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E-Cigar King Battery

Regular Price: $49.99

Special Price $39.99

  • e Cigar has 5 Volts of power for superior vapor production
  • Passthrough technology allows for vaping while charging
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Pair with an E-Cigar King cartomizer, or V2 Smileomizer for the ultimate e Cigar experience
    • Black
    • Cigar
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Magenta

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    The E-Cigar King battery is the top eCigar on the market today due to it's easy to use, automatic (puff-activated) technology. This allows it to be the only e Cigar to provide a high voltage without the need for a button. When attached to a chewable eCigar cartomizer, it provides the ultimate satisfaction for the cigar smoker. The eCigar King can be used indoors where traditional cigars can not be used and will not leave a lingering smell.

    *Never refill e Cigar King Cartomizers while attached to any e Cigar King Battery.

    • Best Vapor4life battery for tanks
      Review by Theodosios on 12/2/2018
      This was the best battery for the 6ml tanks! It seemed to give the strongest and tightest MTL draw!
    • E-Cigar
      Review by Phyllis on 8/7/2018
      Love these. Just received a new one. Too bad it was dead on arrival. V4L needs better QC. These batteries aren't sealed - you could test them before you send them out. I understand you are discontinuing this item. Too bad. It takes the charge (left it over night to make sure) and you can draw on it until your lungs fall apart but this one doesn't work. Poor quality control. I'm handicapped and can't get to the post office to buy a padded envelope and would appreciate a replacement. I don't know about you but I hate wasting $50 on an item that could/should have been tested before it leaves your facility. Love the product, disappoined in V4L
    • Great Product
      Review by Andrea on 6/4/2018
      Love this product. It really lasts a long time. The XL is even better honestly.
    • Love this product
      Review by Ann on 6/4/2018
      These batteries last a really long time between charges. I have been ordering the large and it lasts for days before needing to be charged again.
    • Great
      Review by crystal on 4/10/2018
      I love how long this battery stays charged
    • Awesome!!
      Review by John on 4/8/2018
      I usually only use these at home. They will last all day. And i constantly vape every 5-10 minutes.
    • Great battery
      Review by Emily on 3/26/2018
      I've been using these for years, i livw them. Only downfall is that I've had the silver top come off and the wires snap on a few occasions when they were in my pocket at work.
    • Fantastic Battery
      Review by Kelsey on 3/6/2018
      These are one of my all time favorite batteries.
    • Great battery
      Review by HK on 2/25/2018
      I bought two large batteries (900 mAh) back in 2015 and kept using them alternatively on a daily basis for more than two and half years before I needed to replace them. It will always provide you with constant voltage until completely discharged
    • Durable and long lasting
      Review by John on 2/20/2018
      Durable and long lasting battery.
      O can charge it in the morning and it lasts all day. Variety of colors also.

      Is great
    • Outstanding!
      Review by richard on 2/19/2018
      I use the cigar color battery. People think it’s a real cigar. Very close to the real thing. Voltage is great, long lasting and easy to fit in my pocket. Great!
    • A Zeus battery with (seemingly) no cut-off!
      Review by Elliot on 2/18/2018
      This battery functions just as well as the standard Zeus auto batteries, but (and this is very important to me) has no discernible cut-off! The last couple Zeus batteries I've ordered have had what seems to be a roughly five-second cut-off, which doesn't allow me to draw continuously for as long as I typically desire. The E-Cigar King Battery, on the other hand, allows me to take massive, long drags -- I love it!
    • Batt
      Review by Andrew on 2/6/2018
      Great battery. Perfect feel cigar color.
    • Great Product
      Review by Ann on 1/11/2018
      This is a great product. I have been getting the XL and it seems to last forever
    • The king of batteries!!
      Review by Chris on 9/29/2017
      I used to only use the Zeus and have now gone with fees which I believe may be the same battery but I have seldom had an issue with them and they are quite long lasting with care and cleaning
    • Great vape for everyone
      Review by Heidi on 9/17/2017
      I have several colors. It's fun to mix and match the smileomizer tip with a different color battery. The battery stays charged and charges quickly.
    • ECK batteries are great
      Review by Taylor on 8/24/2017
      I got one instead of a Zues because it had a sale. The battery lasted over a year with regular use. Great battery.
    • Product is Excellent
      Review by Ann on 8/24/2017
      This is a great product. I would recommend to anyone.
    • Perfect!
      Review by Pamela on 7/9/2017
      This product has the feel of a smaller cigar which is great for ladies who enjoy cigars.
    • E-Cigar King Battery
      Review by Mike on 6/25/2017
      almost as nice as the zeus but not as durable
    • Great Product
      Review by Andrea on 1/13/2017
      This is a great product especially when they do the BOGO deals.
    • Best e-Cigar
      Review by Pamela on 1/12/2017
      Great product best e-cigar on the market
    • Keep it dry
      Review by James on 9/25/2016
      The large ECK battery is the same as the medium Vapor Zeus but cheaper. Long-lasting, consistent voltage right up to the point where you need to recharge. I haven't had one die on me but I have screwed up the pressure switch inside a battery - permanently - by overfilling the Smileomizer and allowing e-juice to leak into the battery. Let the Smilomizer or e-Cigar cartomizer (again, same thing - different name) stand on end for a few minutes after refilling it to make sure no juice comes out the bottom. If it does, blow through the Smiloemizer into a tissue or paper towel to clear the excess liquid before attaching it to the battery. Keep the contact ends of the battery and Smileomizer clean.
    • Best battery ever!!
      Review by Chris on 9/5/2016
      These batteries are so good I just bought 2 more for back-ups using a great promo that was offered for Labor Day... Thank you V4L
    • ecigarking
      Review by Mike on 8/29/2016
      Not quite as good as the zeus but very close. Received this battery instead of my 2nd Zeus because of stock issues which i wasn't thrilled about.
    • Long lasting
      Review by LndSvyr on 8/19/2016
      Has held up well. Price way too high without some kind of deal though.
    • Great battery same as Zeus
      Review by Chris on 8/14/2016
      I ordered one of these batteries when my regular Zeus battery was out of stock. I think this battery and the rooms are the same thing and last just as long, both are great long-lasting battery
    • converted
      Review by Sue on 8/9/2016
      I was sent these instead of my original order due to stock issues, I love them! I am converted :-D
    • Looks And Works Fabtastic
      Review by Dan on 8/1/2016
      Besides the excellent reliability and long lasting charge, I get many complements on the way this battery looks even from non smokers.
    • These batteries rule!
      Review by John on 8/1/2016
      This is a long lasting and automatic battery that allows vapers to vape hands free, for that true cigar feel.
      When used in conjunction with a smilomizer or a prefilled ECK cart, the device can be held in the mouth by biting down on the silicon tip for a true cigar feel. There is really nothing else out there like it!
      The battery is powerful and provides clouds of vapor, giving users a nice throat hit and chest feel.
      It is long lasting too, you can vape darn near all day on one of these bad boys.
    • Love these!
      Review by Kerry on 7/29/2016
      I know they have newer "box" type batteries, but I like these a lot. They last a long time with minimal care, stay charged a long time, and I love the fact you can charge and go or use them as a pass-thru while charging. They are on clearance a lot, so I will be sad if they stop making this type of battery!
    • Almost as good as zues
      Review by matthew on 7/29/2016
      Not quite as good as the zeus however the automatic battery makes it simple and easy to use.
    • Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious
      Review by Libra1351 on 8/8/2015
      It's all that and more when paired with the e-cig smileimizor (? sp)!!! Also make sure to have plenty of juice on hand because it takes almost the whole bottle to fill, etc.
    • Its the same as the auto zeus!!
      Review by InvasionOfTheDealSnatcher on 12/11/2014
      I bought this because it was on sale and wanted a back-up for my zeus. Its exactly like my zeus but just seems to have a different logo on it. Get this if its cheaper than the zeus, who cares what it says on it???
    • More power
      Review by TanaLV on 7/7/2013
      Amazing that size=power when it comes to e cig batteries. More power than a pass thru!
    • Perfect gift!!
      Review by Chefy on 8/20/2018
      My wife who has used V4L for quite a while just gave me one of these batteries as a gift. Fits perfect with the smileomizer I was able to use it regularly all day without a charge... Love love love!!
    • Good for cigar people
      Review by TC on 11/1/2017
      I used this product for a little while since I enjoy a cigar. It's a pretty good substitute, but my preference is with the regular vapor king.
      Review by D on 8/23/2018
      Always want to go with the XL size larger is better for vaping :D
    • great battery
      Review by Gina on 7/1/2018
      I like this battery to go with the smileomizer. It is also less complicated the all the other mods out there and gets the job done. Recommend!
    • Batt
      Review by Andrew on 1/20/2019
      I like it better then zues
    • Five star product
      Review by Brent on 7/8/2018
      Bought several e-cigar king batteries, very good product, get a healthy time of use for every charge, takes a bit long to charge but worth the effort.
    • Amazing!!
      Review by Chris on 10/29/2018
      I have 2 of these in the large size and I am blown away by the fact they still hold a charge all day after having them a year!! Amazing batteries, and as a ecig user a good battery is like a Zippo to an analog user! Highly recommend!!
    • Preferred auto battery
      Review by Leshra on 4/1/2018
      This is my preferred auto battery. Seems to have a better continuous draw. Wheres I've found the auto Zeus cuts out a lot more.
      I've got an XLarge and a large battery, both hold a great charge. The XL will last a good couple of days before recharging.
    • E-Cigar King Battery
      Review by Mike on 6/28/2017
      nice poweful battery only gripe is had in back pocket and sat on couch. Broke in half from battery and smileomizer showing wires. the zeus is much tougher and durable
    • They've changed
      Review by Kerry on 8/7/2017
      I've used these batts for years but lately they seem like they "wear out" very fast...I've gotten to where I mark the bottom with nail polish so I can tell how long they're lasting. (I usually have 4 or so that I rotate during the day in different rooms or the car) They aren't cheap so I expect them to last fairly long but some lately quit working after a month or so. I'm going to switch to a different kind and see if I like them better...I'll stay with V4L as I love all their juices and fast delivery...
    • Battery isn't as well built as last 1
      Review by Christi on 8/20/2016
      I ordered a blue x large battery it still works great I got the pink one this time it turns on all the time by itself I have to shake it to shut it off
    • E-Cigar
      Review by Phyllis on 8/7/2018
      I love these. They last forever unless you get a dead one like I just did. I understand this item is being discontinued. Sad. V4L needs better QC - test these before you send them out - they aren't sealed. I just received one in my mail yesterday and it charges, the little green light goes on and nothing. It's a great product but you need to check your inventory before you send it out. Very disappointed in V4L.
    • Bad
      Review by Lalo on 10/6/2017
      I ordered 3days ago.
      I got it today.I fully charged the battery.
      The battery is NOT working.
      The customet sevice is NOT answering.


    Black, Cigar
    Large 900mAh (Height: 4.5 in, Width: 0.56 in)
    XL 1300mAh (Height: 4.38 in, Width: 0.63 in)
    Estimated Use and Charge Time:
    The Large Battery has 9-12 hours of use and takes 3 hours to charge
    The XL e Cigar battery has 15-20 hours of use and takes 4 hours to charge.
    Regulated to 5V using single coil cartomizers 2.0ohms and above; and 4.4V using dual coil cartomizers
    E-Cigar King Cartomizers, Smileomizers
    E-Cigar King Charging Cable, Vapor Zeus USB Charger plugs into a USB port or USB adapter and can be used as a passthrough or to charge the battery.
    Screw on your E-Cigar King Cartomizer and puff away. When refilling, please allow 5 minutes for any e-Liquid to dry before re-attaching the cartomizer or Smileomizer to the battery. Damages caused by e-liquid misuse will not be covered by the warranty.


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