Dessert E-Juice Flavors

Disclaimer: We recommend keeping a napkin on hand in case you drool over these dessert e-juice descriptions. At Vapor4Life, we know how hard it can be to turn down a freshly baked piece of apple cobbler or a huge scoop of bananas we turned these tempting treats into delicious dessert e-liquids that you can vape all day long without feeling an ounce of guilt (or putting on an ounce of weight)! Creamy chocolates, syrup-soaked stacks of waffles, and cinnamon rolls are here for the taking in dessert vape flavors that capture the sinful sweetness of digging into a truly tempting treat without any of those sneaky calories. Treat yourself to a taste of Vapor4Life's dessert e-liquid morsels and you'll understand why even cupcakes are jealous. Use promo code: EJUICE15 for 15% off all e-juice bottles

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Cinnablaze e Juice

Cinnablaze e Juice (30 mL)

Who doesn't love those fiery hot cinnamon flavored candies? How about a shot of hot, hot, hot cinnamon whiskey? You know what we're talking about. It doesn't get much closer to that than our amazing Cinnablaze e liquid. This blazing cinnamon e juice has been a popular flavor among the vaping year after year, and we have only continued to perfect it! The V4L Cinnablaze e liquid tingles your tastebuds with a spicy cinnamon flavor that will surely knock your socks off and have you eager to watch for the mailman until you get your next batch of vape mail! Learn More
Bali Paradise e Juice

Bali Paradise e Juice (30mL)

Regular Price: $19.99

Special Price $17.99

Get a taste of the tropics without leaving the comfort of your own home with our Bali Paradise Ultimo Vapor E Juice. An exotic blend of succulent mango and pineapple e liquids topped with a dollop of rich cream, this high-VG tropical e juice will make you want to lie back and watch your own clouds roll by. Escape to a faraway island; you don’t even need to book a flight. “On Hawaii’s Big Island, black sands sparkle in the sun against the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean at the edge of Punaluu Beach. Palm trees sway in warm breezes and dolphins jump in the waters by day. At dusk, the sunset casts orange and pink colors against an endless horizon.” Learn More
No. 24 by Beard Vape Co | Salted Caramel Malt

Beard Vape Co #24 E-Juice

Back in the day, you could walk into a drugstore and pay just 10 cents to get a frosty malt drizzled in caramel. That may have been several decades ago, but you can still get that one-of-a-kind old-fashioned experience by vaping No. 24 from Beard Vape Co. As one of the newest flavors from Beard Vape Co., No. 24 mesmerizes vapers with its creamy scoopfuls of vanilla ice cream entwined with golden swirls of rich caramel. Sprinkle it all with a half a pinch of salt and you’re in salted caramel milkshake heaven. As a high-VG (70 VG/30 VG) e juice, No. 24 promises puffy plumes of vapor when vaped in a mod. Order up a No. 24 today to experience pure bliss; you definitely deserve it. Learn More
Corn Flake Tart e-Juice

Corn Flake Tart e-Juice by Dinner Lady e-Liquids


If you’ve had a cornflake tart, you know that there are few things in the world that can capture its gooey, sweet center and its satisfying crunch. What makes Dinner Lady’s Cornflake even more of a miraculous creation is that it tastes spot on. If you’ve never had a cornflake tart, then this e-juice will deliver that same unmistakable deliciousness...minus the crumbs! Each vape is packed with the taste of buttery pastry, homemade fruit jam, and a generous topping of crunchy, baked cornflakes. Since Cornflake Tart is made with 70% VG and 30% PG, it balances fog and flavor effortlessly to create a one-of-a-kind dessert vape you won’t be able to get enough of.

Grab a slice —um...bottle— of Cornflake Tart E-Juice today!

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Blueberry Cobbler e Juice

Blueberry Cobbler e Juice (30 mL)

This tantalizing Blueberry Cobbler E Juice mixes the tart and sweet taste of ripe blueberries with a generous sprinkling of sugar and tops it all off with the warm, buttery taste of homemade cobbler crumbles. You'll feel all the pleasant comforts of filling up on a home-baked dessert when you vape this e liquid. Blueberry Cobbler is also available in our handy prefilled carts if you've just switched to e cigarettes and are using our Vapor Titan E Cig. When you get a taste of this Blueberry Cobbler Vape Juice, you'll swear we got our hands on grandma's recipe. Spoiler alert: We did. Learn More
Peanut Butter Cup e Juice

Peanut Butter Cup e Juice (30 mL)

Salty and sugary peanut butter is nestled in a creamy cup of milk chocolate in this richly flavorful Peanut Butter Cup E Juice. The feeling you get from vaping our tasty take on your favorite sweet treat recalls the eager feeling you get just before you take a bit of a freshly unwrapped piece of peanut butter and chocolate candy. There's no reason to feel guilty when you indulge in Vapor4Life's Peanut Butter Cup E Liquid. Volumes of vapor, and waves of creamy chocolate and peanut butter flavored flavors make this an essential flavor to have in your vape rotation. Learn More
Waffle E Juice

Waffle E Juice (30 mL)

Imagine melted butter and warm syrup soaking into a stack of homemade Belgian waffles...soaking into every single pocket. You don't need to daydream to indulge in as many waffles as you want with our heavenly Waffle E Juice. Every cloud of vapor takes you to your favorite breakfast spot and leaves a tempting aftertaste that will leave you demanding a second (and probably even a third) helping. V4L's Waffle E Liquid is our product manager Brian's favorite vape flavor. He likes to mix it with Blueberry E Liquid to add a fruity topping that tastes like a pile of fresh blueberries. Learn More
Vanilla Custard e Juice. custard ejuice.

Vanilla Custard e Juice (30 mL)

Vanilla Custard is one of our most beloved e liquid flavors, hands down, for its smooth vanilla taste and sugary sweetness. Imagine taking a heaping scoop of custard from a bowl of decadent vanilla custard that seems to go on forever and a day. Great on its own, or in combination with our fruit flavors for a sweet cheesecake taste, vanilla custard e liquid is always a dessert e juice flavor that never disappoints. If you're looking for something similar with a higher VG content, try our Custard's Last Stand.

An added bonus? The calorie count is zero. Learn More
Creamy Dreamy e Juice. creamy ejuice. cream ejuice. creamt e juice. creamy e liquid. creamy eliquid

Creamy Dreamy e Juice (30mL)

Regular Price: $19.99

Special Price $17.99

The sweet citrus of chilled orange sherbet swirls around a creamy vanilla center to create a delightfully dreamy dessert. Vapor4Life’s orange cream e-juice, Creamy Dreamy, feels exactly like slurping on your favorite summertime iced treat as it melts in the sun. Take a slow puff of this 60/40 VG/PG blend of orange cream e liquid to create a swirl of yummy scented clouds that will make anyone near you think they hear an ice cream truck. “You can hear the ice cream truck in the distance and you frantically search for some change before you bolt out the door to catch it and get an orange cream bar. Yes, you’re a grown adult. Yes, this is still OK.” Learn More
Menage A Trois e Juice | Ruthless

Menage A Trois E Juice by Ruthless

Regular Price: $17.99

Special Price $16.99

Everyone wants to try Ménage à Trois. Even if it’s just once. We’re talking, of course, about Ménage à Trois E Juice, a naughty melange of cheesecake tangled up with tart raspberries and decadent creme brulee. The culinary craftwork of the team at Ruthless E Juice satisfies your every dessert desire with this tempting trio of flavors. A deep inhale gives you the sweet side of cheesecake coupled with the sassy bite of raspberries. Couple that with thick clouds of creme brulee and you’ve got an e juice indulgence that’s worth bragging about. Once you get a taste of Ménage à Trois, you’ll be coming back for more. Learn More
Jam Monster Blueberry Jam e Juice. jam monster e liquid. jam monster e juice.

Blueberry Jam e Juice by Jam Monster

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sidling up to a hearty serving of blueberry topped toast at a breakfast diner, but Blueberry E-Liquid by Jam Monster tastes even better than the real thing. You don’t have to leave your house to enjoy the sweetly tart mixture that makes Jam Monster’s Blueberry E-Juice one of yummiest vape flavors on the market. Just sit on the couch, open the Sunday paper and relax as the full-on flavor of jarred blueberry jam dances on your tongue with the indulgent taste of real butter and toasted white bread. The blend of flavors is balanced just right to keep you coming back for another vape of Blueberry vape juice if the delicious clouds don’t do the job. Jam Monster’s Blueberry E-Juice is made up of a cloud-conjuring max-VG blend of 75% VG and 25% VG, so be ready for clouds galore! Treat yourself to the inviting flavor of Blueberry E-Liquid by Jam Monster E-Juice today! Only available in a 100mL bottle of eJuice. Learn More
Custard's Last Stand. Vanilla custard e Juice

Custard's Last Stand e Juice (30mL)

Regular Price: $19.99

Special Price $17.99

One slow draw on this flavorful vanilla custard e juice, and you’ll feel like you’re indulging in a decadent bowl full of dreamy custard. Thick, fragrant clouds will envelop you as you vape this 60/40 VG/PG blend. As part of our new high-VG Ultimo Vapor line, this is truly one of the best custard e liquids out there. Combine Custard's Last Stand with strawberry, cherry, and other Fruit E Liquids or blend it with dessert vape flavor for calorie-free indulgence.

"Swing through the saloon doors and sidle up on a barstool to indulge in something sweet and sassy. Keep on puffing to send sultry smoke signals to your sweetie. Being bad never tasted this good."

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Baby Clouds e-Juice by Transistor eLiquids. #babyclouds. baby clouds e juice. baby clouds ejuice. baby clouds e liquid

Baby Clouds e-Juice by Transistor

Easily one of the most popular vape flavors on the market today, Baby Clouds E-Juice is Transistor’s piece de resistance. This triple threat of strawberry, custard and nuts transports you to another dimension of flavor with every puff. Baby Clouds E-Juice is versatile too. You’ll taste stronger strawberry or heavier custard depending on the resistance and wattage of your mod. No matter how you vape it, Baby Clouds sends your senses into a dreamy swirl of clouds and flavor. The VG/PG ratio is 70/30 on this one, so the clouds you create are full and flavorful. Once they dissipate, the aroma of strawberry and custard lingers to tempt you to take another hit. When you buy Baby Clouds E-Juice from Vapor4Life, you get a 60 ml bottle to keep those clouds rolling. Learn More
FRYD Banana e Liquid (60mL)

FRYD Banana e-Juice (60mL Bottle)

There’s an old saying that goes a little something like, “You can never have too much of a good e-juice.” That applies perfectly to Fried Banana E-Liquid from FRYD. Once you get a taste of that caramelized banana wrapped in a deep-fried, sugar-soaked dough, you will want to get your hands on more. Luckily that’s where the 60 ml bottle of Fried Banana vape juice comes in. FRYD LIquids brings you double the dose of vapor and fried banana enchantment. What’s even better is the fact that you can get a 60 ml bottle of FRYD Fried Banana for less than twice the price, so it’s as economically sound as it is irresistibly delicious. This is the ideal e-liquid for you if you dig dessert vapes and wish there was a county fair year-round just so you could have a fried banana every day.

Add a 60 ml bottle of FRYD Fried Banana E-Liquid to your e-juice arsenal today!

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Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut e Juice

Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut e Juice (120mL)

Regular Price: $39.99

Special Price $34.99

Wouldn’t you love to get your hands on a huge strawberry-filled jelly donut and gobble it up without having to worry about a single, solitary calorie. Fantastic news, vape friends. Loaded’s Strawberry Jelly Donut E-Juice is the closest thing to a strawberry jelly donut that we’ve ever tasted and it’s obviously totally vapeable. With Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut E-Liquid, you get every aspect of eating a freshly baked strawberry jelly treat. From the cracked sugar glaze that melts in your mouth when you eat a donut to the generous sprinkling of powdered sugar and the gooey and supersweet strawberry filling, you’ll be in heaven with this artisanal vape juice. Strawberry Jelly Donut E-Juice is an absolute must for dessert lovers who dig cloud chasing, since it’s made with 70% VG and 30% PG. It also comes in a massive 120 ml bottle, so it’s basically like having several dozen donuts all to yourself. Order up a bottle of Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut E-Liquid to see what we mean. Learn More
My Man e Juice by One Hit Wonder

My Man e Juice by One Hit Wonder (180 mL)

Regular Price: $39.99

Special Price $34.99

They say everybody has a favorite ice cream flavor, but what if your favorite flavor of ice cream is actually three separate ice cream flavors rolled up in one colossal scoop? My Man E-Juice by One Hit Wonder takes on the momentous task of replicating the beloved chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla mashup that is known as Neapolitan ice cream. Rich ribbons of chocolate and strawberry take center stage in this delicious dessert flavor, followed up by a smooth, yet light-handed touch off pure vanilla bean ice cream. My Man E-Liquid appeals to the indecisive dessert lover in us all by combining the top ice cream flavors ever to exist. One Hit Wonder’s My Man E-Liquid comes in a whopping 180 ml bottle and is packaged with two 15 ml unicorn bottles so you can take this high-VG juice with you on the go. Grab a bottle of My Man E-Liquid today to taste the dreamiest dessert e-liquid out there! Learn More
Lemon Crumble e liquid by beard vape co. the one lemon crumble vape juice.

"The One" Lemon Crumble e Juice by Beard Vape Co (100mL)


We suspect the e-liquid artisans behind The One: Lemon Crumble Cake might just be part-time pastry chefs. There’s no other explanation for the decadent flavor of sugary, sweet, lemon-infused cake that they’ve managed to fit into an e-juice bottle. Lemon Crumble Cake e-Juice has a smooth, easy flavor profile that makes for a perfect all-day vape. You can almost taste the moist, fluffy cake and tart lemon cream filling as you inhale. That heavenly flavor is topped off with a generous sprinkling of powdered sugar that leaves a pleasant taste on your tongue after you exhale. Since The One’s Lemon Crumble Cake is made up of 70% VG and 30% PG, it gives a well-balanced mix of clouds and flavor.

Treat your tastebuds to something magical by buying a bottle of The One Lemon Crumble Cake today!

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Milk and Honey eLiquid by Cosmic Fog

Milk N Honey e Juice by Cosmic Fog (60mL)

Equal parts heavenly and sinful, Milk and Honey E-Juice is an all-day vape juice that you’re really going to want to have a lot of. Thank goodness Cosmic Fog Milk and Honey comes in a 60 ml bottle to bring you twice as much milk, twice as much honey, and twice as much e-juice. This massive bottle gives you the same fierce fog and flavor as our 30 ml bottles of Milk and Honey; there’s just so much more to go around. Cosmic Fog Milk and Honey tastes like a thick drizzle of pure honey blended into a tall, ice cold glass of whole milk. The flavors complement each other well on the inhale and the fragrant aftertaste hangs on your tongue like a sweet drop of pure honey as you reluctantly exhale. Customers can save money by buying Cosmic Fog Milk and Honey in the 60 ml bottle because you get double the amount for less than double the price. #mathstuff Stock up on Cosmic Fog Milk and Honey E-Liquid today! Learn More
Banana Dessert e Juice

Banana Dessert e Juice (30 mL)

Smooth banana pudding smothered in decadent whipped cream, and sprinkled with yummy graham crackers. Now you can indulge your sweet tooth in one of your favorite after dinner snacks without any calories or guilt. No need to pinch yourself; this is the real deal. V4L's exclusive banana dessert e liquid lets you indulge in a sweet treat that tastes just biting into a big slice of banana cream pie. From start to finish, this dessert e liquid intoxicates with layers of sugary goodness. We love our banana dessert e liquid, and we're pretty sure you'll keep coming back for more too. Learn More
No. 32 by Beard Vape Co. | Cinnamon Funnel Cake

Beard Vape Co #32 E-Juice

How can you be sure that Beard Vape Co. got the flavor of a cinnamon funnel cake just right when they created their famous No. 32? The e juice blenders tried no less than 99 other blends before they finally settled on the vape flavor they knew would take you back to a bustling carnival midway when you vaped it. No. 32 is one of our favorite mixes too, since it so seamlessly joins the comforting taste of fried dough with powdered sugar and a generous dusting of cinnamon. Vapers who enjoy high-VG e juices will love that No. 32 delivers its cinnamon and sugar goodness with a 60 VG/40 PG ratio that lets you get just the right proportion of vapor and flavor. This flavor easily makes the must-have list for anyone who is serious about vaping. Snag your own bottle as soon as you can. Learn More
I Love Cookies Too e-Juice by Mad Hatter | Vapor4Life

I Love Cookies Too e-Juice (60mL)

Regular Price: $29.99

Special Price $24.99

Do you ever finish a cookie and then go back and grab another cookie...and then another...even if you told yourself you’re only going to have just one? WE ALL HAVE. That’s why Mad Hatter Vapes created I LOVE Cookies TOO —to give you double the flavor, double the vapor and double the e-juice. I Heart Cookies Too takes the nutty chocolate chip taste of I Love Cookies and throws in more chocolate chips, more strawberries and more caramel drizzle. You can taste the chewy, perfectly baked cookies and their strong strawberry sweetness on the inhale. Take your time on the exhale to enjoy every crumb of the cookie, right down to the last gooey drop of caramel. It’s reassuring to know that I Heart Cookies Too comes in a 60 ml bottle because you won’t be able to put this e-juice down. You get more of the flavor you love for just a little extra when you buy I Love Cookies Too E-Liquid at Vapor4Life. Learn More
FRYD Cream Cookie e Liquid

FRYD Cream Cookie e Juice (60mL)

How many chocolate cream cookies do you think you could eat in one sitting. It’s a serious question because cookies are a serious matter. Now, think of how much more difficult it would be to resist those cookies if they were dipped in dough and fried. FRYD Liquids whipped up a 60 ml bottle of its famous Fried Cookies and Cream E-Liquid to appeal to the inner glutton in all of us. Each bottle contains twice as much of the delicious e-liquid elixir that comes in a standard bottle. You’ll still experience the same massive vape clouds and unmistakably enticing flavor you got in a 30 ml bottle, but you won’t have to pay twice the price! Fried Cookies and Cream E-Juice has been one of the most popular flavors from FRYD, so it makes sense to keep plenty of it on hand.

Stock your vape stash with a 60 ml bottle of Fried Cookies and Cream from FRYD today!

Learn More

Key Lime Pie Lizard Juice e Liquid

Key Lime Pie e-Juice by Lizard Juice (30 mL)

Regular Price: $16.99

Special Price $14.99

This dreamy dessert e-juice is so delicious, light, and airy that it will make you think you just ate the perfect slice of key lime pie from a high-class bakery. Key Lime Pie E-Liquid is one of the standout flavors from Florida-based Lizard Juice. Each inhale is layered with the decadent flavors of finely ground graham cracker, sweetened milk, and whipped key lime. A smooth, slow exhale will bring out the graham cracker flavor a little more and heighten the key lime pie to leave a delectable aftertaste. The flavor masters at Lizard Juice even even add a subtle coating of lime-infused meringue to top it all off. You’ll get a decent amount of clouds from Key Lime Pie E-Juice because it’s made with 60% VG and 40% PG. To keep the magic of your favorite dessert at your fingertips, snag a bottle of Key Lime Pie E-Liquid today! Learn More

Peanut Butter Cookie by Mr Salt-E Liquid

Regular Price: $19.99

Special Price $18.99

Ahh...there’s nothing like the sweet aroma of freshly baked peanut butter cookies wafting from the kitchen. Or is there??? Mr. Salt-E Liquid’s Peanut Butter Cookie gives those tasty morsels a run for their money by delivering a spot-on replica of gooey peanut butter cookies. You can almost taste the peanut butter and feel the chewy cookie texture as you inhale this sweet, sweet Peanut Butter Cookie E-Liquid. After the exhale, you’ll get a lingering aftertaste that will have your mouth watering for more.

Peanut Butter Cookie E-Juice is a nicotine salt e-liquid, so it’s great for smokers who prefer a quicker nicotine hit, but want a delicious dessert flavor. Nic salt vape juices are recommended for use in vape pod systems and should not be used in sub-ohm systems.

Treat yourself to a fresh batch of Peanut Butter Cookie E-Juice today!

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Buy Dessert e Juice Today at Vapor4Life

Many smokers who switch to vaping start out with tobacco flavors and move on to find delight in these sugary e-liquids, which are also available in seven or more nicotine levels. Many of these dessert e-cig flavors are available in our high-VG Ultimo Vapor E-Juice, including Napoleon's fave. When you vape it, it feels like you're devouring a cone topped with a triple-scoop of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream that never melts! Vapers and former smokers can also find e-cig indulgence in our prefilled e-cig cartridges, where these dessert e-juices are among 150 flavors that come loaded up and ready to deliver you pure vaping pleasure.