Dry Tobacco Stig Disposable Vapes (3-Pack)


Not the most appealing name that has ever been crafted, adult smokers who are looking for an easy to use device and a tobacco nic salt would be remiss if they were to over the Dry Tobacco Stig. It has a very authentic tobacco flavor. Stig did a great job with this flavor. Although it is a nic salt, meaning next to no throat kick, it does have a very realistic flavor. Stig Disposables come in packs of three.

Dry Tobacco Stig Vape

Each individual Stig disposable holds 1.2ml of ejuice and the nic strength is 6 percent. If you are an adult smoker looking to make the switch but unwilling to invest in a permanent device, this is a good starting point. If you are looking for a great tobacco with a bit less nicotine, check out the Tobacco Zaero. It is available in four nic strengths: 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent.

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