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Dunwoody e Juice (30 mL)

Hints of spice conjure the exotic taste of fine European cigarettes in our Dunwoody Tobacco E Juice. We balance a natural tobacco flavor with understated sweet notes, and just the right amount of spice to give you the feeling of puffing a cigarette on a veranda during a breathtaking sunset in France. The WOW Dunwoody E Juice is a tad spicier for those who like a little bit of zest in their flavor, whereas the Premium Dunwoody e Juice brings you a more pure tobacco taste.

Tobacco lovers can't go wrong with this luxurious vape flavor. It'll have you feeling super fancy.

WOW or Premium

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  • Great taste
    Review by misha on 2/13/2015
    This one is great too one of my favorites, lots of vapor a sweet nutty tobacco taste, vapor production is generous as well.. if you don't care for sweetness and want it milder then go for Hilton.. But this one is a great variety too..
  • The eliquid so nice it's reviewed twice!
    Review by JR on 12/12/2015
    My husband loves this as much as I do. I keep his ego going with one Dunhall and one traditional wow and he is happy as can be. This is a stronger flavor with burning throat hit at 24 and 36 mg. love it!!
  • The best of the best
    Review by JR on 8/31/2014
    Awesome eliquid! Great tobacco taste. The best I've ever tried and I've searched and tried many. My favorite so far of all the flavors. Smooth, lots of vapor and delivered fast. This will be in my order every order as long as its available.
  • Excellent
    Review by Rob and Bob on 3/8/2018
    The Rich, European Tobacco Flavored, WOW blend, Dunwoody Taste has been our family favorite for many years. We prefer the lighter WOW over the darker Premium, but both blends are almost a perfect replica of the original tobacco product. We Love V4L for always providing a consistent taste and blend at a fair price. Thanks V4L for providing great vaping products, and always having the BEST ejuice blends available online for consumers. V4L products are excellent! Rob and Bob
  • Still A Favorite
    Review by Dona on 11/17/2017
    I have been using this juice since I started vaping back in January 2014. I haven't smoked a cigarette since December 6, 2013. I putered around with some other over-the-counter e-cigs before discovering V4L but have been a loyal customer since - the best all around. This flavor is still a favorite!
  • I have tried some
    Review by kevin on 9/16/2016
    I have tried some of the flavors, but continue to go back to DunWoody Tobacco. I have not smoked a cig since April 2, 2014.
  • Sweet and spicy tobacco flavor
    Review by Lynn on 8/2/2016
    This is a very unique tobacco flavor with hints of spice and an underlying sweetness.
    The flavor is exotic and delicious. One of the few straight tobacco flavors that I have tried and love.
    This is a fo price of mine and will be enjoyed by all tobacco lovers!
  • Unique tobacco taste
    Review by John on 7/29/2016
    This juice has a unique tobacco taste. I cannot quite put my finger on which cigarette it tastes like, but to me it tastes upscale.
    It is smooth, sweet, spicy, and distinct with a pleasant aftertaste. I enjoy both the menthol and no menthol version of this juice.
  • My Fav.
    Review by Austin on 2/23/2016
    This is my everyday vape love it!!!
  • Great Vapor
    Review by StaceyM on 10/28/2015
    Excellent flavor, lots of vapor. Lots of vapor.
  • mild
    Review by Molly on 5/24/2015
    Mild and tobacco-ish, not a bad flavor at all.
  • This is a good tobacco vap!
    Review by Riz on 1/10/2015
    Light, mild, good vapor, can prob add a little mix to enhance....
  • delicious
    Review by slicyb on 12/20/2014
    got a V4L kit for xmas with a bunch of the 30 ml and a twisted sampler... Dunwoody quickly became a favorite. I put it up there with the Vapor Sense Nuclear Fireball.
  • Good Stuffs
    Review by Darrel Sautner on 12/27/2013
    NOW, I really love this flavor, have to stock up on this one. It becoming of of my three all time everyday vaping juice. Next to Paliment and 555.
  • Dunhill Nobacco Juice
    Review by Jerry J on 10/17/2015
    It's OK. The flavor kind of reminded me of a non-filter Lucky Strike - at least how I remember them. I won't toss it - but I doubt I will buy it again
  • Strong & Smooth
    Review by NikkiNoodle1127 on 1/13/2017
    I found this to be a stronger version of Hilltop. This too reminded me of other brands/flavors of 555 I've tried and didn't care for. It's a fine tasting juice, it's just not for me.
  • Not bad!
    Review by Michael on 4/17/2018
    Tastes pretty good. Almost like caramel flavor but subtle. Not as close to a real tobacco flavor like Traditional. It is a dark juice but, hopefully it will not be a cart killer.
  • Not bad
    Review by TG on 2/25/2015
    Good vapor, very mild. I got this as a free sample. I'm not much for tobacco flavors, but this one is sort of pleasant. I might get it again...

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