Herb Vaporization:
    Temperature Range:
    Temperature Setting 1= Low
    Temperature Setting 2= Medium
    Temperature Setting 3= High
    Manufacturer's Warranty:
    1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty provided by Dr.Dabber

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