Coffee E-Juice Flavors

At Vapor4Life, we know better than to get between a person and their early morning coffee...or their early morning e-cig. We created a line of coffee e-juice flavors that combine your go-to java blends with the vapor and flavor you love. This also hits the spot for many smokers who have switched to vaping, but still miss the cigarette they had with the first cup of coffee each day. Whether you take your coffee black or prefer to slowly sip on a demitasse of Italian espresso, we have a coffee vape flavor that will hit the spot for you. What are you waiting for? Wake up and smell the (coffee) e-juice! Use promo code: EJUICE15 for 15% Off All e-juice bottles.

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12 Item(s)

12 Item(s)

Coffee E Liquid.

Forget about going through a long drive-through line, or booking a vacation on the French Riviera to get a taste of the freshly brewed coffee beans you crave. When it comes to coffee e-juice, we are seasoned baristas, ready to serve you up a fragrant serving of e-liquid. No, that isn't steam from our espresso machine. It's the aromatic vapor that envelops you as you puff on these invigorating coffee vape juices. We've sweetened the deal with hazelnut, mocha, caramel and vanilla in many of these blends to add an extra dollop of indulgence. Choose from several nicotine flavors to find the vape that's perfect for you. Vapers can also find VG-only coffee e-liquid on our site that's tailored for customers who have allergies or any type of sensitivity to propylene glycol. Ultimo Vapor E-Juice also tempts vape mod users with its high-VG Barista's Blend.