Introducing the only Electronic Cigar made for true cigar aficionados

Designed for cigar lovers by a true cigar aficonado, the e-Cigar King gives cigar smokers the same pleasure, ritual, and rich aftertaste of a high-end cigar. Imagine drawing from an e cigar infused with vape juice that tastes like a true cigar, whether you prefer a Cuban e-Cigar, or French Pipe flavor. Lie back in your easy chair and puff on the E-Cigar King to feel a robust throat hit from a thick cloud of smoke that coats your mouth and leaves the lingering taste of an expensive cigar. Enjoy the leisure of smoking a fine cigar anytime, without the smell, smoke, or ash, and without the cost and limitations that come with real cigars. Popular e-cigar review site Vaping360 even declares "The taste of the e-cigar e-juice made by Vapor4Life is so spot-on, it defies reason."


e Cigar Kit

e-Cigar Starter Kit


Cigar smokers are known for having impeccable taste, so it makes sense that they’d be choosy about buying an e-cigar kit. Vapor4Life’s E-Cigar Kit hits the mark for cigar aficionados who want the unmistakable taste of a cigar without the lingering smell. For years, cigar smokers have used our E-Cigars as an alternative to cigar smoking when they can’t light up.

Each E-Cigar kit comes with everything you need to get started vaping. You’ll get a powerful e-cigar battery and a Smileomizer for filling with delicious cigar-flavored e-juice. Cigar smokers can choose from the classic Cuban Cigar blend or the robust French Pipe tobacco to complete their e-cigar experience.

Try our top-rated E-Cigar Kit for yourself or buy it for a cigar smoking buddy today!

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The E-Cigar King designed and created by Vapor4Life looks, feels, and tastes similarly to a traditional tobacco cigar. This e-Cigar produces a cigar flavor that lingers on the tip of your tongue after puffing on it, just like the real thing. This fantastic creation by Vapor4Life allows cigar smokers to get the cigar experience in places that they typically would not be able to. The E-Cigar King is made of a high-powered 5 volt battery, and a cartomizer filled with one of three cigar flavors - Maduro, Ligero, and Cubana Blend. The Maduro cigar flavor is a milder blend, Ligero is a bit more peppery, and the Cubana Blend is has a full-bodied flavor. The prefilled cartomizers allow cigar smokers to enjoy the best e-cigar vaping experience without the hassle of filling tanks. The fully automatic e-cigar battery allows cigar smokers a great e-cigar experience without the need of pressing down a button. Simply puff on your e-Cigar King like you would a traditional cigar and enjoy.