Le Banger e Juice

Parlez-vous delicious??? If you’re looking for an e-juice that can tingle your senses with its super-fruity tartness, look no further than Lé Banger E-Liquid. Sweet nostalgia comes rushing back in as soon as you take the first vape of these vape juices. Each flavor in the Lé Banger E-Juice line is inspired by the beloved tiny little colorful grape, orange, lemon, and strawberry rectangular candies you could eat right out of your own dispenser as a kid. Lé Banger adds a little edge to those straightforward flavors to give you an experience that’s both playful and a little sophisticated.

Purple Powder, for instance, perks up a sugary vape flavor with a little hint of sour candy and the taste of fresh pears. Strawberry fraise is a yummy mashup of tangy lemon and sweet strawberry. Most of the e-juice’s from Lé Banger are a 70% VG and 30% PG mix to provide you with sweet-smelling clouds that keep you enchanted.

Check out our selection of Lé Banger E-Juice and try your best not to buy them all!

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2 Item(s)

Le Banger e-Liquid Flavors

Le Banger E-Juice has 120 ML bottles, with a 70/30 VG/PG blend that mimics the awesome small rectangular candies you popped out of a dispenser. Purple Powder is a vape flavor that is composed of a sugary grape liquid and Lemon Fraise that is a strawberry lemon candy vape liquid combo.