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e-Cigar Starter Kit


Cigar smokers are known for having impeccable taste, so it makes sense that they’d be choosy about buying an e-cigar kit. Vapor4Life’s E-Cigar Kit hits the mark for cigar aficionados who want the unmistakable taste of a cigar without the lingering smell. For years, cigar smokers have used our E-Cigars as an alternative to cigar smoking when they can’t light up.

Each E-Cigar kit comes with everything you need to get started vaping. You’ll get a powerful e-cigar battery and a Smileomizer for filling with delicious cigar-flavored e-juice. Cigar smokers can choose from the classic Cuban Cigar blend or the robust French Pipe tobacco to complete their e-cigar experience.

Try our top-rated E-Cigar Kit for yourself or buy it for a cigar smoking buddy today!

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  • Great product
    Review by D on 6/3/2018
    Best product ever. Everyone thinks I'm smoking a cigar. So funny
  • Pretty good
    Review by TC on 3/21/2018
    I have this a try but didn't stick with it, but I'm not a big cigar smoker.
  • Great product
    Review by Kelsey on 2/28/2018
    I love these batteries.
  • Great battery, true cigar experience...
    Review by Elliot on 2/18/2018
    The battery that comes in this kit is a true champ -- certainly my favorite of the Zeus-style batteries that I've tried. That, combined with the prefilled carto that comes included (I've tried the 'Maduro' flavor), provides an incredibly genuine replication of the cigar smoking experience.
  • Great
    Review by Steven on 8/3/2018
    Used to smoke a lot of cigars and this is perfect to switch. Great flavor and great pull
  • Awesome product!
    Review by CYNTHIA on 7/19/2018
    I have many kits including this one. I prefer the dual mode regular Zeus kit as the cigar feels thicker than a regular cigarette.
  • solid product, reasonable price
    Review by Brent on 7/8/2018
    Starter kit is a must, get a full set of everything needed to enjoy the product. Once I had the starter kit, I bought individual empty smileomizers because I like a stronger liquid to fill them with.

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