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Dual Coil Replacement cartomizers are designed to be used with our 808D tanks. There are three versions: 1.5ohms, 2.0ohms and 2.5ohms. These cartomizers are sold individually.

Click here for instructions on "how to fill a tank"

The Dual Coil Replacement cartomizers have potential to provide a stronger throat hit and more vapor production than their single coil brethren. The lower the ohm-rating, the stronger the throat hit will be and more vapor will be produced. The 1.5ohm cartomizer is the standard cartomizer for our 808D tanks.

*Note: At lower ohms, the battery life on your electronic cigarette will decrease. 

  • Lasts
    Review by Alan on 8/3/2018
    These are so simple to use and last along time
  • Great with the 3.5 ml tanks and a Titan battery or a box mod
    Review by videobear on 2/20/2018
    This is my choice of cartomizer to use with my 3.5 ml tanks. I've used the Vapor Zeus or the variable voltage Titan batteries with them, but I'm getting even better and more consistent performance with a Vogue box mod and an 808 adapter.
  • Coil
    Review by Andrew on 2/6/2018
    These produce a lot of smoke.
  • Good quality product
    Review by Kimberly on 1/26/2018
    These are excellent for refilling your 808 threaded tank. Economical and well made.
  • Works great!
    Review by Lucy on 1/11/2018
    I recently bought the wismec rx mini and an 808 to 510 adapter. These dual coil carts in both 1.5 and 2.0 ohms work in my setup, while the single coil 3.0 ohm did not. So excited I figured that out!!
  • All that I need...
    Review by John on 9/17/2017
    When switching from regular batteries/carts for a stronger hit, I found that the 1.5 ohm and dual coil was the strongest. It is true. This is all that I use and repeat order. Lasts between 1.5 and 2 weeks with daily use. Sometimes get a defective but I have yet to ask for replacement, but I know V4L would take care of me.
  • The only one I use
    Review by Cherie on 9/8/2017
    This is the only cartomizer I use. It's reliable and can last a very long time.
  • Worked Great
    Review by Taylor on 8/24/2017
    They worked well, but I found the smilomizer more convenient and less messy.
  • Perfect
    Review by Cher on 6/29/2017
    This cartomizer lasts a long time and enhances the flavor of the juice.
  • A Must Have
    Review by Todd on 11/10/2016
    A must have for V4L tanks. Nothing fancy here, just a basic coil to get you going. PRIME these things though as it will burn easily. Good coil though for the starter tank user from V4L.
  • Just wow
    Review by Dewayne on 7/8/2014
    Makes the flavor of any juice taste 100% better. Easy and last long time. Love it
  • These are great!!
    Review by Tanya on 1/17/2014
    I didn't realize I could purchase these replacements for the 6ml Dual Coil Metal Tanks...so I just kept bying the tanks (which cost ALOT more) - so I bought one, it worked perfectly - and now I'm puchasing these in the 5 packs and saving money! Just remember to "prime" the filler inside so you don't burn them up!
  • A+++++
    Review by Tasha on 12/11/2013
    I've tried many different brands and none of them compare to V4L. My husband and I both smoked almost 20 years and (switched) when we found V4L. We recommend to everyone (I keep cards on me at all times) and have gotten quite a few people to stop smoking and start vaping! GREAT product and service... you can't beat that! I think in the almost 3 years I've been using V4L I've only ever had 1 defective cartomizer, and we always order 4-10 at a time. Some do get dirtier faster than others, but only one didn't work at all when I received it. the dial-a-volt batteries are THE BEST! Thank you for all you do!
  • Even better when modified a bit
    Review by John on 10/7/2013
    Drill out the holes to a slightly larger size, deburr the holes and they fill easier and smoke better
  • Review by Kim
    Review by Prime em, some are bad. on 8/24/2013
    For the most part, these cartridges work fine. All have to be primed, some "burn" well, others are lighter burning and won't last as long. Some vape for a long time, others clog up quickly. For those clogging, straigten a paper clip and gently push it through to clean it out. Some clog, while others flood themselves and I found that the ones that flood are from the same box. I buy by 20 to 25 at a time and get them in boxes most of the time.
  • Prime it!
    Review by Timothy on 8/19/2013
    Just to reiterate what others have said, one has to prime a new cartomizer before first use. Before assembling the tank, squeeze a liberal amount of fluid directly into the cartomizer to completely fill it. Wait a few seconds to soak in, then fill it again. I ruined a few before I read about it here.
  • Great carts
    Review by Boyd on 5/1/2013
    The only time I have had a problem with these carts is when I over fill it and it leaks or when I . under fill it and burn it. I've never had a bad one out of the box. I can also clean them and Reuse them a couple of times.
  • Yes there are bad ones
    Review by Ito on 1/17/2013
    This product is really great, but as opposed to a few that said there aren't any bad ones, there are. One out of the four tanks I bought had a defective cart and I've tried everything from using with my passthrough, my OMG all day, and WOW vapor... nothing and It won't fire up at all. On a positive note, just notify this site about the defect and they will replace it for free and got my replacement in two days. The best costumer service ever, no questions asked. (just ordered another 5 of them).
  • Best co.
    Review by Lisa on 1/14/2013
    Never had a problem with this product . I've been using them for maybe a year , I've been using v4l for about 2 years and is the best company. Little pricey well worth it with carts and batteries .
  • this is excelant
    Review by James on 1/12/2013
    I have been using for a little over three weeks now and they work great . only downside is cart burns out at about day 16. should mention that I vape constantly 6to7 ml's a day. but the vaper and throat hit are fantastic.deffinatly would recomend to anyone looking for all day vape in a 6ml tank.
  • let them soak prior to use
    Review by Sue on 12/30/2012
    These are great, but let the fluid soak up into them before you start vaping or you will burn them .. same as with any other carto when it's run dry ;-)
  • 5 stars
    Review by Brian on 12/30/2012
    5 stars plus 5 stars wow omg vv that's a 10
  • OMG!
    Review by Omen on 12/26/2012
    I'm starting to work my way through these bad boys! 1.5 ohm's are a beast!!!
  • dry FIRED !
    Review by Brian on 12/23/2012
    As a plumber I should have known before I had to throw away 3. Grrrr. So let me explain. .... they're are no bad ones.! Its called DRY FIRED. It happens to an electric water heater. If u turn on the power to ur water heater before its full of water it will burn out the heating elements. Its designed to be fully immersed in water.the same goes for ur new tanks you have to soke the elements in ur e.liquid s .before u put in use. Stay vaping my friends. Hope this helps. Brian v4l October 2012
  • defetive problem
    Review by dan on 12/7/2012
    its true about 5 in 30-35 are so bad u just want, have to through them out. but they are the best smoking carts, with the most smoke.
  • awsomeness
    Review by lavon on 12/6/2012
    i have spent about 600 on this site and it is still the best. and when these replacements start to give out i run a hot pipe cleaner through it and it cleans it out like new
  • Love the 2.0 ohm
    Review by Smash209 on 10/13/2012
    I haven't bought many and haven't had any duds so far, but the tanks I got came with the 1.5 ohm carts which are great fot vapor production, but hard on your battery. I recomend the 2.0 ohm carts (still dual coil) because they still produce far more vapor than a regular sealed cartomizer but my batteries last nearly twice as long between charges! I think it's a great balance of vapor vs batt life.
  • good but get gunked up
    Review by slobat on 10/11/2012
    Lasted quite a while before performance started to suffer. Eventually my batteries seemed to not be lasting very long and the amount of pressure required to take a drag spiked. Washed it out with some very hot tap water, let dry refilled and worked well.
    All in all, a decent price for replacement carts for your tank system.

    Best vapor production out of any cart ive ever tried, superior to the pre-filled ones. Fill up your tank and you are good for hours of near constant puffing.
  • Love these!
    Review by Jared on 10/9/2012
    Great vapor, long lasting.

    Tip: Boil them for 3-4 min and let dry overnight and they are nearly new again.
  • Good
    Review by LA on 10/8/2012
    I have been vaping about 2 years and have tried many carts from many vendors. These are about the best of all, massive vapor production and last a fair amount of time even when washed and re-used. My only complaint is about 5 out of the 31 I ordered were duds an did not work from the start. I will continue to purchase them to go with the tanks because of the convenience of not having to refill standard carts every night. I assume this is a relatively new V4L product and if there are any issues with non-working carts they are sure to resolve them in a very timely manner. These are on the pricey side but affordable with the V4L discounts and the time saved from refilling carts is so worth it.
  • use with a tank
    Review by louis on 10/2/2012
    i think its funny how people commenting are using these as regular cartomizers and complaining about it tasteing burnt. these are replacement carts for inside of your tank. i havent received mine yet but im sure they arent as defected these reviewers think. read theresa's review.
  • Long lasting carts
    Review by Gina on 9/15/2012
    I used one of these carts for 4 days without having to refill it. On the last night, it got me though a whole rock concert, (and it was a tobacco free enviroment, he he :)Pretty easy to refill after you get the hang of it. It is definately a money saver, but have some on hand when your filler gets nasty dirty. Replace the center and it's like brand new. I even washed out several used carts with hot water, let them fully dry, and used them over again with 80% success. Not bad at all! Ordering replacements right now.
  • best carts out there.
    Review by tex on 9/12/2012
    best carts out there but a lot of defective. about 5 in 20 will suck and youll want to throw them out.
  • Like a Brand New Tank
    Review by Theresa on 7/4/2012
    Happiness is a new cart in my tank. I pop one of these in my 6mil or 3.5mil tank and it's like having a new tank for less than $3.00. Now that is awesome! I try to make sure I always have a couple of these on hand. Ahhhh, beautiful vapor!
  • very smooth and gives you so much more smoke than a regular cartomizer
    Review by dede on 6/14/2012
    very smooth and gives you lots more smoke than a regular cartomizer does
  • backslideing
    Review by 1billl on 8/13/2014
    the carts I have been getting lately either don't last as long as they used to or get clogged easily. I plan to use up the supplies I have and find a better system. well for now I suggest you buy the carts by the handful because you will be changing them every few days.
  • Good coil
    Review by TC on 11/1/2017
    Good coil for vapor cigs such as the variable voltage so it won't burn from too much power. However, dual coil will wear down the battery faster than a single.
  • Pretty good
    Review by TC on 3/21/2018
    I prefer a single coil with 2 ohm over the dual coil, since it doesn't burn as much juice. But still a good product.
  • Great core
    Review by Chris on 11/1/2017
    Have used this core in the past and works well but seems to burn out a bit faster than the single core.
  • I prefer the single coil
    Review by John on 8/1/2016
    IMO the performance of both single and dual coil carts is extremely similar. And for that I do like these carts.
    However, I feel like the dual coil drain your battery quicker and burn out quicker than the single coil.
    The produce a good taste and a good amount of vapor but I feel like you will be changing them more often if you purchase the dual coil version.
  • Powerful coils
    Review by Lynn on 8/2/2016
    These seem stronger than the single coil version. They produce large clouds of vapor with an intense throat hit. However, they also seem to burn out much more quickly and drain the battery quicker when compared to the single coil.
    If power and intensity is what you are interested in, then this is the could for you. If you are more into economy (stretching your budget and your battery life) you may want to go with the single coil.
  • hit or miss
    Review by hayley on 7/11/2016
    I have found you need to buy these in a 15 pack as it will seriously take me up to 3 coils to find one that works!! They either are great for 2 minutes then flood or are instantly burned even after filling correctly. I have been using this product for 6+ months now but becoming frustrated with wasting coils and money!
  • Not enough vapor
    Review by Brad on 4/28/2018
    Does not produce as good of a throat hit as the single coil cart. I need to use a higher voltage on my variable voltage battery compared to single coil which drains my battery a whole lot faster.
  • Sometimes good
    Review by Melissa on 4/22/2018
    I like using these. I read that others get 1 - 2 weeks with each coil, but I have never been able to get one to last that long.
  • Build Quality Going Down Hill
    Review by TJ on 8/15/2017
    I've used the 1.5 ohm units for some time now. Up until a few months ago I would have given them a 4 or 5 star rating. The quality control on my last few orders has been terrible. I've had units that didn't function at all on any battery I've tried. The outside diameter on some units was to large to fit in the tanks on multiple units. I've also had multiple units where the inside diameter was too small to fit the tips in. In addition, They don't seem to last as long before they have to be replaced. This applies to all of the units I have purchased. I'd say at least 25% of the units I've purchased in my last 3 orders were totally unusable.

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