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Let’s be real: almost everything tastes better when it’s coated in a thick, delicious batter and fried. Think of any indulgent dessert you’ve ever eaten that was fried. Now, think of that dessert as an e-juice and you have the inviting vape flavors of FRYD E-Liquid. The juice masters at FRYD have brought fried cookies and cream, fried bananas and even FRIED WATERMELON to life for your all-day vaping pleasure. These vape juices have a super-high VG content. At 70/30 VG/PG, there’s no question that you’ll be covered in fog whenever you vape FRYD E-Liquid.

Buy a bottle of FRYD E-Liquid today and show those dessert cravings who’s boss!

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)

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FRYD E-Liquid creates some of the most unique dessert vape juices on the market today. Each FRYD vape juice has a fried dough taste combined with a different e-juice flavor to provide the perfect all day vape. This southern California e-juice company's exotic flavors are among some of the hottest dessert vapes in the e-cig market today.