Cereal e-Juice Flavors

Why are cereal e-liquids so popular? Because they are magically delicious! Just like the breakfast cereals that we never outgrow, cereal vape juices deliver a wide range of flavors and a warm glow of nostalgia. The key to a gr-r-reat cereal vape juice is that it is anchored with a creamy milk flavor. This is why vaping a great cereal ejuice is part of a complete, balanced breakfast…vape. Unlike the sugar coated cereals of decades past, these retro cereal ejuice flavors are meant for adult vapers and smokers. If you are a minor, or not currently a vaper or smoker, we do not want your business and recommend sticking with the Cocoa Puffs.

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

Cereal Vape Juice

There’s that unmistakable feeling when you dump a box of your favorite cereal into a big bowl and then drench it with cool, whole milk. The coolness, crunchiness and spectrum of flavors is simply satisfying. It is a nostalgic, guilty pleasure. Vaping a great cereal e-Juice evokes these feelings and brings back memories of breakfast cereal heroes from the past.

We’ve got the milky fruit crunch of Bird Brains from Cuttwood E-Juice, no toucans were harmed in the making of this wonderful, sweet ejuice. Kellogg’s could learn a few pointers from the award winning Transistor Galactic Milk. The legendary 60 Cereal Pop from Mad Hatter does not need a Flintstones tie-in. Every vaper has had one of those days when a great cereal ejuice is just what you need to bring out the tiger in you.

Cartoon characters are expressly forbidden on cereal e-juices, but the range of cereal vape juice flavors are just as wide ranging and whimsical as the best cereals the 1980s had to offer. Now it is time to take a stroll down memory lane to a bygone era and enjoy Vapor4Life’s sweet selection of cereal ejuice.

Are you still haunted by visions of a confrontational but weak-willed leprechaun, who ranted incessantly about multicolored colored marshmallows. He claimed he was lucky, but he might as well have had “Born to Lose” tattooed on his ruddy forehead. Every week we cheered when the pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers and blue diamonds were snatched from his puny hands. Oh how he cried after being outwitted and overpowered.

I didn’t much care for the leprechaun, but I always rooted for the tricky white rabbit. This lovable scamp was a pathological liar, but his lanky frame and kind face made him a sympathetic character. But no disguise could hide the identity of a 5 foot 7 rodent. This poor rabbit was mocked mercilessly for requesting a bowl of cereal from his well-fed companions. He repeatedly suffered the indignity of having his breakfast stolen by this same circle of “friends”. Maladjusted children stealing cereal from undeserving adults, animals, oddities and outcasts was a recurring theme in many of these commercials.

For obvious reasons, no one attempted to strong-arm a roided-up, bandana wearing tiger into giving up his frosted flakes. Tony may have been jacked to the gills, ‘on the gas’ in 1980s steroid parlance, but he was a quite well-mannered for an apex predator. I was always surprised that he politely ate his cereal with a spoon. He was easily large enough to lap up the entire bowl with one lick of his gigantic cat tongue.

We all yearned to plunge into a trackless wilderness, led by a charismatic toucan with an acute sense of smell and a collection of high-quality cereal box toys. Tales of this kind hearted bird’s wisdom and courage still echo through the canyons of time. Less commendable were the craven children who lurked in the shadows of their flimsy Honeycomb Hideout. Never before has there been such a pointless social club. They spent most of their day in abject terror, cowering in fear from the unseen attacks of imaginary foes. The rest of the time they discussed the merits of their favorite cereal. Bizarre.

Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch cut a most disreputable figure. Corpulent and overbearing, he commanded a small coastal sloop, the S.S. Guppy. He unrepentantly and incompetently endangered the safety of his skeleton crew, which consisted entirely of children and talking dogs, while prowling the azure seas for grains and corn syrup. There is no record of this fraud serving in any navy.

Before my time came Fruit Brute, a jaunty wolf in multi-colored suspenders. His primary rival was the pug-nosed and surprisingly articulate Frankenberry, whose steam punk stylings were decades ahead of their time. For reasons unclear, the charismatic wolf was eventually phased out. Yet a jaundiced, chocaholic vampire with a pompadour haircut and his simpering sidekick Boo Berry, a ghostly apparition in bowler hat and bow tie, continued to hawk their wares on television for another decade.