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Cuttwood e-Liquids is highly regarded by vapers and within the vaping industry as a manufacturer of premium vape juices. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, their strong lineup of precision crafted ejuice flavors covers the gamut of e-liquid flavors. Cuttwood E-Liquid has perfected the art of the high VG blend. Unicorn Milk, Bird Brains, Sugar Drizzle, Mr. Fritter, Tobacco Trail and Boss Reserve are vape juice heavyweights and perfect for cloud chasers who demand complex flavors that can be vaped all day. Sold in 30ml bottles, you will love the Cuttwood vaping experience.

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16 Item(s)

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The Cuttwood vape juice lineup is stacked. Tobacco Trail delivers blast of billowing vapor with a realistic Virginia tobacco kick, and tops it off with a hint of tasty of honey.

If tobacco isn’t your thing and you want to stay in stuck in a fruit loop, you too can enjoy one of Cuttwood’s best ejuices: the curiously named Bird Brains. It delivers the tart and creamy experience of fruit breakfast cereal, with a spoonful of orange, lemon lime, strawberry and grape in every massive cloud.

Unicorn Milk is a perennial best seller that combines sweet succulent strawberry with layers of satisfying cream flavor. Sugar Drizzle combines swirls of sweet sugar and cream with a punchy cinnamon kick. Is it more like a bowl of cinnamon toast cereal or a bakery cinnamon roll with a glass of milk? No such questions surround Mr. Fritter. The flavor is in the name: unmistakable apple fritter.

Cuttwood recreated the flavor of a classic golden graham cracker cereal, and then added in bananas and nuts to create Boss Reserve. It is a bold and comforting flavor, ideal for huge vape clouds and a smooth throat hit.