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E-Cigar King Prefilled Cartomizer

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Now cigar aficionados can enjoy the smoking sensation of a fine cigar anywhere, anytime without any hassle. The e Cigar King is the perfect complement to any line of conventional cigars.

All three of the E-Cigar King cartomizers are designed to give a distinct cigar flavor in every puff. The Cubana Blend tastes like a full-bodied cigar, the Ligero flavor has the taste of a spicier cigar, while the Maduro has a more mild flavor. These e Cigar flavors are quite strong, so make sure to puff them like you would a typical cigar, not like an e Cigarette. The Large E Cigar King carts are the same size as Small Smileoimzers and fit flush on Small and Medium Zeus batteries while the XL E Cigar King carts are the same size as Large Smileomizers and fit flush on XL Vapor Zeus batteries.

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The e Cigar King Prefilled Cartomizer is a 808-threaded vertical coil carto with 2.5ohm resistance. It has a soft-touch tip similar to a real cigar. The e Cigar King Cartomizer is made of stainless steel and has a surgical-grade silicone tip. It comes pre-filled with one of three cigar-flavored e-liquids. The carto is available in 2 sizes - Large (holds 3.5ml e-liquid, and meant for large batteries) and XL (holds 6ml e-liquid, meant for XL batteries). It can be refilled with more e-liquid over 12 times. To refill, unscrew the rubber cap, and carefully add 30 drops of e-liquid into the white filler material. Avoid dripping e-liquid into the center tube. Place cartomizer on flat surface for 5 minutes and allow e-liquid to settle. Continue adding e-liquid (in 30 drop intervals) until fully saturated (about 90-120 drops). Make sure the cartomizer always has plenty of e-liquid. When there is not enough e-liquid inside, the cartomizer will burn, taste bad, and not produce vapor. To clean the cartomizer, unscrew the rubber cap and soak in hot water. Use an ethyl alcohol-soaked cotton swab to clean the metal threading where the cartomizer connects to the battery. Allow the cartomizer to completely dry before re-attaching the battery.

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  • This is Like a Real Cigar
    Review by Matthew on 3/26/2018
    Wow! I can't believe how genuine these carts are. Completely enjoyable. A cigar in every way except the flame. Taste like a real cigar, thick and heavy smoke. Do not inhale, incredible and smooth with all the fixings of smoking a Cuban.
  • One word: Authentic!
    Review by Elliot on 2/18/2018
    I've received a couple of these prefilled cartomizers with my E-Cigar King Kit purchases, and, while I prefer fruit, dessert, and peppermint e-liquids, I truly appreciated how unbelievably faithfully these prefilled carts mimicked the experience of smoking a cigar! The flavor, the spiciness, the unholy throat hit (familiar to those who've ever tried inhaling an 'analog' cigar) -- all of it was just spot-on. Kudos, V4L!
  • Best Battery out there
    Review by Chris S on 8/13/2017
    I have said it before and I'll say it again, in my opinion these are the best batteries out there. I use the XL battery and it last me a good portion of the day and sell them if it all I have I had an issue. Keep in mind to just keep these clean as per the Instructions
  • Surprisingly nice
    Review by Chris on 8/13/2017
    I had gotten several of these as part of a E cigar kit. I usually vape with menthol occasionally do not mind a good cigar with a dirty martini. I gave the sample cart a try and honestly quite enjoyed it and will be buying again!!
  • Great Product
    Review by Pamela on 1/12/2017
    Love convenience of pre filled cartridges
  • A must for all cigar aficionados!
    Review by Kathy on 12/8/2016
    I received this as a free gift sample to try and loved it. I find just a bit too strong to vape at 4.8 volts so I dial it down to 3.2 volts to enjoy the wonderful Cubano blend.
  • Great taste no odor
    Review by Melisa on 10/2/2016
    Great product I got these as a free gift when I ordered some other products and I really like them they are the closest thing to a real cigar without the nasty smell but with the nice Taste and full taste
  • Amazing
    Review by Tammy on 9/26/2016
    Got this as a sample and it's a true Cuban Cigar flavor. Family all tried it and everyone loves it. Amazed how much it taste like a real Cuban. Thank you so much
  • Authentic Cigar Experience!
    Review by Elliot on 8/21/2016
    I received one of these prefilled Cartomizers as a sample in one of my orders, and, while I'm more of a fruit/dessert/mint flavor vaper, I was astonished at how authentic the flavor and throat hit of the E-Cigar King Carto was! If you're a cigar smoker, switch to these!
  • The Real Thing
    Review by Dan on 8/2/2016
    I wasn't much of an analog cigar smoker but I have tried some made in Key West by a real Cuban. I won some of these in a V4L contest and the flavor was exactly the same.
  • Must have for e-cigar vapers!
    Review by John on 8/1/2016
    This is the only way to vape e-cigar liquid. I love that these come pre-filled with one of three e-cigar flavors, allowing you to vape as soon as you open them!
    The silicone tip allows you to bite down on the end and vape hands free, in conjunction with an auto battery, just like a real cigar!
    If you want to feel like you are vaping a real cigar without the smell and the tar, this is a must have. The Maduro is my favorite flavor, but try all three and decide for yourself!
  • Lovin the Cigar flavor
    Review by Cigar Vaper on 4/17/2014
    Love the cigar flavors that these guys have come up with. It is by far the closest thing to a real cigar that I have ever tried!!!! My personal favorite is the Cubana
  • Works Done For You
    Review by StogieOnDaBeach on 4/21/2013
    Even though I have heard from other users that use the pre-filled product that it is suppose to be made kind of like a disposable cart if you will, I re fill these bad boys and keep a spare in my glove box of my car just in case I run out of liquid or if my cart goes bad on me.
  • Flavor is too intense for me
    Review by Lynn on 8/2/2016
    I have received several samples of these and the carts work great and provide a large amount of vapor and a strong through the hit.
    These are too intense for me, I cannot vape them all the time.
    They do taste like a cigar though. My favorite of the three I tried was the Maduro flavor. Heavy tobacco flavor with hints of sweetness and spice.
    If you like cigars and intense vapor production, you will like these prefilled carts.
  • Not my favorite
    Review by Mike on 7/29/2016
    But then again, I was never a cigar smoker.

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