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Sometimes, e-liquid flavors are too potent and delicious to stay trapped in a bottle. Sometimes they’re practically bursting with yumminess each time you take a vape. That’s certainly the case for Burst E-Juice. Inspired by some of the world’s favorite chewy candy flavors, Burst E-Liquid infuses each flavor with the unadulterated tastes of pure fruit heightened by a considerable dose of sugary sweetness. Each of their flavors is hand-picked and crafted to bring to life the feeling of biting into a morsel of fruit-flavored taffy. Based in stylish Santa Ana, California, the e-juice artisans at Burst are experts at creating captivating flavors with a high-VG ratio that especially appeals to mod users and sub-ohm vapers. It’s mild enough to use with a higher resistance too, while still maintaining that strikingly intense taste.

With flavors like Sher-Berst, Straw-Burst, and Citrus Berry, you’ll be in vaping heaven for a while when you try Burst E-Liquid.

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10 Item(s)

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Burst Vape Juice flavors combine a chewy candy taste with real fruit flavors to provide sweet, fruity eJuice flavors. Burst e Juice flavors are all made up with a 70/30 VG/PG mix and provide a smooth hit for vapers that use sub-ohm vape tanks. We now have Burst Duo E-Juice that takes two amazing stand alone vape flavors and makes them into one awesome ejuice combination. If you love the Burst line then be sure to try one of there new duo combos today!