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In just a couple years, Beard Vape Co. went from being a small two brothers and a friend crafting artisanal high-VG e juice in the back of a Venice vape shop, to becoming one of the most recognizable e juice brands in the industry. How did Beard Vape Co. grow so fast? The mystery behind the bearded silhouette on each bottle lies in an assortment of standout flavor profiles designated by numbers. Beard Vape Co. still uses many of the original numbers that helped customers distinguish flavors back in 2014, but now the e juice company’s customer base has expanded throughout the United States, and to six of the seven continents throughout the world. There aren’t many vapers in Antarctica, you know. With the wild popularity of Beard Vape Co.’s amazing vape flavors, we knew we had to keep them in stock for our loyal family of vapers. Now you can take your pick from a variety of blends by Beard Vape Co. and create a trail of fragrant fog that will make everyone jealous of your Beard.

Beard Vape Colors e-Juice

Try out some of the most refreshing e-Juice flavors by award-winning e-Liquid manufacturer, Beard Vape Co today. Their new Beard Vape Colors line features new vape juice flavors like Melon-Custard and Mango-Lychee that are smooth all day vapes that are perfect for the summer time.

17 Item(s)

17 Item(s)

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When brothers Casey and Brady Bates began mixing their own e juice with their friend, Colbey Pfund, they were committed to creating complex flavor profiles that you couldn’t find anywhere else. Fast forward a few years, and the crew is still making high-VG e liquid with the same attention to detail as when they got their start. If you’ve heard of Beard Vape Co., you must have heard of their top selling flavors like #24 salted caramel malt and #71 sweet and sour peach rings.