Candy King e Juice

Candy King E-Liquid specializes in delivering you a yummy sugar overload in the form of super sweet vapor. Based in sun-soaked Southern California, Candy King E-Juice’s headquarters is filled with so many intoxicatingly sweet scents that it puts even the most storied candy factories to shame. Their e-juice artisans craft candy e-liquid that magically embodies the essence of all your favorite sugary treats. From the sour gummy snap of Worms E-Juice and Batch E-Liquid to the unmistakably unique berry flavor of Swedish E-Juice, the vape flavors from Candy King E-Liquid are positively irresistible.

Each of Candy King vape juice’s flavors are made with cloud-conjuring high-VG ratio of 70% VG and 30% VG. This makes Candy King a favorite brand for vapers who prefer dripping and vapers who prefer stirring up serious clouds. All that without a single speck of actual sugar!

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6 Item(s)

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