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Grape e Juice (30 mL)

V4L's Grape e-juice flavor simply bursts with the fresh and sweet grape taste from start to finish. As one of our top-selling fruit e-juices, the juicy grape flavor tastes like grape candy or a fresh bunch of ripe grapes, depending on whether you opt for the WOW or PREMIUM styles. The WOW version is a top-seller that has an ultra sweet flavor similar to a grape pop, while the Premium Grape e Juice is more of a tart green grape taste for vapers who prefer a sour kick. True fruit e-liquid lovers will fall for this e cigarette flavor faster than you can say 'YUM'!

WOW or Premium

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Grape vape juice from Vapor4Life comes in both the WOW and Premium eLiquid lines. The WOW version is a top-selling grape e-Juice flavor that provides a sweet, sugary grape taste, while the Premium grape flavor provides a stronger throat hit.

  • Great Grape Flavor
    Review by Old Smokie on 4/28/2016
    Ive tried 3 of the top 4 customer favorite flavors. Cinnablaze...fantastic, Grape nobacco Wow premium juice, this is great, Vanilla, I cant understand why I didnt like Van. it has so many good reviews. I need to try more flavors but Im picky about what I like. But so far Cinnablaze and Grape are A+++ Glad to see the Cinnablaze carts back in stock, Im definately going to stock up.
  • My favorite
    Review by Laura on 5/22/2018
    Great flavor...reminds me of grape soda
  • if you love grape, you will love this
    Review by Emily on 4/2/2018
    Awesome grape flavor, just the right amount of sweetness.
  • Love it
    Review by Leshra on 3/28/2018
    I've tried a few fruity flavors and so far this is one that I just love. It's just like chewing on hubba bubba bubblegum.
  • One of my favorites
    Review by TC on 3/21/2018
    I personally think this is the best fruit flavor. Very much worth a shot even for the menthol crowd.
  • Outstanding!
    Review by richard on 2/28/2018
    This is one of the best. All I can say is WOW!
  • Excellent choice
    Review by richard on 2/18/2018
    Awesome taste. Nice and smooth.
  • Grapolisciousness batman!
    Review by Kimberly on 12/15/2017
    A very authentic grape juice experience. Hold onto your hats!
  • One of my favorites
    Review by Tom on 11/1/2017
    Very good tasting and good throat hit. I would recommend to all.
  • A favorite new discovery!
    Review by Eva on 10/3/2017
    I just tried this one recently for the first time and I am in love, no doubt :)
    Review by James on 10/3/2017
  • One of the best wows i have used
    Review by John on 10/1/2017
    I don't know if it really grape but it is reallg good.
    More of berry mix I think,Reccomend giving it a try
  • Hands down best flavor. Solid, not too flashy or fancy, but still delicious
    Review by Andrew on 9/7/2017
    This is what I call the perfect balance. It's my classic. It's not too strong, not too sweet, not too strange of an odor. Just perfect and gets the job done, especially the premium, which gives a good throat hit.
  • Beautiful fruity flavor
    Review by Lizzie on 8/7/2017
    I love fruit flavored e-juice. This has a deep grape flavor that I love. It actually tastes appealing, and not like cough syrup. There is no menthol in this, so it doesn't give a strong throat hit. I always go with the WOW version in my Smileomizer. There is a nice vapor production from it. This is a good flavor for someone who is a beginner.
  • Grape e Juice
    Review by Mike on 6/28/2017
    not bad at all and not being overly sweet
  • Great taste!
    Review by Wendy on 6/25/2017
    This is by far my favorite! I order it every time I place an order. It has a sweet grape flavor without being over candy like. I would diffinitly recommend this flavor to everyone.
  • Wow...
    Review by PJ on 5/18/2017
    This is straight up grape jelly. Like, 100% jelly out of a jar. I. Love. This.
  • Great
    Review by Brian on 2/27/2017
    One of my top 3 favorites. If you like fruit flavors and haven't tried this one, give it a go!
  • Great taste
    Review by jennyann on 11/28/2016
    I love this juice, it takes like grapes not to sweet just right. A vape you could use all day.
  • Great
    Review by Jennifer on 10/21/2016
    I forget about this flavor, but when I order it I am so happy. It's just delicious and a great vape, taste like 100% grape.
  • Spot on Flavor
    Review by ChrisD26 on 10/3/2016
    I have tried many grape flavors but this one has to be one of the best grape flavors out there. It is light and sweet and is a great all day vape.
  • Great taste
    Review by Ryan on 9/21/2016
    I've tried many different grape e-liquids and I must say that V4L got it right! It's delicious !
  • My Everyday Vape-WOW
    Review by Joy on 9/14/2016
    I enjoy this daily. Absolutely love the grape taste and this is the juice that you can actually never get tired of!! I usually but 4 bottles per month-and maybe something else for a change but not always. Hope this is one flavor that never goes away!!
  • Fresh Tasting!
    Review by Shana on 9/9/2016
    Really good juice. Taste nice and fresh like a grape!
  • Great grape
    Review by Bradley on 8/25/2016
    Tastes just like grape candy! Really good if you're into sweet things. I get one every once and a while and i'm always amazed. Plan on ordering a bottle soon. Totally check this out.
  • Grape E Juice
    Review by Sheri on 8/24/2016
    Love the sweet flavor the flavor never goes away always a sweet grape taste!!
  • Grape Candaaayy!
    Review by Elliot on 8/22/2016
    This great e-juice reminds me of mouth-watering grape candy, and it also has great throat hit. Vapor production is perhaps a 4.5 out of 5, and, as for smileomizer longevity, I'd say 4 out of 5. Overall, a superb liquid!
  • Great grape taste
    Review by Richard on 8/21/2016
    It is so good . Like vaping a grape soda.
  • Nice light flavor
    Review by Lynn on 8/19/2016
    Grape is my favorite of the V4L's fruit flavors. Nice and light and a nice bright change from my usual tobacco preference. That's what's fun about vaping is to change it up and experiment with so many choices and V4L has a great selection of quality e juices.
  • Very tasty
    Review by Jennifer on 7/23/2016
    I love grapes...so when I tried was very please smooth and not too much grape taste. If you like fruit flavors this is a good one.
  • Perfection
    Review by James on 4/27/2016
    This is by far the best Grape flavor I have ever tried. Not sure why the other reviewer mentioned a "smokey" flavor as I did not taste that. Not a big deal as taste is a sensitive sense and everyone does not have the same taste buds.
  • Great
    Review by Boa1969 on 2/27/2016
    Great flavor. One of my top faves.
  • Great
    Review by L. Henderson on 12/14/2015
    At 18 mg this has a nice throat hit and lots of vapor production. It has a consistent grape taste and grape aroma.
  • Fantastic!
    Review by WBarrick1351 on 8/26/2015
    Love, love,love this flavor! I prefer this flavor in the blank ecigar cartomizor and using the ecigar King battery! Awesome combination!
  • Favorite
    Review by lynn on 7/1/2015
    It has a good strong throat hit. I can add it to almost any other juice that's not strong enuf to make that e-juice stronger & mixes well w all I've tried. Initially my fav was beach bum but not quite strong enuf hit. I usually mix w peach & love that mix!
  • great flavour
    Review by ray on 6/30/2015
    excellent grape taste, will order again
  • Great grape flavor
    Review by Katherine on 6/30/2015
    Great flavor. Can really taste the grape. I like to mix it with the cola but great alone. Not to sweet and can vape without curing. However curing for at least a week really brings out the grape flavor.
  • Perfect!
    Review by John on 6/10/2015
    This flavor doesn't get old to me. It's not too sweet or bland. It is one my new favorites. I'm glad I tried it.
  • True to it's name!
    Review by Lee Enfinger on 2/1/2015
    If you like grape - this is the one! When you need a good fruit hit, this grape is true to it's name! Love it and will re-order!
  • Great, Great, Great
    Review by Linda Erickson on 1/27/2015
    Think already wrote review on this one. After 2 bottles, still one of our favorites, or maybe "the favorite". Really has the grape crush flavor.Could overdose on this one. Ordering 3 next time.
  • loved it!
    Review by mousie on 11/13/2014
    This was the first one I ordered and I am very pleased with it! I can vape it all day without getting sick of it. And it isn't too floral like a lot of fruit flavors can get, and it's sweet but it isn't too sweet.

    I want to experiment with some other flavors first but I will definitely be getting this one again at some point. I definitely recommend it if you like grape!
  • We love it!
    Review by Milkmaiden on 10/12/2014
    My husband and I both love the grape. We order grape and cinnablaze vapes all the time.Two best vapes they make.
  • Fantastic
    Review by Iana on 9/17/2014
    This is my every day flavor, I'm not tired from this taste so far. My highly recommendations.
  • Great Flavor and Vapor
    Review by Shem on 7/21/2014
    After reading the reviews, I had to try this. I didn't believe it could be that good. I am so glad I did try it! The grape flavor is excellent, but not at all too sweet. The vapor is outstanding! This has become one of my favorites.
    Review by Daniel Sawchak on 7/20/2014
    After hearing some great reviews on it, I was a little cautious about trying it because I am not a fan of grapes but love grape flavored Kool-Aid (contradicting I know). Much to my surprise it tasted just like the Kool-Aid version and calms not only my nicotine cravings but my sugary sweet cravings as well ^_^ excellent flavor!
  • wow!!
    Review by shannon on 6/10/2014
    If you are looking for a great tasting fruit flavored E-Juice grape ia the way to go! I usually go for everything watermelon but i can say this is by far the best! Its nice and sweet and tastes just like grape candy. I absolutely love it!
  • great flavor
    Review by scott on 1/25/2014
    This is my favorite flavor. It is my daily juice. I will continue to purchase this one. I prefer the 11 mg .
  • Delicious!!!
    Review by Catherine on 1/16/2014
    It's sweet, but not overbearing! I was expecting more of a grape jelly taste, but was very pleased to get more of the grape soda flavor! I'm a big fan of mixing my flavors, and this grape is really good mixed with blueberry! This is my go to flavor though!
  • Great sweet grape taste.
    Review by Casey on 1/9/2014
    If your looking for Grape flavor, this is the one to get. Very tasty.
    Review by ALFA COW on 12/31/2013
    I tried this Grape juice a year ago when I had my eGo but it always burned the flavor. But now that I have my Zeus its great. I could vape it all day. Its not too sweet and leaves a great grape after taste in my mouth. It also puts out amazing vapor.

    If your looking for a little treat after a long day this might be for you.
  • Great flavor... but
    Review by Monty Lozano on 11/27/2013
    this is a good fruity flavor it tastes like grape tru to what it says on the bottle.. however the 36mg causes one hell of a throat burn for those that like to inhale for big vapes. regular tokes have good flavor but not high vape. this would be excellent if they offered a lower mg thus the reason for 3 stars. if you like a good grapy taste and dont mind the harsh throat hit then this is for you.
  • One of my Favs
    Review by Lauren on 10/6/2013
    This is an all day vape for me. I just love it!!!!
  • not so Grape
    Review by youfillintheblank on 9/8/2013
    I want to like this juice, but it's just not totally hitting it for me. It's more of a bubblegum/grape flavour, which isn't bad, but the smell it puts off is really intense. The whole room just reeks of this stuff when I vape it. Not the best juice to use of you want to go unnoticed. Still, great vapour, the taste is OK but I was hoping for a more tangy/sweet grape flavour, not bubblegum.
  • Love this flavor!
    Review by Cheryl on 6/13/2013
    Truly taste like grape!!
  • Delicious
    Review by misty on 5/1/2013
    Never gets old, very delicious. It does stink though, if you get the juice on your hands. The vapor smells a little bad which is weird because it tastes really good.
  • Decent
    Review by jefferson on 3/24/2013
    Bought this for 9.99 on sale,

    the flavor is decent, i expected more but it smells GREAT. worth a try
  • GRAPE!!
    Review by Chris on 10/29/2018
    This is my goto juice when I want something that tastes like a mouthful of juicy grapes! The flavor is spot on and is a grape vape!!
  • Not that sweet
    Review by Cathy on 9/9/2016
    It's okay but not my favorite.
  • grape
    Review by Chris on 10/2/2018
    grape is excellant , it reminds me of a grape flavored freeze pop
  • Grapalicous
    Review by Richard on 11/29/2018
    cant go wrong with grape wow or premium. Awesome all around chouce.
  • Grape is Great
    Review by Stephen on 10/23/2018
    This is one of my favorite juices. Try it.
  • Subtle flavor
    Review by Kathy on 7/8/2018
    Tastes like grapes but could be a little stronger in flavor.
  • Good flavor
    Review by Lauren on 2/1/2018
    Good flavor but not too strong. Prefer this to any other “juice” flavored items.
  • Great grape
    Review by Carol on 10/20/2018
    My second favorite flavor next to blueberry. Not overbearing. A perfect blend not too "grapey" but just the right blend! Definitely not koolaid!!!
  • pretty good
    Review by Melissa on 9/10/2018
    Good grape flavor!
  • grape
    Review by Chris on 1/2/2019
    grape is very good and the premium tastes like actual grapes, very tasty
  • Needs More Ooomph!
    Review by ShirlSquirrel on 10/23/2014
    Was hoping I'd get the great kick of grape taste like I did in the cool carts but I did not so, please tell them to triple flavor it in the future.

    On the plus side, nice smooth hits & tons of vapor!!!
  • great taste
    Review by Melissa on 2/9/2019
    Really like this flavor, taste is really strong grape flavor.
  • Good but not great
    Review by Laura on 7/29/2016
    I find grape to be one of the more difficult flavors for me to really enjoy, even though I want to. I just haven't found that one with enough pop. I enjoy this one, though, even more when I mix it with Doc Popular for a grape soda taste.
  • Juice
    Review by Andrew on 1/20/2019
    I have tried couple grape flavors. By far this is the best
  • Love it!
    Review by Melissa on 5/6/2018
    Love this flavor
  • Watch expiration dates
    Review by Carol on 2/28/2019
    I love this flavor but was shocked when I noticed that the bottles I had were over 1 and 11/2 years expired!!! The same goes for blueberry. check the dates.
  • Great throat hit but thats it
    Review by Jay on 10/20/2013
    It tastes like grape crush. Not sure why I tried this when I dont like Grape Crush. It does deliver a true grape taste initially but the flavor seems to fade from the juice after about a week in the bottle. It has a great throat hit but the flavor seems somewhat lost. It might be better on lower nicotine levels. I use 24mg. I say try it...just not for me.
  • Watch expiration dates
    Review by Carol on 2/28/2019
    I love this flavor but was shocked when I noticed that the bottles I had were over 1 and 11/2 years expired!!! The same goes for blueberry. check the dates.

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