Dunwoody Menthol e Juice (30 mL)

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Smokers who prefer a more upscale blend of menthol cigarettes opt for Vapor4Life's Dunwoody Menthol E Juice. This tobacco vape flavor starts with a medium strength tobacco base to give you the sensation of smoking your favorite ciggies. A breeze of cool menthol rushes into your lungs with each perfect puff, accompanying the tobacco taste that brings you the ultimate in satisfaction. Dunwoody Menthol e cig flavor possesses a smooth, refined taste for the sophisticated smoker turned vaper.

For a high-end vape flavor that brings you all the old-fashioned class of smoking in a high-class salon, fill your tank with Dunwoody Menthol.

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  • My daily go to
    Review by James on 8/13/2017
    Good stuff - Highly recommend if you like menthols. Smooth gentle menthol with a touch of tobacco. It has become my daily go to vape.
    Sometimes mix lightly with regular Dunwoody for added sweetness.
  • My favorite juice!
    Review by Lynn on 8/2/2016
    I love this stuff and vape it all day!
    It is a unique tobacco flavor, with a delicious menthol finish.
    This is the flavor that got me to quit smoking. I started vaping this and never looked back!
  • My favorite e-juice flavor hands down!
    Review by John on 7/29/2016
    I have been vaping for just over 5 years and this is the flavor that got me off cigarettes.
    I would describe it as a unique tobacco flavor with a powerful menthol kick.
    I started vaping this when I quit smoking and never looked back. It tastes better than my old cigarettes and is both cheaper and healthier. It's a no-brainier!
    I have been vaping this going on 6 years now and have yet to tire of it!
    Give it a try, this juice rocks!
  • Really like this flavor
    Review by Helen on 6/13/2015
    Very pleasant flavor. You can add vanilla to change it a bit.
  • My favorite flavor
    Review by My favorite flavor on 11/20/2014
    sometimes I'll add a drop or two of cafe mocha for a minty slightly chocolate coffee flavor
  • Great menthol
    Review by Janice on 7/9/2014
    I smoked Misty Menthol Lights and switched to this with such ease.
  • Love this blend
    Review by Helen on 4/7/2014
    sometimes I add vanilla to change up a bit.
  • Great flavor for a menthol fan
    Review by Dona on 11/5/2013
    I have been using this juice since January of this year and it really delivers - I get the flavor and feel of my favorite menthol analog without smoking. Just celebrated my 6 month vaping anniversary and I couldn't be happier. Great product from a great company.
  • Plenty of kick
    Review by Patrick on 9/14/2013
    I used to smoke dunhills many years ago, don't remember what they tasted like. But I was looking for a new menthol so I tried this and the New Menthol wow flavor. Both have a great kick but I liked this one better. If you're looking for a menthol with some kick to it then give this one a try.
  • Good Vape
    Review by Rebecca on 7/21/2013
    When I first tried Dunhall, I wasn't very impressed. I set it aside for a few days, and then ran out of my favorite menthol. To tide myself over, I went back to the Dunhall. I definately changed my mind. It's full bodied, and has what I consider a "sophisticated" menthol taste. Not overly minty, or sweet, but a distinctive, deep taste. Highly reccommend.
  • They're not too bad
    Review by Thajones on 5/10/2015
    My wife uses this religiously, she won't go anything but this or "Menthol" flavor. Not a big throat hit IMO, but you do get the cool flavor going in.

    Is it just me though, that they don't seem to last as long as others? She doesn't use them as much as I do mine, yet she'll run out first...

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